if you come for squid game, the director will drag you like he did lebron james

^this was my face at the end of squid game.
i’ll be the first to tell everyone about the last 15 minutes:

“Hated it.”

everyone had that same review as well.
now the whole show wasn’t terrible,
but because the decision-making of ^that red haired bozo annoyed my spirit.
it seems like my nba baller wolf fav,
lebron “king” james,
felt the same way:

“Get on the flight and see your fucking daughter.”

my sentiments exactly!
well the
hwang dong-hyuk,
didn’t like lebron had to say and well via “cnet“…

In an interview with The Guardian published on Tuesday, Dong-hyuk struck back when asked about James and his problems with the show’s ending.

Have you seen Space Jam 2?” asked Dong-hyuk. “LeBron James is cool and can say what he wants. I respect that. I’m very thankful he watched the whole series. But I wouldn’t change my ending. That’s my ending. 

“If he has his own ending that would satisfy him, maybe he could make his own sequel. I’ll check it out and maybe send him a message saying, ‘I liked your whole show, except the ending.'”


well he isn’t wrong with space jam 2.
i legit turned it off 15 minutes in.
sorry king.
what is going on with all these sensitive stuarts these days?

geez louise.
he should be thrilled that a legendary nba icon watched the show and was that into it.
was the directior in a real life squid game and he skipped out on his daughter?

lebron responded via “twitter“:


he better hope lebron doesn’t go hard on that second season.
the younger lebron gets,
the less his mouth has a filter.
i can’t wait to see what he has to say about the second season.

article cc: cnet

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “if you come for squid game, the director will drag you like he did lebron james”

  1. Somebody in their feelings. First off how you say, “I was broke” about waiting 10 years to make this a series instead of a movie. He gets mad at Bron when literally everybody said the same thing. AD said it, the person with the camera said, twitter said it, I mean the whole audience who watched it said it and you single out Lebron. That’s probably why it wasn’t a movie bro, your attitude. I would be going crazy that during a NBA interview AD and Lebron talking about my shit and everybody in the room ranting about how they watched the whole series and wanted a different outcome. That would get me so hyped to do Season 2 just to see how they see why Season 1 ended like that. Then you gon diss Space Jam 2, and you don’t even have a movie yet, who is he the Asian version of Kanye West. You got a whole TikTok craze going on, people on twitter, you got Halloween Costumes, I mean I would be so humbled and grateful that what I waited 10 years for is finally going to be worth the wait. So many series come out and people have been doing this for years, have way different attitudes and don’t even get to a second season. With that kind of attitude fuck season 2 I’m good. That’s not how you treat fans who stuck and watched your first production and get that emotional about it. Squid Game can go right on up there with M. Knight Shyamalan’s Signs and After Earth. Both of them movies all I wish I could say was “reclaiming my time” at the end and telling people about it. I will say Signs got me to jump and most movies haven’t been able to do that since Halloween H2O. Michael Myers was the only killer that can scare yo ass without making a sound. When you heard that music, you knew he was about to fuck some shit up. Some people can fuck it up for themself before they even get started.

  2. The ending matched how I felt about 456. I felt 456 wasn’t meant to be a character that we’d like, so anything he would do would set us off. He’s selfless during the game but in the real world a complete selfish neglectful asshole who felt the world screwed him over.

    He really wallowed in self pity for a whole year and didn’t square away any of the families of the players he grew close to. He left that boy in the orphanage wondering where tf is his sister, that lady who lost her shop and son, and definitely ignored his child. We’re all different but that would have plagued my mind in my grief…not that everyone is dead even though they all agreed to it coming back and knowing the outcome…

  3. Idk are y’all talking about. From the video it looked like lebron was talking to another person and not the press. Stop eavesdropping. That Asian racist snap back is a bitch. Mr. Chin getting bold showing his true colors now that he got a little show on Netflix. Smh.

      1. Hey you stupid fuck i wasnt talking to you. I was talking about being in between two people conversation. Director had no right to get mad. He was privately talking to someone else, not the director, not the audience to a singular other person.
        IDK wtf youre talking about eavesdropping. You and your sexuality is confused.

        1. John, you’re making a comment on a blog on the internet, so anyone has the right to comment on what you’re saying. I agree with Tom there’s no such thing as eavesdropping on the internet because if it ends up on the internet it is fair game for anyone to comment. IDK what Tom’s sexuality has to do with his comment, that makes absolutely no sense at all. Also your use of vulgarity & calling him ‘stupid’ is uncalled for. Your response to Tom is ridiculous, way out of line & nowhere in the realm of being ok.

          You are calling Mr. Dong-Hyuk an Asian racist yet you proceed to call him ‘Mr. Chin’ which is not his name & is racist itself by calling him a generic Asian name instead of his actual name. Please take your hateful comments elsewhere. Like the statement says before you post a comment ‘If you wouldn’t say it on live TV with all your family and friends watching, without getting canceled or locked up, don’t say it on here. Stay on topic, no SPAM, and keep it respectful. Thanks!’

  4. Well i think i should’ve got on that plane… but yall wanted another season right ? So the ending is giving you just that.

    And artists are sensitive about their shit, especially when something has been rejected for so long. So i got why he took it kinda bad not really because he didn’t say anything mean

    Lebron himself is really sensitive about criticisim so he has no room to talk about that man’s reaction.

    At the end of the day, the creator will do what he wants and people will think what they want

    It’s funny how on TSR people were like you can’t even have an opinion nowadays… You can have an opinion and people can have an opinion about your opinion

  5. [SPOILERS] I personally liked the ending, it was quite the twist & I did not see it coming. at. all. The main character is quite obviously depressed & depression hits everyone differently & makes them make poor decisions. So I could understand the actions of the main character. He may have won the money but he still lost everything in his life in the end.

    As for the Director’s comeback, he is entitled to his opinion just like LeBron is. LeBron should know by now that if he has an opinion about something he’s going to get clapback about it. So I’m kind of surprised at LeBron’s response to Dong-Hyuk.

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