wtf is chris brown on this time?

remember when i use to call chris brown,
breezy wolf“?
good times.
chris has taken us on so many adventures during his career.
we have gone on his highs and lows.
one thing i’ve noticed about him:

His stans will coddle him to death

if someone isn’t “picking on him” then we are “misunderstanding” the situation.
that is the issue i have with stan culture.
they are so hyper-focused on defending that they ignore the problem right in front of them.
celebs don’t need any more “yes” people and actually like it when folks can be honest.
i saw a video of chris with lebron james and it had me at a loss for words.
it was at the “space jam 2” premiere but…

*video credited to owners

…whatttttttttttttt in the entire fuck???????
i’m gonna be 100 with you but it looks like he was tweakin‘ something heavy.
i could be wrong,
but even lebron was like “u good?“.

it made me sad to watch that tb-perfectly-h.
chris brown is such a talent and continues to make good music,
but i’m concerned for his well-being after watching this video.
i feel like we always get these kinds of videos of him every couple of years.
i’m hoping chris can pull it together but i think he is too far down the rabbit hole at this point.

lowkey: in all my time watching chris in interviews or with his people,
i have never seen him act like that.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “wtf is chris brown on this time?”

  1. Chris Brown has to come to grips with his mental health because alcohol and drugs don’t go well with issues surrounding mental illness. I hope and pray that he will be alright.

  2. Chris went down hill after he beat Rihanna. I havent listened to any of his stuff since his album Exclusive. It astounds me how he really fucked up his career with the Rihanna situation and then only got worse from there

  3. Chris has been medically diagnose with Bi Polar disorder…However I think he was just geeked on whatever he smoked and being starstruck by LeBron James. I’m not going to lie he’s probably one of the few people I would be starstruck by.

  4. Chris is bipolar. He was diagnosed a few years ago.

    Chris been has some of the most self-hating, apologist supporters ever, and shockingly, not really, is most of his defenders are queer black men. Never in my life have I’ve seen so many black men go hard for someone with a homophobic past that has never shown a modicum of support for the LGBT community. Gay men love their abusers, and it’s not hard to see why when many of them have the self esteem the size of a grain of salt, but they have so much smoke for people like Kim Burrell and Lil Boosie. It just goes to show looks and masculinity, especially you have both, will always give you a place in the heart’s of many gay men no matter how vile and disgusting one is.

  5. He was definitely acting like a weirdo. I think he has been seen using coke in a video before, but if he is he needs to get it together, especially after the recent news that came out about him smacking that woman. No one around him checks him cause they are on the payroll. Simple as that.

  6. Okay this is my thing. We keep giving celebrities the bipolar excuse now instead of just saying these people are addicts that need help. Britney is another one. Do y’all remember Katt Williams stand-up telling how readily available cocaine is snorted in Hollywood.

    Are we sure this is a mental illness they were born with and not something they’re causing themselves. I know people can hide it well but i refuse to believe every single one of these people are bipolar. I respect Whitney for not going that route considering how frantic she would act sometimes.

    Not saying they have to admit to anything but like we notice these people going from down to earth individuals to jittery fiends.

    1. It’s sad but everyone has their own story to live and hopefully own up too. I’ve faced some challenges in life both of my own choice and what was put upon me. I can’t say I always made the right choice but after going through the mud myself I’ve decided that somethings(drugs) just don’t have a place in my life anymore. Hopefully with all his blessings and talent he can feel the same way(since we assume it’s drugs)

      1. ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 everyone has their demons. Chris Brown’s actions are tabloid fodder because he is a high profile/ public person. Everything he does is scrutinized. Give the nigga a break.

  7. Not to be morbid but if he doesn’t quit the drugs and get some help, it’ll end like Michael and Whitney! I give it 5 years max!!!

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came out as bipolar. I just had a situation with a guy who bipolar and had a narcissism disorder. Wasn’t taking his meds and medicated through liquor.

    1. ^how was he acting?

      i feel like pandemic has revealed many who have mental illness.
      this lockdown has been an eye opener for everyone including my own mental health.

  9. It looks like a combination of ” Being High off something” and ” Hyped Fandom for Labron”.

    However ,Chris Brown ( like most celebrities) is living his life exactly how he chooses to!!

    There are thousands of Celebrities’ who live live “Drug free” so this is A CHOICE !!!!!

  10. Between his mental disorders and drug addiction I just think he needs help. It’s not impossible he just need to remove all the enablers in his life

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