darryl’s creamy milkshake only brought gay men to his yard

i hate when “straight” males do gay shenanigans.
showing off their cheeks.
the “i’m not wearing underwear under my grey sweatpants” move.
re-creating the best twerk off to a megan the stallion song on tiktok.
it leads to them crying and making ig pr statements.

Why are all these gay males hounding me,

My DMS has more meats than Arbys.

what did you think was gonna happen?
i was on a website that specializes in *cough* christian mingling and saw darryl.
he made his grand entrance on “beefcake hunter” with victor,
a hispanic fox who specializes in making males have their “cum to Jesus” moment.
heavy on the cum.
after the video dropped,
i guess darryl thought he was about to get a lot of single vixen wanting to date him.
a foxholer sent me an alleged tweet that he deleted after getting dragged…

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