darryl’s creamy milkshake only brought gay men to his yard

i hate when “straight” males do gay shenanigans.
showing off their cheeks.
the “i’m not wearing underwear under my grey sweatpants” move.
re-creating the best twerk off to a megan the stallion song on tiktok.
it leads to them crying and making ig pr statements.

Why are all these gay males hounding me,

My DMS has more meats than Arbys.

what did you think was gonna happen?
i was on a website that specializes in *cough* christian mingling and saw darryl.
he made his grand entrance on “beefcake hunter” with victor,
a hispanic fox who specializes in making males have their “cum to Jesus” moment.
heavy on the cum.
after the video dropped,
i guess darryl thought he was about to get a lot of single vixen wanting to date him.
a foxholer sent me an alleged tweet that he deleted after getting dragged…

so it was gay 4 pay like everyone suspects with victor?

so i’ll start with a compliment.
i found my religion with that video probably about 8 times now.
every time i watch,
i see something different.
what really makes me testify hard to my Lord in Saviour is his facial expressions.

Darryl knows how to make some gooooooooood facial expressions.

now for “the jamari fox” special.
i’ll be 110:

I thought he might be gay,
bi at least.


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judging from the video,
it appeared that he was at full attention when victor’s mouth was baptizing him,
his alleged onlyfans videos don’t have any female participants,
and the last time i saw an alleged clip with darryl,
his legs were spread like peanut butter on a loaf of bread.
i mean…
i hope darryl was doing some kind of pr with that tweet.
sometimes these lowkey attentionistos love to make reactions to generate buzz.
my sexy straight brother in christ…

Vixens weren’t watching that video and hoping you would be their future husband.

Gay and bi males watched that video hoping they could peel your banana.

wanted to help you peel your banana.


it’s like phatrabbitkiller saying he is gay 4 pay,
hates gay attention,
and is only doing his videos to pay for his wedding with his future wife.
i’m hoping for a second video with victor tbh.
i think darryl should do that in all of his straight glory.

lowkey: his facial expressions foxhole.
i’m gonna go,
find my religion to that video again.

( x peep them here )

44 thoughts on “darryl’s creamy milkshake only brought gay men to his yard

  1. I don’t have time for this tom foolery he has been doing Chaturbate for years and private cam shows for at least for the passed 5 years because I became aware of him in 2017 on Chaturbate so this is nonsense,stop trying to deflect Darryl this is apparently something you enjoy doing.

  2. I also found him under ” mr_lamar” on a separate Chaturbate account. He ain’t slick or new to the booty action.

    1. That one appears to be more recent. He looks gay. I know there’s no looks, but he sets off my gaydar.

  3. So I just found out that Darryl was a Chaturbate model under the name Marcswoodnu. He seems to love to put stuff like dildos up his butt. Looks like he was a dusty who got a gym membership just like I thought…

  4. I’m so over the delusional bullshit of these instasluts. I don’t care if he sexually identifies as an alien from deep space, don’t whine about getting attention from gay men when you chose to get your knob slobbed on by a gay man who caters to a gay audience. Actions have consequences.

    If he wanted attention from females, he should have taken his ass to Thugs 4 Hos, not Beefcake Hunter. Don’t do strange for change for gay men’s dollars then cry you straight, please stop hitting me up, boo-hoo. Kiesha and Tiesha are not the target audience for the shit you just pulled. You did it, now own it and quit crying.

  5. Ok… phatrabbit… gay4pay… straight… married. Who’s marrying them, Jada Pinkett Smith. In the words of Maya Angelou in Poetic Justice with a twist, “that man ain’t been more straight hunny than a man on the moon… and he talking about he straight.” Watch he end up on American Pornstar with Ace Rock— my bad, “John Johnson”. Ace gon put that dick in his mouth and he gon say its different because they both fucking a woman. You ain’t gotta be gay or gay4pay when you can own up to yo shit and just be bisexual. Pansexual, Bisexual, trysexual, Asexual, whatever label you want to call it but stop lying and saying you didn’t enjoy it and stop lying to yourself thinking women watch beefcake hunter and want to link up with the models after. That’s a gay man paying people to suck their dick and if they horny enough to fuck him. He got cameras everywhere and your face is all over it. If you are that insecure you could have easily chose a faceless mask and not been recognized. Let’s not blame the gays for wanting to find out how many licks does it take to get to the center of your tootsie pop. That creamy filled center got them wanting to put some of that Megan Thee Stallion Hottie sauce and show you them deep throat skills. Embrace it, its ok, cause yo definitely was… how does that song go… “its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life, for meeeeeee… and I’m feeling… gooooooddddd.”

