Beyonce Is Now “The New King of Pop”!!

what happened to this guy?

someone wrote up this article on gawker and it has everyone talking.
the michael jackson fans are flipping the hell out.
what about you?…

When Michael Jackson died, people clamored to determine the rightful heir to the King of Pop. None of the contemporary young male singers batted around – Usher, Ne-Yo, certainly not Chris Brown (despite his mother’s grandiose claims) — satisfactorily fit the bill. Talent abounds, but none of these guys quite has MJ’s levels of musical virtuosity, fascinating eccentricity and the ability to package them in appropriately surreal performance. Granted, the search seemed doomed, as the entire angle of Michael Jackson’s celebrity was that there was only one of him. But now it is clear that by turning to men (and men-children), we were looking in the wrong place: the heir to Michael Jackson’s throne is none other than King B.

Where soul-rooted pop star divas are concerned, Beyoncé is the greatest performer of her time. During last night’s Super Bowl halftime show, his status was on display and confirmed to those who didn’t know, those who haven’t been paying attention to the thrilling last decade of her careerl. Like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé seems to exist in a bullet time that the moral eye can’t fully absorb – she strobes energy, each staccato movement the seeming product of thousands of finely tuned micro-movements. Maybe most impressively, her voice maintains a studio quality despite her choreography’s athletic strain on her body and the abandon with which she approaches it. (Shut up shut up she was singing shut up.) For 13 minutes last night, she owned the Superdome’s and world’s stage like she always does, reveling in her cocktail aesthetic of effort and comfort. Who runs the world? Beyoncé, in momentary flashes.

When Beyoncé faced the press last week for the first time since her Inaugural scandal, she explained her use of a backing track in a way that was predictable to anyone who understands Beyoncé: “Well, I am a perfectionist.” Indeed, and in running through eight of her hits in thirteen minutes last night, there were no perceptible flaws. Coming off the biggest public controversy of her career thus far, stakes were high for Beyoncé. With a little bit more grit in her voice than usual – perhaps a sign of determination, perhaps one of anger, certainly one to suggest her singing was entirely live, lest you get it twisted – Beyoncé prevailed as Beyoncé does. Anything else would have been out of character.

Beyoncé’s devotion to the pageantry of pop performance means she is calculated enough to make Madonna seem like an improviser. And yet, part of her intricate craft is telegraphing a rawness, an unpredictability, a wild-eyed attack like she’s about to rip the arms off of her own songs. Even more than her great beauty, this mixture of sensibilities is why you can’t take your eyes off of her when she is on the screen. At all.

Her show, directed by concert/events vet Hamish Hamilton, who was also responsible for Madonna’s spectacle at last year’s Super Bowl, zig-zagged across the stage and spanned her career, at times mesmerizing with video screens that projected a kaleidoscope of Beyoncés, and then an army of them. Her setlist was unpredictable to a fault at times (“Baby Boy” over “Countdown”?), but during others, it nicely broke from the typical methods of the music industry. She didn’t perform the excellent new Destiny’s Child single “Nuclear” with her reunited groupmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, even though it seemed selling iTunes downloads was a big part of the point of them getting back together. (That track is nowhere to be found in the iTunes Top 200 – every other song performed last night is at the time of this posting.)

Instead, they opted for snippets of past hits “Bootylicious” and “Independent Women, Pt. 1.” Bey then had them back her up for part of her solo smash “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” Rowland’s and Williams’ mics were audibly turned down below Beyoncé’s. They couldn’t touch Beyoncé’s motor precision (Williams in particular struggled with the dance moves) and when they left mid-song, Beyoncé really went to town, getting bodied with a renewed lightness now that she was no longer burdened with having to carry the weight of mere mortals.

