i’m ret to pack my sh*t and go.

 it’s time.
it’s time for me to go because i’m tired of being here.
what’s happening inside me is bursting.
so it’s definitely time

I have been suddenly obsessed with wanting to travel.

i’ve been drawn to traveling for whatever reason.
for the last week,
it’s been videos about “how to pack a suitcase” or “how to successfully deal with tsa“.


it’s literally been my asmr.
when i’m obsessed with something,
i study tf out of it.
i don’t know where this sudden need to go came from,
but i feel like i’m ready to get back into the world.

Your foxy senses know when it’s time.

this is why when you don’t feel like doing shit,
and your life is on pause,
you should just relax.
your spirit will literally awaken once you have moved forward or healed.
you’ll know when you’re ready to get back out there.

so for black friday,
i treated myself to a suitcase that was on sale.
this is before i discovered away suitcases.

sidebar: ^his chest in that t-shirt is everything

don’t even get me started but they are expensive.
i’ll add it to my wishlist.
per the pretty vixen and youtube,
i got packing cubes and travel-size items of things i use.

It’s like I’m ready to go.

…but that fuckin omarion omicron might be fuckin’ up my plans.
for 222,
if God spares my life and health,
i want to get back into the forests.

NOLA (do-over)
Montana (random)

…are on my list of places i want to visit.
some of the best wolves i’ve met were from other cities.
the new yawk ones are starting to be all the same for me.
i’m getting bored with the same ol same ol with them tbh.
i need to mingle with a sexy southern wolf who has some good dick and home training.
i’m ready to re-introduce myself and i’m bringing all of you with me.

If the foxhole has any traveling tips to share,
please feel free to drop them in my box below.
I’m so fascinated with what works for others when it comes to traveling.

my biggest questions are:

When do you bring a carry-on and when do you check-in a suitcase?

Is it better to just pack a carry-on even if you are going on a long trip?

lowkey: i’m gonna look into getting a pre-check today.
that whole tsa thing is the pits.

5 thoughts on “i’m ret to pack my sh*t and go.

  1. No liquids of any kind in any carry ons. Make sure all liquids are secure in the luggage under the plane. Hand Sanitizers included unless you bought them inside the terminal. Book your flight in advance to take advantage of all packages. If your plans change, you can get a refund or credit for when you are ready. Don’t book with airlines like Southwest and Spirit that has a non-refundable ticket. Anything can happen and you are out of that ticket. Give yourself a two hour advantage. TSA is not always a breeze through. Check in online before you get to the airport then checkin at the gate. This saves you time to relax, prepare for the flight, get something to snack on, charge a device, or just relax until your plane starts the boarding process. Make sure your arrival plans are made before you get on the flight. If you need a Uber, make sure your app works, make sure you have money (for some people), make sure your bags are there before ordering your Uber (there are plenty there don’t stress about waiting for one). Once you land, enjoy your trip and do the same thing when you are ready to go back home. You will be amazed at how easy it becomes when you plan to go to the airport instead of just showing up.

    Most people fail to realize you have to plan the trip to the airport and get there on time or early. Just so you don’t miss your flight. Planes take off early if people didn’t check in. If passengers are on the plan and they made calls, that plane is leaving whether you bought that ticket and you are late.

  2. Idk about your financial situation but you should look into the Capital One Venture Rewards X card…Comes with a yearly fee but the perks are good especially if you travel. You might want to think about full on travel blogger YouTube type stream thing too. Anything to write off the costs of things

  3. I wants to travel, but my cheap-ass, cash-hoarding-ass alter ego don’t wanna spend money to get away! I’ll likely get on a plane late in 2022 … preferably in first-class!

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