    1. What phatrabbit claims to be straight? At this point these men are delusional…or they know their audience…

  6. Any man who sexually interacts w another man is just somewhere on the spectrum. Remember, sexuality is a spectrum. A 1 is bothered by the thought of another man being w him sexually, and a 10 is disgusted by the thought of puss. He’s just somewhere closer to the 1. And if the check isn’t huge, no 1/100% straight man is going to lay up w another man. He can still be straight and on the spectrum. Two things can be true simultaneously.

    That said, that mofo is a dime. Don’t let him have nice feet because then it’s a wrap! Lol

    And as I’ve said many times before, it’s the masculinity. Masculinity is what’s making gay men fork over car and rent money to these straight men. Masculinity is a dirty word in the gay community until it’s time for someone to climb your back.

  7. I’m sorry but I’m team Darryl on this one. I’m not a conspiracy theorist in any way but the more I look around the more I see an attack on the heterosexual black male in the United States of America. If Darryl wants to be heterosexual in 2021 then so be it, we have no problem with a white man wearing a dress, with painted nails, taking a dildo up the behind all while claiming to be straight, then I’m not going to create or consider a false standard to hold Darryl too.

    2nd there may be some cognitive dissonance if Darryl believed that doing a scene like that would bring a swarm of women his way, but I don’t think that’s what he thought, he more than likely believed that doing a scene like that would broaden his fanbase within the gay community and everyone would flock over to his content on whatever platforms he has. The issue here is that at the end of the day every human being has a right to decide what type of attention they are willing to entertain. Would we be mad at a woman for being upset about unwanted attention from men she did not like? Absolutely not, so the same should hold true for a man.

    If we want to go deeper in the community, if Darryl were gay or bi, he would more than likely only be interested in people who was similar to him in facial structure and definitely body type, you don’t really see too many physically fit men with thick or overweight people in the gay community. If we were to look at the people who were messaging him would they really be up to his standard gay or otherwise? Probably not. We have to reject the hypocrisy in our community and our society as a whole. Too many of us want to crucify a heterosexual black man for things that we openly accept from other members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and the more I grow and mature the less ok with that I am.

    1. I agree with most of this. I wouldn’t say it’s an attack on the heterosexual black male, but like a lot of unrelated things, it’s fine & accepted for white men to do it, but it’s a whole issue for black men to do the same.

  8. Honestly that scene was great, every time it’s on twitter I watch it I don’t understand what he assumed would happen he has all the markings for what attracts black gays (str8, hood, masculine, ultra hot muscular body, long ass…stick, facially attractive, bawdy bawdy bawdy) I could understand if they was being inappropriate with him but getting angry at people for being fans, a rise in his onlyfans subs, giving him the attention he wanted for doing gay4pay just doesn’t make sense.

    Anyways, You can’t have buyers remorse for gaining a gay crowd on a gay platform that gays watch he should have taken that gay fanbase and squeezed them for profit, it’s not like the gays haven’t been squeezed out of money before from a straight man.

  9. I think I’m one of those black men who don’t appeal to black men and I don’t see it as a bad thing at all. I like suave, refined, clean-cut, well dressed, well-mannered men with culture and I think that’s off-putting for a lot of black men who are used to a microwave type or lifestyle, so they don’t appreciate a 5-course meal. I’m not saying I don’t like black men cause I do. I like the Michael B Jordan, Adis Hodge, Yahya Abdul Mateen types. But I’ve noticed those types aren’t appreciated in the black gay community who seem to prefer men like Dave East and Boosie. Men who are openly homophobic, educated, dusty, ashy, with nothing to offer but dick, but y’all love those kind. Then turn around and get mad at black men like Billy Porter and RuPaul for dating out. Can you blame them? If I were to wait for a decent black man, I’d be waiting all forever. I know this seems off topic, but it very much is on topic because this is what you get with men like Darryl—overgrown and still playing closet games.

    1. Date who you want. Just don’t give them a n-word pass or join them in bashing the Black community. We don’t need outside input. The Asian community doesn’t ask us anything. Hispanic community. Everybody has an opinion while benefiting from us being divisive.

      All I see online is “there are no good Black men” and I still don’t know where you all are looking. I know many out successful gay Black men. Somebody has to be lying. Either the successful gay Black men want the thugs or they don’t want anyone Black..something isn’t adding up.