The Superdome’s field displayed identical illuminated portrait images of Beyoncé staring at herself. This performance was Beyoncé’s tribute to Beyoncé, a reminder of her great talent. Because of things like social media and hip-hop’s cultural influence, bragging and self-congratulation are more socially acceptable than ever — leave it to a person whose image is based on being superhuman to deliver a new, refined spin on arrogance. Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl wasn’t an apology for the Inauguration, but a correction. It’s ironic that standing still and singing would seem to pose more of a challenge than do so while unleashing a stream of precise body flailing, but then it also makes sense. We’re not talking about a normal human being, and Beyoncé’s energy will not be contained.


who wrote this article?!
disrespect to my man mike!
i dunno about this one foxhole.
everyone is this new “king of pop”.
breezy wolf.
justin bieber.
no one has reached YET.
when b can do this:

michael’s resume

she can have that crown.

lowkey: even still,
madonna is the queen of pop.
britney is the princess.
b is a rising duchess working towards her crown.

78 thoughts on “Beyonce Is Now “The New King of Pop”!!

  1. It’s funny how in Black/Gay America there’s always some type of shade. The thing about Beyonce is she works hard, she’s actually talented and she performs better than any artist in the last 25 years. Yes, Michael was great, yes Michael was talented, but one thing about Michael was just like Janet, Jennifer, Rihanna, and more. His talent had limits. Was I the only person that felt like Michaels voice after off the wall had deteriorated. He wasnt particularly the best vocalist of his time, with more screams and yelps, than actual singing. Think about his songs, “they dont care about us,you rock my world,Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, GREAT songs, but was he really singing. Yea, Beyonce has single ladies, and run the world, but she also has love on top and Halo. Her albums are both current, and full of talent. Take 4 for example, 1+1 and countdown even eachother out. Rather die young and party, even each other out. Beyonce is a superstar, and alot of people cant take that she studied her idols, and wont make the same mistakes they did. Imagine the media scrutiny there would have been if B hadnt brought out kelly and michelle if she did a dc song. They would have pounced, but michael did a whole show without the jackson 5. The standards gays and blacks put on their artist are stupid and sexist. Beyonce is the best of the best. She can sing, (not whisper into a mic and add a few screams) and when she does scream best believe its with vibrato. Beyonce is the King of Pop. and in 10 years she will have been the best thing since the invention of cell phones and you late/old ass f*gs will deal.

    1. ^this was actually a very intelligent comment aheem.
      great points.
      one that actually made me say:

      “i have some really smart people that come to my site and bless me with their thoughts without name calling and being the usual.”

      your comment added to the end of the debate and could even change some opinions on this topic and beyonce….

      ….and then i saw the last sentence.

  2. Saw this post last night and when it comes to Beyonce, and fans/haters, i check out what her peers think before anyone else. It cuts down on, “Well they’re just a Bey stan or whatever.” She is definitely an icon. She’s in the history books, she’s been the first to win a number of awards for women/women of color. Check out the two links. The second link has a lot of videos of praise, and respect from her peers.

  3. Jamari,

    You speak on Beyonce grammar and speaking skills….she is a singer, who cares how she speaks all she need to do for me is entertain me wirh singing and dancing, I can care less about what she has to say or do but you praise Whitney, Really, do you remember “Crack is Whack”. C’mon son….. My opionion and my opionion only we shouldnt judge artists based on their intellectual including athletes because most of them are dumb as a bag of rocks but they have a talent…. Look at your baller wolves fine as hell but when they speak they speak as a 12 year old child the dont articulate….so all that to say please dont hate on Bey because she lacks education but respect her Talent which we all lnow she has….

  4. I only have a few things to add.

    If you like Britney Spears or any of her music, I won’t even waste my time debating with you about music. You lose and probably lack taste in music anyway. She’s the most poorly disguised product to ever hit the music industry.

    Harsh, but my honest opinion.

    I don’t feel the need to defend Beyonce because the simple fact she has 70+ comments about her performance already speaks volumes.

    You never hear her brag or exclaim “I tore that stage up” or “Your fave could never!”.

    She just shows up, shows out, and leaves the rest of us to debate about it.

    When is the last time we debated about Ashanti? You know the “Princess of Hip Hop and R&B”?

    When is the last time we were this into a Rihanna performance? With all her #1’s surely her performances showstopping.

    People are talking about classics, but no one has really had any since the 90’s. Get over it.

