Kylie Jenner: The New Queen of “Curve”

tumblr_nne2fijcjT1s2vadko1_500kylie jenner has morphed her face into something beautiful.
well until make up remover hits it.
out of all the kardashians,
kylie seems to be the most bitchy to me.
i just see her as a pretty package with “vapid” all inside.
well this is what happened when some young fans ran up on her…

“do not touch me”

first off…
why does she even have “fans”?
what does she “do” exactly?
i can understand the common wolf wanting to fuck her,
but she wasn’t getting this kind of “omg!” when she looked common.
tell me she ain’t hype because she takes selfies all day.

i have heard from many people how nice kim is.
they expected her to be nasty,
but kim was extremely pleasant.
cruella de jenner,
allegedly not so much,
but i’ve heard great things about kim.
if kylie is going to try to be like kim,
she needs to steal the attitude around fans as well.

why did that seem so staged to me?
like these random ass cubs having a fit from where?
and the parents are located at what check point?
my fox sense keeps saying:

this is what happens when we give foolishness a platform.
it doesn’t know how to handle it.
you think you are meeting what you see on tv and get a wake up call.
i don’t know why they even have an attitude with “fans” anyway.
she gonna want them to buy that lip kit tho.

silly vixen.


lowkey: i’m letting future

baller wolves

…that if i even SENSE you have an attitude,
i will walk past you like you don’t exist.
i did it with keri hilson and i’ll do it with you.
AND YOU KNOW i’m good for it.

i expect you to show the same respect as i will do with you.


video credited: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner: The New Queen of “Curve””

  1. Kids up and out pass their bed time. Phones were ready as she got out the car and they just appeared from behind the car from across the street..

  2. As much as I detest all things Kardashatrash, I would be poppin off too if mofos actually touch me and I’m not co-sponsoring it, ijs……and wait, lol what did K. Hilson do Jamari?..sum’n bout her kinda igged me the wrong way…

    1. ^keri.

      i was at an event and she was there.
      just her attitude and the way she was acting.
      it was like she was “too good” to be there.
      so when the show was over,
      these wolves i know went to go take a picture with her.
      from where i was standing,
      she was looking like “ugh hurry up” and wasn’t even interested to do it.
      the picture came out half assed,
      but they were “too star struck” to see it.

      i was backstage where the artists that performed where at.
      now i like keri and i listened to her music real heavy.
      i could have stopped her as she was walking towards me,
      but the look on her face wasn’t nice or even friendly.
      i turned and looked the other way.

      maybe she was having a bad night,
      i don’t know,
      but the way she was acting turned me off completely.
      it took me a while to even get back into her music because she left a bad taste in my mouth.
      i still posted about her because this is my career choice and personal feelings are left at the door.

      hopefully she has changed and evolved.

      1. Hhmmm, yeah unfortunately I can see that happening….shame…perhaps I’ll give her, and others like her, the benefit of the doubt that they were jus havin a bad day/night like you assumed…but if their shoe was on my foot I’d jus tell y’all “Look, I appreciate the love, but tonite’s not a good nite, I’m not feelin it” and as long as you don’t have that typ’a response nearly every time a fan approaches, then you won’t come off as a beyatch, but more so human like er’y body else….

        …oh, I was secretly feelin me some “Turnin Me On” (mainly cause of the video – ATL stripper Luscious still does it for me *gyrates tongue*) and “Slow Dance” (mainly cause my girl Tweet provided the backgrounds, and I actually thought it was her song first time I heard it – imagine the disappointment)

  3. Ugh…you can have these tricks. The only one I really like is Kourtney. She doesn’t seem to crave the spotlight like the others…and when she did those posts recently, it seemed more of a tactic to get her hubby jealous and to come back to her rather than the attempts her sisters make to have people look at them. The others scream fake.

  4. I have meet Kim K at an event here in L.A. and she was really nice. We talked for over 20 mins about random stuff. I was completely surprised at how nice she was.

  5. Trust me I’ve seen some pathetic gays fan girl at her emulating her and everything.. It was embarrassing. These are grown men stanning for an 18 year old who does what again? These men don’t love themselves. Hell, KYLIE doesn’t love herself. She’s trying to morph into everything but herself.

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