      There’s a difference between a Black gay with blonde hair and a stank attitude and one who is in real estate or a bank manager. But if you pine after the straight guy on the basketball team “because he’d be perfect if he was just gay”..what do we expect?

      Look how we give clout and attention to this obviously closeted man? Gay men…don’t want to date gay men. We want to turn someone out. Have a bisexual who never really slept with dudes like that. Not into the gay scene. Discreet. Private. Everybody tried to drag Zoie, but apparently most agree with him, based on actions.

      1. But it is like that. What’s funny is, a lot of black women tend to have the same problems as gay men when it comes to dating. I have heard them say stuff like most men are gay, which is always funny to me cause I’m like where are all of these eligible men? They certainly aren’t in my city and the focus in the community is always on DL men/straight men. Masculinity doesn’t even matter anymore because a lot of gay men believe that a man being gay is effeminate. I just feel like dating in the black gay community is hard because a lot of gay black men tend to be closeted, like Darryl, which makes it hard to date them and a lot of gay men do not have real expectations of a gay man. A lot of times they want us to be straight and I can never be a straight man/trade/DL whatever. I don’t have time for that as a man in his early 30s. Im trying to create something serious with someone by the time I hit my 40s.

        I grew up in the hood. Thugs have never appealed to me. Nothing sexy about it. Give me that nerdy , well read, black boy who knows a lot of GRE words. Lol.

      2. “Look how we give clout and attention to this obviously closeted man? Gay men…don’t want to date gay men. We want to turn someone out. Have a bisexual who never really slept with dudes like that. Not into the gay scene. Discreet. Private. Everybody tried to drag Zoie, but apparently most agree with him, based on actions.”

        I totally agree. I actually defended Zoie. But I can’t relate cause I don’t seek out those types of men.

        What I have noticed about white men is they will have their jock fetish but it doesn’t deter them from settling down and getting married and raisng kids together.

        Trade chasing tends to consume and plague black gay men. Then again, a lot of us tend to be closeted and plan on staying that way until we die. It’s kind of a sad existence.

    2. I sort of agree with you but where I draw the line is you saying the gays like Boosie, you are out of order! LMAO! Also, you have terrible taste men when it comes to looks (just pulling your leg).

      I definitely don’t want a hood man unless it is a one time hoe moment I am having. Seli (this is not a dig to them by the way) wants to play dumb and act like their are tons of Morris Chestnut/Mike Colter looking gay men that are classy and successful but in reality it is a very rare breed, and frankly you won’t find them easily in other races too.

      I notice that some of these people, especially the ones that say they only date black men will make the most trashiest, hood non-black men an exception to that rule and then act suprised and offended when people say what you said.

      1. Exactly, BeBe. Thank you. Btw, my taste is more refined than that, but I just thought of men off of the top of my head.

    3. “suave, refined, clean-cut, well dressed, well-mannered men with culture” when I hear those words I only think of black men or pretty much any non-white men. I don’t think I know a single white that could live up to even half of those words.

      Date who you want, I don’t have a problem with it. Hell, I even wasted a couple months with a white guy that turned out to be uneducated with nothing to offer but ass & decent dick but with no stroke game. But just because you’ve only messed with the Dave East & Boosie closet cases type of black boys, don’t put all or most black men in that category.

      1. I’m sorry but you are being duplicitous, there is no way you genuinely think this and if you do then you don’t know what those words mean… Please stop trying to gaslight the OC because it is a kinda pathetic. You are trying to put an emotional meaning to these words and the real kicker is that they are quite superficial traits to have anyway. Being well-mannered and cultured is not something you can innately have. Please stop playing these games.

        1. He went on a tangent just to accuse me of what I said I was totally against. Okay, Lol.

          Back to Zoie…You call a thing a thing with proof of a thing being a thing and people get upset. Let’s stop kidding ourselves, okay? Start there.

    4. Who don’t appreciate Yahya Abdul?! Did you see them cakes on HBO’s Watchmen and have you seen him on Striking Vipers… he fucked a polar bear! That man can get it. Shit we can have a jag session and I will get my life! Michael B. Jordan too, Killmonger, Without Remorse, and That Awkward Moment. Hell I watched Underground just to see Aldis Hodge strip naked. I was looking at the tv trying to look down like it was gon really show something. Call me weird but Jonathan Majors got bod de. Them cakes on Lovecraft Country. He got that sexy ugly type going on. You know that ugly where they got that dumb ass dick for no reason and can lay yo ass OUT for the count. I’m already itching waiting to see his ass as Kang the Conqueror (the next Thanos but stronger) in Marvel next Major Villian role and for this Netflix Western The Harder They Fall with Idris Elba sexy ass. Those are MY types. If the black gay community don’t want them fine let me have them all to myself cause man, they can and will get it. We can both be tops or we can both be Tyrone and Johnnell, IJS

      1. Thugs?! Um chile so anyways… are we talking the ones in and out of jail or the ones who only thugs by what they wear?Some of these so called thugs are Halloween thugs. They only dressing the part and not playing it.