    There will never be another “Unbreak My Heart” or “I Will Always Love You” or “Vision of Love”.

  5. also,
    all of those people work hard in this business.
    sure some have publicity issues,
    but they still try to make music for their fans and stans.
    they release music and grind.
    some as black singers and entertainers.
    people trying to make it.

    don’t discredit them.

    some people just won’t like beyonce.
    they don’t think she is great.
    some people are just spiteful.
    and you know what?
    that’s okay.
    as long as you do and you have your reasons,
    and can take constructive criticism about why people don’t like her,
    what is the problem?

  6. But I do agree that this was a good debate with no STAN wars. I swear I hate going on websites where the Monsters, Rihanna Navy, Katy cats, and stans of every random bitch under the son are going for blood.

  7. And I pray to God Beyonce forever stays classy. Let’s not forget people always thought WHITNEY was boring too….until she got on drugs and showed up at awards shows high as Kite.

      1. and me neither. I will slit my wrist if Beyonce shows up at Bet to receive her walk of Fame award acting like Frankie and Sweet Brown

      2. Not even…

        I am sick of people who never gave a damn about her always talking about her. You don’t care for her but you keep bringing her name up and stirring the pot.

        I don’t get it….why bother?

        Her ‘stans’ love her. her fans love her. Let her be great.

        I love other artists too…bought ALL of Rihanna’s records….I have a large collection of music too…most of what I BOUGHT.

        but you will not try it with B’……the hardest working entertainer of our time…

        1. i have one more question…

          don’t they talk about everyone who happens to sell records?
          some perfect.
          some not.

          breezy wolf?
          taylor swift?
          justin timberlake?
          justin bieber?
          lady gaga?
          nicki minaj?
          trey songz?
          frank ocean?

          … i’m just saying.

          beyonce was talked about when those ex members were kicked out of dc.
          when farrah spilled the beans in vibe.
          the youtube videos of her being a “bitch”.
          found out when she was hoggin the mic from the others.
          accused of stealing other people’s song writing credits; sued.
          not to mention her father who was completely evil.

          …. yeah.
          seems she isn’t as perfect as one would think.
          she been in this game since 97.
          she knew what she was getting into as a solo act in this business.

  8. Pussy poppin’, teddies, and lace fronts does not make an icon.
    Need some songs with staying power.

    She’s a perfectionist at the wrong things.

      1. You know Bee stay poppin that pussy.

        No one yet has been fool enough to write articles about RiRi or Britney being a Jackson so it ain’t about them.

        If she ain’t singing for the president or presidents she will be poppin that pussy, twirling that hair, and getting “inspiration” from YouTube. She even snuck in a pussy pop during Oprah’s last show.

        Like I stated earlier: she’s a perfectionist at the wrong things.

  9. Only an Icon can inspire so much debate. Keep it going Kids. I still don’t see the debate about Beyonce not having any classics. Crazy in Love, Dangerously In Love, Resentment, Irreplaceable, Halo, If I were a Boy and let’s not forget LISTEN. If dont consider any of the above classics than there can be no argument on the CULTURAL impact of the video to Single Ladies which was reproduced and praised by millions all over like Thriller.

    Look on American Idol, The Voice, and X-factor. When singers audition they not only sing vision of love, The Greatest love of all, You are not alone, Ribbons in the sky….they also sing LISTEN, which is now almost like Beyonce’s Do you know/I have nothing/ The way we Were. Listen was the winning song for Alexandria Burke and Melanie Amario.

    Clive davis once said when your talent is the litmus test for another than that is truly iconic. This is in regards to Whitney. So if you don’t think Beyonce has NO classic songs you can’t argue against Listen.

    1. I am so over it….my head hurts from all this laughing…..Rihanna has CLASSICS and Beyonce doesn’t?

      WHAT?! WHAT?!!!

      Music of today is officially dead. It died with Michael and Whitney…

    2. Name one song from either Burke (who?) or Amaro has put out since there win that has been a hit.

      Any artist can do a Beyonce song which is exactly the problem. There’s nothing distinctive about them, she wows glamour, glitter, and girl power.

