if we are lucky enough,
we will all age eventually.
we have lost folks to death that won’t experience the aging process.
rip to my dear star fox.
when you are someone who depends on youth and sexiness,
the aging process can be tough.
society can be especially cruel to women who age,
which is crazy cause many are aging amazingly.

Angela Basset (63)
Halle Berry (55)

J. Lo (52)
Salma Hayek (55)

Mariah Carey (53)
Gabrielle Union (49)
Regina Hall (51)
Regina King (51)
Naomi Campbell (51)
Sanaa Lathan (50)
Taraji P. Henson (51)
Viola Davis (56)
Octavia Spencer (51)
The black RHOA and reality show older gals (the late 40s and 50s)

and so many others to name a few.

Remember when our parents introduced us to their friends and they looked old af in their 30s and 40s?

people don’t age like how they did in the past.
i think it’s a combo of
beauty/make-up products are more advanced,
 working out/active lifestyles is heavily promoted,
what is being a grown-up?,
getting your back blown out by a 20 something,
and people
smoke outside.
who is 63 like angela bassett,
doesn’t seem to be enjoying her aging process.

from ( x her ig posts) to this video she uploaded on tiktok

@madonna♬ original sound – madonna

what in the bug’s life is going on here?
i don’t know where madonna went left like this.
i feel like it was after the MDNA era tbh.
at one point,
she looked really good for an older gal.
from the surgeries,
the fake booty,
and trying to hide her aging has made her look even worse.

no cap but many of the attentionistos are gonna end up like madonna.
they are already obsessed with how they look and what they have.
when they start getting replaced by younger attentionistos,
they won’t know how to handle it.
i believe you don’t need to try to look younger,
but you need to take care of yourself so you can age gracefully.

UP the water
Drink alcohol little to none at all
Don’t smoke
More fruits and veggies

Invest in a good eye cream and anti-aging products
Get a good night’s sleep
Have a kind spirit
Keep a youthful spirit

i feel like the old madonna would drag the new madonna.
the older madonna seemed to have a direction.
this new madonna tho…

lowkey: madonna should have been more like mariah.
i always said she should have been a “surprise” legend.
she mentored the younger acts and showed up sparingly on records.
to even get her to show up would have to be for a good reason.
all while she lived a quiet life of luxury.
she is way too common now.

she started out as a stunt queen and it’s sad she will go out like one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Madonna needs to sit her ugly, badly aging ass down somewhere!! Never cared for her or her music. No talent whatsoever. Cher said it best!

  2. I love Madonna .She has shaped popular culture in a myriad of ways. I love her music ,dancing , performances and what she has done for ””
    Gay Rights
    The African country of Malawi. [ She invested in its people and adopted 4 Beautiful Black children who will grow up rich ]

    People have always loved her or hated her. She likes younger men and want to appeal to them so I can see her not being a fan of aging.

    Fame is a bitch.. People see you rise ,but we also see you age.. Madonna you cannot have it both ways honey.

  3. The most accurate way to describe my response is that one scene in Scary Movie, ‘Shakespeare in Blood’, with Regina Hall: “Damn this scury shit!” LMAO

    Look love Madona and all the iconic bops she’s given the gays, but this is too damn much. She can barely keep her face! And what’s wrong with her eyes?!

  4. “she started out as a stunt queen and it’s sad she will go out like one”

    That part! This is what happens when you don’t mature or grow up. She is essentially the same person from the 80’s to now. How sad is that? With age doesn’t come maturity wisdom and respect, that comes from actually learning and living. Let this be an example of what NOT to be. Kim Kardashian seems to be next in line with her myriad of surgeries, stunts and men.

    1. ^ all she had to do was maintain her weight,
      get light tweaks,
      and stay moisturized.
      at one point she looked good but then she got a fake ass and lost her mind.

      1. Right! She was doing great in the 2000’s. Her albums Music and Confessions still get regular play out of me. She could have been like Dolly Parton or Jane Fonda who have had a ton of surgeries but still act their age. It really is sad!

  5. Black don’t crack unless they on crack. Madonna is going thru the Samantha Jones Syndrome. The need to take any and everything to remain young and its killing her.

  6. Older Italian ladies are supposed to be plump with short hair and know how to make a damn good lasagna. She’s not going with the flow, trying to age like wealthy black women.

  7. The craziest thing is Madonna and Angela were born the same day of the same year and Angela looks like she’s in her 40’s!!!!

  8. Madonna is sucking the blood out of all those young North African black dicks, and instead of looking young, she gives old fag hag vibes. Her children love her and understand her, but if my 81 year old Mom was getting it in with one of my classmates I would be pissed.
    The Roman Spring Of Mrs Stone with Vivien Leigh is the world Madonna inhabits. It is sad to watch and has been redundant for quite some time. Madonna has disengaged herself from dignity, always pursuing empty pleasure. It is a burdensome load of foolishness.

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