    5. Ditto. Thug/hood men have never really been it for me. I mean I thought it was attractive at maybe 16 but as a 24 year old black gay man I have ZERO interest in that. Many have that “I haven’t showered” look. I like the clean cut educated type also. Idris Elba, Will Smith, MBJ etc.

      I don’t think I ever watch thug/hood porn lol

      1. It gets old real fast, especially when you see that they aren’t trying to build anything significant. I’ve never been caught up in the allure of a DL man. It sounds like a headache. Plus, I have other objectives and goals to focus on besides a man. I need a helpmate to build and grow wealth with. The last thing I wanna worry about is whether or not a man loves me in between his wife, baby mama or girlfriend. I can’t make a straight man be gay/bi. That is a losing game from the start. I’m good.

  10. A lot of you swear BCH dudes are hot, but they are not. A lot of y’all just like thugs! The hood niggas who look like they don’t wash their asses.

    1. Not the “don’t wash their asses”… un un that’s just nasty. Ain’t nothing sexy about dirty dick trade, you can have that. Keep them with the cottage cheese bleu cheese smelling dicks and them dirty bottoms who don’t know how to douche right talking about “you went too deep”, “give me a minute I thought I got everything out”, “that’s just douche water, its clean” no it ain’t, you just nasty.

  11. i found my religion with that video probably about 8 times now.
    every time i watch,
    i see something different.
    what really makes me testify hard to my Lord in Saviour is his facial expressions.

    Jamari you are so hilarious and have such a colorful way with words. I will be using this when I want to be sexy but discreet.

    I don’t believe in gay for pay. Why? Unless I see a behind the scenes where he has to have porn with women on, doesn’t look down and has trouble getting hard..he is bi at the VERY least. Imagine a bottom trying to top..they wouldn’t be able to stay hard. Imagine a gay man trying to have sex with a woman. It is VERY obvious when your body isn’t responding to the sexual act.

  12. This wasn’t a grand entrance to me. He used to be a webcam model on Chaturbate a few years ago. He used to oil himself up, bend over and spread his cheeks most of the time while still claiming to be only into women.

    I did not expect him to pop back up again. I don’t know why he even chose Beefcake Hunter. He could’ve easily auditioned for See Him Fuck. I saw a few seconds of the scene and kept it moving. I always found him a bit boring. If you don’t want a certain group’s attention, don’t do anything that would catch their attention.

  13. Some of them do make repeat cast i notice, and I bet he’ll change his tune if that onlyfans grows. Good thing he’s a willing participate and I know many of us lust at what if such and such did a scene. i’m sure he’ll be in the mood for an itching… and i wish i could see Kent Little get a licking

  14. I said it before and I’ll say it again ain’t no such thing as gay for pay. He’s at least Bi. He has a body he could’ve made an onlyfans just showing his body and collect coin. Also could’ve auditioned for straight porn. I seen that video he was into that dick suck lol. Man received head on camera by another Man under a major porn company and then act like it’s supposed to disappear.

    1. First off he has onlyfans

      This why I don’t subscribe to ppl nonsense bc gays love attention they just want it from
      The right people

      The whole I’m not gay I’m gay for pay
      Only thing is so tired

      Whenever you can talk dirty and gag someone on ur dick of the same sex, you’re definitely interested in them sexually . Nigga was talking back to Hugo and all. Ur not gay ? Sure

      No bicurious or straight man is going to have their face in a gay porn. As many companies pay for male solos or even sites like seehimfuck u can be with a woman and get gay fans but u chose beefcakehunter

      If he had dozens of men sending him money for bills he’d love it I’m sure

      Where he draws the line is He probably doesn’t like dms offering to suck him up or people telling him how attractive they think he is if he doesn’t feel the same about them

      The problem
      With social media is it’s made a lot of people famous who don’t really want the fame, they just want the money — so they have no personality for the line of work they’re positioning themselves in. Sex work relies on consumers. If u wanna be antisocial and anonymous go work in a factory. It’s a lot less bold and a more consistent line of work.

      Sidebar: I want beefcakehunter to bring back Marcus and Kyng

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