      Listen sucked, didn’t like it in Dreamgirls, and it was a filler on B’day just to piss people off trying to get to Get Me Bodied (Encore for the Fans).

      But everyone has different definitions of classics.

    1. I can’t even do this anymore…

      Rihanna’s music is classic and Beyonce’s not…

      Is there cancer of the brain in the water now???????

      ANYBODY can remake Rihanna’s WHOLE catalog and sell it!

      Rihanna is that bitch and I will give her that but I won’t even put her over Britney, let along Beyonce…WHAT????

      I can’t do…..I won’t even go there….

      1. And what LIFE lessons has Rihanna or Lady Gaga drop that is SO iconic?

        PLEASE explain that mess….and are you saying ALL of Beyonce’s fans are like what you describe?

        1. ^no,
          a majority.

          their music is not “iconic”.
          better catalogs,
          i wasn’t even talking about them actually.
          marvin gaye,…

          they have the life lessons.

      2. Maybe Beyonce needs to act like a hot mess and sleep around in the industry,, promote drinking and drugs …. be a total rebel and THEN people will like her.

        I guess class and dignity has gone out the window..

      3. And EVER single one of them that you mention were ridicule and dragged for years because they weren’t good enough.

        NOW they are considered ICONIC and people still disrespect their legacy..

        Not to mention they all praised and LOVED Beyonce. Whitney always spoke highly of Beyonce. So did Michael on MANY occasions.

        Prince is another one….

      4. And I agree with you again. They only like Rih cause she is more human. She really has gained popularity since she got that ass beat. Bey seems perfect and they can’t stand it. I know some of y’all can relate for sure, I know I can. I was and still am that dude that was hates on for no reason, and it’s probably cause I don’t sell drugs, gangbang or beat women and somehow people flock to me, especially women. Face it If you act reserved and respectful people will tear you down. Oh, and they really hate it when you have respect for yourself. Self respect is a crime within the black community.

      5. I’m going to just say this Beyonce will never be an Icon but she will be a Legend. The point I think you are missing and other Beyonce fans are missing is she lacks the innovation needed to become an Icon. She does not bring anything new to the table. These are the females I consider to be icons Barbra, Whitney, Mariah, Madonna, Janet, Cher, and Celine b/c they each brought something different or fresh to the table. The women I consider legends are Diana, Gladys, Aretha, Tina, etc.

  10. Let’s put it like this. If an older Icon respects you than you are definitely up there. Mariah, Tina turner, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and even Michael Jackson himself praised Beyonce’s talent. That alone speaks more volumes than my own opinion or any opinion of anyone else on this board

    1. Not to mention Patti, Diana, Barbara, Mariah, Prince….I could go on….

      They tried it….lol

      So CIL, DIL, Single Ladies (her biggest hit ever), Irreplaceable, I Was Here, Baby Boy are NOT classics?

      They REALLY tried it….

      I get it though….

      I will say this…Beyonce snatched a lot of wigs in her time and it’s sad that people want to continue to discredit her but praise the likes of Rihanna….

      They even said that Kelly should have done the halftime show…

      Did you not see Divas Live?

      1. ^beyonce isn’t really doing all though.
        she just performs really good.
        i look forward to seeing her perform.
        she has murdered keri,
        you know the small time vixens.

        the popular chicks in the “pop” category have out sold her.
        bring up the album/single sales and we can continue this discussion!

      2. That shit pissed me off. Because sites like LavaLizard who look hard for any negative thing to say…could only go with Kelly looked better than Beyonce. As I said earlier Negativity= Notoriety. I really feel Beyonce does not have to perform or release another single for the next 10 yrs. The moment she fades to the back will be the time people will really appreciate her work. We need to APPRECIATE our legends while they are here and not tear them down. This is the EXACT shit that turned both Michael and Whitney to drugs. They are both resting and we honor them as legends now but lets not forget how people dragged them through the mud until the day they died.

      3. Actually at this point of her career Sales don’t even matter. Her status is sealed. There were alot of male singers who sold more albums than Michael’s last album like Usher but does that make Usher greater?

