i didn’t watch the grammys last night.
like some of the big stars,
i decided to bail at the last minute.
i asked the foxhole to hit me if anyone got put in a headlock tho.
as much as i liked ctrl,
sza has been a strange one.
she claims she fell before she got to the grammys.
she fell so bad that she needed crutches but…

she fell out of bed the day before she had to leave for the grammys?

she needed crutches to hobble up on stage on heels,
but she didn’t need them to walk quickly to the podium?
i realllllllllly like sza but she has always struck me as a strange bird.
i have rolled my eyes at her countless times.
i gotta ask the foxhole something…

Do you purposely ignore your favorite artists on social media?

i tend to ignore my favs on socials tbh.
i follow a few on ig,
but i don’t chase their every post/move.
too much posting and talking kill the mystery for me.
many of our favs are idiots.
i like to be ignorant to them until they pop up at an event.
when you’re jamari fox and run the foxhole…

You can’t fully ignore many of them

…like sza.

i don’t even want her to explain this crutches incident.
i think she’ll make it worse.

lowkey: i feel like when you are someone like sza,
who people look forward for her music,
you don’t need to depend on antics.
your presence is pretty much a present.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. i treat my faves the way you do but not for the reason of keeping up that celebrity mystique. I just find most of them boring tbh.

    I’m actually kind of glad for that. I used to have this image of celebrities living this awesome exciting glamorous life. Turns out they all just sitting at home in sweatpants eating zebra cakes while scrolling down ig like me.

    1. Yeah, Sza does not need to be on social media. She lied about freckles, joked about some guy committing suicide because of her, she is just unnecessary in every way besides music.

  2. She and Summer Walker are annoying as heck. Sza cursed out a fan page for saying they liked her music. She is not mentally stable.

  3. Celebrity involves a certain level of narcissism that once attained is offputting

    They literally have to do some of ANYTHINg To become famous and once they get there they have to keep projects under wraps and lie and evade truth in interviews to keep privacy

    So u can’t trust anyone in the entertainment world fully

    That’s why I was telling everyone not to be gung ho about defending jada and will bc they do dirt too

    So pulling up all Chris wrongs doesn’t cancel theirs

  4. Yea, as soon as I read the beginning, I knew she was about to do some head scratching sht w those crutches. That ‘skitter’ once on the stage (in heels) seemed like her joints were just fine to me…

  5. Eh I jus want her to release the damn album, she was releasing snippets this past summer, and a couple sounded REALLY good….still waiting’

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