look at 50’s power.
he went campaigning behind mo’nique and moves are being made.
as you know,
he called out tyler perry and oprah to apologize to mo’nique.
( x see that here )
lee daniels,
who has also been involved in mo’nique’s past call outs,
decided to let bygones be bygones because…

After not speaking for 13 years, Oscar-winning Precious star Mo’Nique has been set by that film’s director Lee Daniels to replace Octavia Spencer in Demon House, an exorcism film package that Netflix acquired after a brisk auction in January. Spencer had to bow out of the star-studded film because of a scheduling conflict with her Apple TV+ television show Truth Be Told.

Mo’Nique, who last worked with Daniels in the celebrated 2009 film Precious that brought her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, will take over the role of a social worker who helps a family through a series of exorcisms. Demon House reunites Daniels with Oscar-nominated The United States vs. Billie Holiday star Andra Day, who’ll star with Glenn Close, Don’t Look Up‘s Rob Morgan, Stranger Things‘ Caleb McLaughlin and Aunjanue Ellis, latter of whom is fresh from an Oscar nomination for King Richard.


if it wasn’t for 50 back her,
this probably wouldn’t have gone down.


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you know they’ve had her on mute for years.

I wonder how that conversation between Lee and her went?

i wonder if 50 had him held at gunpoint?
i think this is a good thing tho.
some don’t get the luxury of speaking with those who hurt them.
after some time,
folks can come together and speak on past issues.

even tho mo wasn’t working on much,
she still had her comedy to fall back on.
i’m glad 222 will be the year she gets back on the saddle.

I’m waiting for her villainess arc in one of 50’s shows tho.

something on the line of precious mama but grimier.

lowkey: mo needs to get on the set,
do her job,
leave that husband of hers out the picture,

and take her ass home.
she likes to do too much talking and exposing.
this is a new beginning for her.
don’t fuck it up.

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  1. I
    Saw the Ts Madison interview, which is so amazing. And I was wrong, Maddue is the one who instigated the reparation of the relationship. But kudos to 50 for being a additional voice in agreement with Ts Madison. ♥️💕💕♥️

  2. I live for Mo’Nique.

    Remember Noah’s Arc? The creater Patrick Ian-Polk did a film called Blackbird with a Black gay lead. Now it wasn’t Moonlight, but that film did A LOT for me growing up. She’ll always have a special place in my heart for not only helping to fund and produce it, but be in it.

    She was MO’NIQUE. She didn’t have to do it with him. And I loved her Donald Glover commercials. Mo’Nique, Jennifer Lewis, Loretta Divine, Tracee Ellis Ross and Sheryl Lee Ralph are my forever “aunties” and nobody can tell me otherwise.

  3. Let me say this, it wasn’t 50 Cent it was actually TS Madison who got these two together after her interview with Monique she reached out to Lee and did an interview with him a few weeks ago “ which from my understanding will be featured on her next season of a Turnt Out on FOX SOUL”

    1. That makes way more sense since Lee and TS are friends.He gave her her first job with Fox when she hosted the After Show for his series “Star”.Congratulations to her on her show on Fox Soul.

    2. Right. She just said yesterday that the masses were going to try to give 50 the credit, but during filming her interview w Lee for her the next season of her Fox Soul show, that he told her he saw her interview w Monique and felt he needed to fix their situation. This was not a 50 cent production, at all.

  4. Kum Ba Yah, Fiddy. I ♥️it.
    “A building foundation cannot stand unless each corner is firmly anchored.” Black entertainer’s need to be knitted firmly together.
    50 did the damn thang. I am thrilled.

  5. I would be surprised if this reunion had anything to do with 50. I didn’t think him and Lee Daniels got along based on how 50 used to talk about Lee’s shows especially Empire.Just because he is taking credit for it doesn’t mean he was responsible.I will wait for Monique or Lee to say he played a role in their reconciliation.

    I am surprised that are doing a project with Netflix since I thought Monique was still suing them.Throughout the years Lee and Monique would say they loved each other in interviews,so I’m not entirely shocked by this.Now if she makes up with Oprah and Tyler I will be surprised 😃

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