      4. You keep bring up SALES…..ANYBODY with the right gimmick (and drama) can sell records these days…

        A youtuber can get a record deal these days… social media does wonders..

        Rihanna is nobody special since you all keep dropping names. Anybody can sing a catchy song and sell it…..She has the right team behind her (including Jay-Z who made the heffa relevant in the first place)

        Beyonce can sit down and sing the hell out of a song with no music and production. Can Rihanna do that?

        You can’t even take the chick to the White House….

        Britney is her only competition and she is over it…and can’t hold a candle to Beyonce vocally. She is a walking machine. EVERYBODY knows that.

        You can’t count Lady Gaga and the other divas of today because they are still new in the game.

        POP is temporary music….whats hot at the moment..Beyonce is more than pop music…

        1. ^i bring up sales because her hard core stans use other people’s sales to discredit their careers.
          i have seen them tear down people like janet because beyonce sold more.
          its to the point when people discuss beyonce,
          they always try to discredit someone.
          like catty mean girls.
          now i’m forced to do it because you can’t have a simple conversation about beyonce without name calling and dirt throwing.
          they comapre beyonce to jesus christ now.
          i hate that.

          all these years of beyonce being in this industry,
          i know nothing about her.
          i feel like people only relate to her because she is pretty.
          lord knows i cringe when she speaks in an interview because she doesn’t say anything inspiring.

          so i ask,
          how is this woman an icon and she is so commercially standard?
          every other artist i can relate to something.
          this is why people say she has no classics.
          there is no “give me good love” whitney or “vison of love” mariah in her collection.
          the songs you listed are forgettable at best.

          i’m not taking away from her,
          but maybe i don’t get “it”.
          and that sad part is you can’t anything about beyonce without this whole fiasco.

      5. Exactly…they build Whitney and Michael to tear them down. Blacks were the first to dismiss them while other still supported them in-spite of their troubles. They made fun of Mike…called him a sell …a child molester and everything under the sun.

        They called Whitney a white black woman and said she wasn’t pretty enough or black enough.

        They tried their best to prove their blackness to the point that it killed their spirit and they turned to drugs.

        Now that they like many ‘ICONIC’ entertainers are dead and people want to give them their props…

        Beyonce gets it worst then ANY artists I know even when she was a 16 year old girl in a girl group.

        Who did they blame when Letoya and Latavia was fired?

        When Kelly broke her foot, who did they blame

        When Michelle fell, who did they blame..

        they find the dumbest mess to pick on Beyonce for but give the other girls a pass..

        I am over it…

      6. I know y’all are fans of Beyonce but the thing Beyonce will never be an Icon b/c she lacks innovation. She brings absolutely nothing new to the table. Her music, looks, shows, interviews, etc. are all redundant. It’s so bad that people getting tired of Beyonce so quick b/c it’s the same thing. People are falling for the machine and the marketing hype behind Beyonce. Beyonce has never had the commercial success and never will achieve the commercial success as her peers Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Britney. Hell Beyonce does not have the commercial success to compete with Lady Gaga, Adele, or Rihanna. Look at Beyonce’s discography for example it is terrible she has no classics or any songs that truly smashed the world like the likes of Lady Gaga or Rihanna. You can laugh and downplay the success of Rihanna but the bitch achieved commercial status in 7 years and all before the age of 25 that the Icons you speak have achieved or in some cases have not achieved. Hell she has sold more solo records than Beyonce with over 100 million sold in 7 years, that is impressive. And the thing is Rihanna only keeps getting bigger and bigger she is becoming a juggernaut. Also, Rihanna’s discography is far far far far greater than Beyonce’s. We Found Love, Umbrella, and Diamonds kill Beyonce’s. I didn’t even mention her other hits like Only Girl (in the World), Rehab, Please Don’t Stop the Music, Shut Up and Drive, What’s My Name, etc. I won’t even mention her features b/c I think I have made my point. But Jamari do you agree with my post.

