26 thoughts on “robyn crawford starts word vomiting all the intimate details with whitney houston

  1. there’s no such thing as loyalty anymore. robyn’s story without Whitney is a bore. Time to move on. I will not be reading this crap.

  2. She’s dating a White woman too. At least get with a Whitney lookalike who has some good aging skin. She wants a payday

  3. Man fuck Robyn. You needed to write a whole book about this. The shit ppl do for money is crazy. And Whitney is DEAD. Let her rest in peace

  4. I’m glad Robyn is telling her story. She was Whitney’s (RIP–I miss her and her incredible voice) first and true love, and Whitney had to deal with her mother not accepting her sexuality, and Clive Davis, a gay man, pushing her to marry a man and be “straight” to cement the hetero ideal many fans expected then of most R&B/pop stars. Speak your truth, Robyn, and thank you for letting us see more of Whitney’s truth as well.

  5. How convenient Whitney isn’t alive to corroborate anything in this book🤷🏾‍♂️

    For all we know, if anything did happen, it meant more to Robin than it did Whitney.

    My thing is, if you wouldn’t have done the book if Whitney was still alive, don’t do it now she’s dead.

    Now all the gays are projecting their own experiences on to Whitney, whom they don’t know anything about, and saying all this is the reason for her heavy drug use and untimely death smh

    A lot of y’all made fun of her when she was alive 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. I don’t agree with her telling everything about their relationship, but I guess she feels the need to release pinned up emotions. She might as well get paid, I just heard they’re planning a Whitney hologram tour.

  7. Fuck it. Tell your story Robyn. The closet is literally killing people. It killed Whitney. People need to know there are romances with LGBTQ people. We are real people. And I agree with an earlier comment that other people have controlled Whitney and Robyn’s narrative. Her homophobic, hypocritical hateful mother. Her grasping family. Now let Robyn tell hers. God Bless her.

    1. Cissy Houston recently did an interview or discussion with a pastor named Bishop Joseph Tolton for something he called LGBTI month.He told her he was raised in the church and he was gay.He asked her what she would say to gay people and she said she would tell them to love and accept themselves.The video is on tenzmag.com.She slurred her words quite a bit it seems like she may have had a stroke in the past.IDK if her views on homosexuality have changed/evolved because of her health issues or what? She kept talking about how we need to love each other.

  8. Robyn has the right to tell her story and her story just so happens to involve a very famous also
    successful singer. Really the outrage should be directed at the obvious cash grab that is the Whitney halogram tour, her brother and his wife are putting together. Necromancy at its finest. SMH!

    1. ^i just feel like everyone in whitney’s life was so quick to rush to the press to tell her business.
      robyn struck me as not going to do that,
      but maybe it was time to talk?
      i don’t know…

      i’m open to have my mind changed on this and see it differently.

      1. A lot of the book is about Whitney pre fame,they met when Whitney was almost 17.She wanted to share what her friend was like.They were best friends/confidantes for over 20 years, their physical relationship only lasted 2 years.The book is primarily about their friendship.She wrote about her best friend who died tragically who she couldn’t save because she was cut out of her life.

        Also the fact the Robyn has a new partner now decades later doesn’t negate the fact that she was heartbroken that her romantic relationship with Whitney ended.Not because they stop loving each other but because Whitney was told by Clive or Cissy .Or because she just knew she couldn’t be in a same sex relationship and a pop star in 1982/83.

      2. I just reread my comment and I hope my tone didn’t offend. I don’t mean to sound as harsh as my comment reads.

  9. I personally don’t agree with you Jamari just because as you pointed out many of us can relate and she held this secret for so long I can only imagine how much it ate her up that the world didn’t know the real Whitney and didn’t know about their love I can’t speak for everyone but most of us want to fall in love and let the world know we are but most of US are forced to live in the dark with whom we love and true indeed it is nobodies damn business but if you are dying on the inside hiding what really was I totally see Robins point for coming out not to mention reading a lot of reactions on Twitter this seems to be helping a lot of folks feel comfortable to talk about their own situation and hopefully make some “straights” see that the life they live in the dark will only always come to the light so instead of suffering just do you cause Whitney was NOT happy and Robyn was suffering.

  10. Sigh……you are right Jamari but the problem is MONEY. Sweet girl is living the American dream, so why not get paid. Shit , everybody else does….
    It’s a bottomless pit latrine society the Ametican society is so ain’t nothing surprises me anymore.

    Loyalty is such a double edged sword but sadly Whitney is gone so ome might ask why must he secrets bury as well especially when as a woman you have seen Whitney lived a life of comfort and acclaim and you said nothing. I’m on her side. Make your coins girl. The world heard about it long before you said anything.

  11. This story needs to be told, I feel like we need this.. Even though at the same time she’ll make a kill in this tell all story i need some closure. When you appreciate a celebrity that touched your life you feel like you knew them, for real because they touch you in some sort of way. So Robyn, tell. Tell us everything that went down between ya’ll business cause I had no clue growing up as an 80s kid this shit was going on here.

  12. I think she has every right to tell her story, to tell her truth.Every movie,book,documentary,etc. done on Whitney other people have discussed their “relationship”.Whitney’s mom and brother called her bossy,controlling,etc.Some of their negative opinions about Robyn may be related to their negative views about homosexuality.Other people have called her loving and protective.Now she can control the narrative.

  13. I feel like we ALL knew what the deal was. I hate when ppl wait until someone has passed, to spill the beans. I honestly didn’t think Robyn would tell it but I guess that payout was worth it.

    1. Well in all honesty her family already bastardized her memory!! Now if they had kept their mouths shuts considering when she was alive she took care of everybody I would say “Robin keep that relationship to yourself!”, but when think about the way her family helped her to her addiction and have bastardized her memory (on tour with a Damn “hologram”)…. Cash in like the rest of them sis. She held it alot longer than Whitney “Blood Relatives” did!!

      1. F**k just thinking about it now got my eyes watering. And I just can imagine the anguish Robyn went through when she found out.

        And I miss Whitney and her daughter.

        It might be the Cancer in me. When I look at that picture and I see the smiling and I just smile but get a little heavy hearted.

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