prince michael, of lhhmia, is too pretty to be in jail

some folks are too pretty for jail.
christopher michael harty,
also know as prince michael on love and hiphop miami,
is one of them.
i haven’t heard from or about him in a while.
i figured he was minding his business,
promoting parties,
and bussin’ things open on onlyfans with that mega pipe of his.
he was allegedly bussin’ vixens mouthes open and kidnapping them too…

according to “yahoo“:

Details from the arrest report began to emerge as of Thursday.

“Harty’s girlfriend went to his apartment in Brickell to return his shoes,” according to the arrest report obtained by NBCMiami. “When the woman tossed the shoes at Harty, he grabbed her, slammed her to the ground and punched her in the mouth…Harty dragged her by the hair and stopped her from leaving the apartment before she was able to break away and run to an elevator.”

The victim suffered scratches and bruises on her lip, neck, chest, arms and legs,” the arrest report also revealed.

…and it was also “ummm” for the crying at his bond hearing:

why even do this dumb shit if he was gonna act soft once he was arrested?
did he not think of the potential consequences of his actions?
the panny has folks with zero to no chill these days.
wasn’t he acting too cocky after appearing on lhh mia?
allegedly scamming folks on onlyfans?
i guess this was the humbling he needed to bring him back down to earth.
i guess he didn’t get to show up to his press conference last week on the 11th:

the good news is that he might get a potential storyline for a new season of lhhmia.
…or onlyfans?


lowkey: his ig is interesting…

article cc: yahoo

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “prince michael, of lhhmia, is too pretty to be in jail”

  1. I can tell you from experience that these “poor, innocent women” will provoke an altercation, call you every name in the book, get up in your face, HIT YOU REPEATEDLY and if you defend yourself you’re a “bitch ass nigga who shouldn’t be putting your hands on a woman”. WTF! I almost went to jail when one of these unruly females got in my face & decided she wanted to hit me because she didn’t like what I had to say. These women are not always the victim!!!

  2. Prince is a Straight Fem Queen. The first episode of meeting him on LHHMia he got into it with his girl. He didn’t answer his phone when she called and he straight up told her on National TV that he is a promoter and that he has to appear single. She threw his clothes out and he flipped. He cares more about his clothes than anything else in the world. Those shoes meant the same as if it was his child. He can give zero fucks about the woman because he will get another groupie. That onlyfans ain’t even worth mentioning. He will get out because he will pay whatever it is to get him out and of course that will be his storyline to give him more air time just like they did with Scrap on LHHAtl.

  3. Sorry but this dude is a little bitch. Men are not men these days. Yes she shouldn’t have done what she did but it’s a pair of fucking shoes dude…SHOES! This ain’t preschool! Man up and grow the fuck up!!! Now we see who he really is—weak ass crying in court because they are making him take accountability for his actions. Gtfo with that bullshit. I guess his OnlyFans is getting an “Only Bars” segment.

  4. These women need to stop provoking men, I feel sorry for Prince cause isn’t throwing something assault? Why isn’t the girl in jail also?

  5. Kidnapping???? wtf??[ based on the Yahoo excerpt ]

    “She went to HIS house, threw shoes at HIM, he retaliated . Yes he overacted and I can see assault ,but “Kidnapping”???

    A Woman’s words carry a lot of legal weight .

    Ex 1)

    Today I read a news article that Rock Icon Bob Dylan is guilty of ” grooming and sexually assaulting ‘ a young girl in 1965!!!!!!!!!!! [ Her words].

    Ex 2)
    The 1921 Tulsa Black Wall Street Massacre was started by a White female elevator operator who said “A Black Man felt her up” [ Her words]

    Chile , I am so glad I am Gay!

  6. Not to be insensitive, but this nigga stay gettin Arrested 🙄 at some u need to grow up & control yourself

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