        1. ^i agree.
          i’m not saying beyonce is terrible,
          she is far from bad,
          but when your fans are throwing dirt,
          comparing you to jesus,
          and basically worshiping the ground you walk on…

          i expect you to be dropping life lessons in your music.
          i like to inspired.
          she only inspires me to watch her perform…
          …and that’s it.

  11. all i’ll say is this:

    rihanna sold more singles.
    janet is a better performer.
    britney sold more albums.

    beyonce has a long way to go and she is going.
    i will NOT dis credit her.
    she is one of best performers in the game RIGHT NOW.
    she has no competition.
    back then,
    there was mutual competition so everyone had to fight.
    the music was better.
    performances were on par.
    we watched award shows because we knew it would be a fight to the death.
    b has a stage to stand on because no one has come out.
    when that person comes out to challenge her,
    there will be a different story.

    thats all i’m saying.

  12. Dear King Bee,

    How are you an icon with NO classics? Not a single one.
    Everything you do has already been done.
    You do it well, but we’ve seen it already. Most of the people you “borrow” from are still alive. I liked your Superbowl performance because it was familiar, if you had some classics (songs, looks, lyrics, styles) it would have been different. It’s time for you to stop paying homage and show us who you really are–bout to be five albums in and you’ve given us snippets and jingles of everybody else. Enough is enough.

    All tea all shade,

    I cee ded ppl

  13. I’m just gonna say that Beyonce is the one of the greatest female performers of all time. I’ll just leave it at that. I see right now this is going to turn into a heated debate. Niggas gonna be getting mad and all that shit lol. Nah, it’s not that deep lol.

  14. I think its disrespectful, how all Black musical titles are up for grabs. You never hear anyone coming for Elvis, Madonna, or Barbra Streisand titles, but its always another King of Pop, Queen of Soul etc. Beyonce is a hell of a performer, but she is a long way from being an Icon. That performance was nothing special. Michael Jackson was one of those once in a lifetime talents and none of these young performers can come for his crown. These old school performers had to go through some real trials and tribulations, it shaped them to be great. Beyonce has talent, beauty, and is the total package but she does not have the vocal ability, the stage presence and the natural talent of Michael Jackson, and their is no comparison at all. She is not a stand out natural vocal talent like a Whitney, but she works what she has and she works her ass off, I admire her for this more than her talent. I could not listen to her music like I can an Aretha, Whitney, even Fantasia for that matter, but I can watch her perform because she gives her all. Clearly she has studied all the old school performers and taken a little bit from each one. It so many past performers who have paved the way for her and these performers had to deal with Racism, Jim Crow, attempts at their life when they performed on the road and so I will always hail them as true innovators. I think she is the closet thing in this new generations of performers who can be considered great, and she will be remembered but Aretha, Tina, Dionne, Patti, Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Luther, Gladys, Whitney are Icons and have established themselves as household names without all the extra todays artist get with the Internet, Entertainment News Channels, Blogs etc.

    1. Okay you had some good point.

      But Beyonce has dealt with sexism, racism, color-ism, among many other issue on a daily basis. Her own people continue to put her down and dismiss her talent. Read the blogs. It’s always black women who are the main ones putting her down.

      The people you speak of are from an older generation and they have ALL paved way for the younger generation. Beyonce has set the standards of a true entertainer and business woman.

      And they always comparing Lady Gaga & Britney to Madonna as Queen of Pop so that first statement is not true.

      1. Hey Luckey, you know what I dont really follow that many white performers lol, so I really didnt know that. I agree she is a bad chick and if I compare her to todays entertainers in her generation, you are right there is no comparison. I really didnt know it was that much hate against this girl, I have seen some negativity but she has fans who seem to be ready to lay down their life for her 🙂 and for that I know she is a force to be reckon with. I hate that even if you dont care for her you cant appreciate her work ethic and her charity, you cant deny the fact that she is a hard working positive Black female who we can all be proud of. But we all know from all that we deal with on a daily basis, how the internet and constant entertainment culture has given rise to all miserable people being able to vent their frustrations at their failed life on performers who could give one fuck about their opinions. Personally I dont really know Beyonce as a artist, and have not been able to identify with her but on a small level, she has not let me inside her soul to know who she is, also being a Virgo I know she is going to let you know but so much of who she is. Its something so perfect and even Angelic about her that I cant relate to her like I can a Fantasia who strips her life bare and shows the good bad and ugly. I hope she lets us inside one day to the real her musically.

