Dez Bryant Could Sex Us Stupid

He drips pure hot raw Scorpio sex.
I am sure he could give us Foxes and Vixens a nice crawl up the ceiling.
But this picture is what did it for me…


Soooo why is there no dick resume on this dude?

Inquiring minds want to know….

6 thoughts on “Dez Bryant Could Sex Us Stupid

  1. I right clicked and saved that second image when i saw it too. His skin looks AMAZING. Plus hes gorgeous. But i can tell he’s an asshole…

  2. hasn’t been in the league long enough and spends all his time at the mall with his “bois” never a chick in site.

    1. from what i hear,
      he isnt the smartest tool in the shed anyway.
      maybe he forget them at home like he did with his his common sense and money managing skills?

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