accountability | august 9th thru 15th

this was a very blah week for me.
nothing really went down,
but i did notice certain emotions i want to address…


i think i’m falling into a depression again.
whenever i feel tired and not energized is a sign i’m not at my highest peak.
it feels like nothing has been going right for me so i’ve gone into a shell.
the crazy part is being alone actually helps to energize me more.
i’ve been hearing a phrase everywhere:

“Stressed out”

the energy around me from a few has been of that.
this has been a really stressful era for many of us.

i’ve been trying to pull myself out of this funk tho.
i want to slowly start getting into a groove again.
this is probably just another “moment” in my life.
the foxhole has been there for a majority of my moments.
i made myself out of them eventually.
what i want to do is try to stop being in control of outcomes.
when i feel out of control,
i try my hardest to regain control that i make a mess of things.
i want to go with how i’m feeling.
i had no energy to write earlier today,
but i feel sort of energized tonight so i’m gonna go with it.
i want to stay present instead of looking into tomorrow,
next week,
or next month.
those little things help me feel better.

Author: jamari fox

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