      2. I guess I am so passionate because I remember when they picked on Whitney and Michael…AND Janet…AND Mariah…and now they want to give out props…

        I don’t think Beyonce is GOD. She is human with extraordinary talent and drive. She gives her all EVERY time and it’s sad how the black community is so hateful towards her.

        It urks my nerves..

        They always looking to say something negative about her. She can never do anything right.

        Sometimes I wish she would tell these people to kiss her Creole ass but I know she won’t….she plays it too safe and tries too hard to please the people who won’t ever give her the props!

        1. ^that’s the problem!

          she needs to STOP playing it safe.
          her music reflects her playing it safe.
          honestly its over because there are way too many artists now who challenge society.

          she also needs to talk to her fans to stop being so disrespectful.
          thats a whole nother story.

      3. Aight I had to hop in that comment. I agree with you Luckey, but you must realize that they do not hate off her cause of her music. It has to do more with her looks than anything. Beyonce is every man’s dream, period. The only people who hate on her are unattractive black women and some gay men. Yea, I said it. That shit is the truth.

      4. Yet again you said a MOUTHFUL.

        Go on any urban blog and the proof is in the pudding…’regular’ black women and half of the gays..

        Nuff said…

        She is the pretty light skinned ‘perfect’ girl that everybody hates…

        just like high school…

  15. Beyonce is an ICON. She came and set the game on fire. WHO can you name that is bigger then her? Hell who do you know could put on a show half as good a Beyonce?

    Beyonce was winning awards and accolades in her 20s that many wouldn’t even win until their golden ages if they are lucky.

    She made the damn halftime show relevant again..

    She is definitely the chick to watch out for.

    Michael will ALWAYS be the king of POP

    Madonna is the queen of POP

    Beyonce is that QUEEN who always manage to set the bar high.

    So sad that her own people continue to downplay her efforts and dismiss her.

    We don’t have to wait five or ten years to say anything. She has been in the game since 1998 and have been keeping the girls (and boys) on their toes ever since.

    What more does she needs to prove to you critics?

    1. I agree. But most importantly I feel like if her career ended today. She would still be highly regarded. To me this backlash she is getting now is not any different from the backlash Michael, Whitney, Prince and many others received when they were all near their prime. People are just finding any reason to diminish her talent. Just like the mean child molester jokes people threw at Michael in the late 90’s. The way people booed Whitney and called her becky for her pop songs in the 80’s. Hell they crucified Jesus….so either way all this negativity means she is doing something right.

      1. Speak on it…they forget about that. They picked on Mariah HARD….said she wasn’t black enough and was trying too hard.

        They forget about that shit but want to call them Iconic now….

  16. it is blasphemy to give her that crown. Rihanna, Gaga, and Adele have all been more successful over the last 4 years.

    She’s an incredible talent, but they always get out of pocket with Bey-praise when she has an album coming out.

    1. How many Grammy’s do they have? How many times have they performed at the Superbowl? When was the last time they were praised by a president?

      Give me a list of NEW successful artist who are influenced by them!! As a matter of fact all 3 of those ladies HAVE listed Beyonce as someone they are influenced and inspired by. Again ICON.

      1. Alicia Keys has 14 of them. Whitney only has 6. When did that ONE award determine who’s an icon?

        When MJ was anointed “King Of Pop”, he had proven himself to be a prolific and successful artist for close to 20 straight years.

        Before anyone can come for that title, they got a lotta work to do. Madonna is the only one alive who can claim that title. Beyonce got another decade (and her songs aren’t gonna age well).

      1. let’s see her in 15 years too. Adele will be able to sing “Rolling In The Deep” when she’s 70. She’s already set herself up as the next Dame Shirley Bassey. Rihanna can (whatever she does) to “Umbrella” or “Diamonds” as long as she chooses to (whatever she does). Can Beyonce say the same thing for “Single Ladies” or “Baby Boy” or “Independent Women” or “Crazy In Love”? “Irreplaceable” is the only song of hers that’s an exception to that.

        Just to be clear, I give her respect. I just don’t subscribe to the marketing. She’s pretty and talented and driven, but her presentation isn’t really all that different than B Angie B already did 20 years ago.

        I’ll take her over most of those pop chicks, but the leather onesies and the pussy popping doesn’t impress me. Imma gay MAN.

        that is all.

  17. This is my definition of a Icon. A Icon to me is someone who has been in the game for years, won many accolades, and who is Notorious for their performance. A Icon is someone who is almost like a blueprint or role model for many other artist. I feel just like there can be old Icons like Aretha, Patti, Gladys there can be new ones Like Mariah, Whitney, and Beyonce. I truly feel Beyonce along with Usher, Mary, Brandy etc are the new ICONS of our generation.

  18. People are getting mad over unofficial titles for artists they’ll never meet?? Is this life?

    1. I’m with you NepTUNEd. I’ve seen shit get ugly around here in these “friendly debates” Y’all remember that Nicki Minaj debate? Yea, y’all be getting mad, so cut it. People be doing that shit on Bossip too.

  19. Janet is still the best ! !!!! She has over 30 years in the game! Let’s see where B is in the next 5! She still has a long way to go!

    1. Nobody saying she isn’t. Janet doesn’t have to prove anything. Neither does Madonna, or Paula or any of the diva before them. Beyonce has proven over and over again that she is that bitch to reckon with.

  20. Beyonce is still a ICON. All the title shit is not here or there. There will never be another KING of POP just like there will never be another Godfather of Soul. Some might argue that Michael surpassed his idol James Brown like some are arguing Beyonce is on Michael’s level. Instead of comparing different eras why can’t we just settle and say she is a Icon among Michael, Madonna, James, Aretha etc

    1. ^but how is she an icon?

      no disrespect to your opinion at all.
      she is a great performer,
      but she isn’t an icon yet at all fly!
      the superbowl performance last night was good,
      but she did nothing innovative.
      that was a mash up of all her past performances.
      that was the mtv awards,
      billboard icon award,
      and bits and pieces of her tours in a neat package.

      1. But It was Jamari!!! Right now she is in her fucking Prime. I’m sure 10 years from now people will be reflecting on how great that performance was. There is literally no female in the game seeing her performance. She is an ICON of our era. Just like Usher is. She has so sold millions of records, 16 Grammys, 3 sold out world tours. She is a ICON.

      2. Jamari you can say the same thing about Michael’s superbowl performance or Janet’s. The only difference is those performances happened in the last 5 years.

      1. ^beyonce didn’t bring anything different.
        she killed the stage,
        but have we not seen this before?????
        that is my question…
        have we not seen her do that same routine time and time again?
        then that article tries to crown her the king of pop…
        for that?

        the thing is i like b,
        but i can also criticize her for lack of creativity on that performance.
        to blow me away,
        lativia and letoya should have come out on that stage too.

      2. It’s a freakin article..

        I am a huge Beyonce/DC3 fan but I didn’t disagree with the article. Michael will ALWAYS be the KING of pop. EVERYBODY knows this. Only the feeble minds would take the article seriously..

        As far as Letoya and Latavia, they fucked themselves up when they tried to fire their manager and instead got fired from the group.

        That is not Beyonce’s fault….

      3. Jamari again how many times have we seen the routine to Billie Jean, thriller, or Rhythm Nation. I think it would be dumb actually to revamp choreography that has made a song famous. Michael’s Superbowl performance was basically a medley of the Dangerous tour. Entrance and all.

        1. ^but she said in her espn interview that the performance would have whole new choreo and be this game changer.
          she added new thrusts?
          booty shakin?
          hair tossin?
          she did the dutty wine and that dance is couple years old.
          she (and the fans) hyped it up and it was the same ol.
          i think she just added new energy.

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