Boobie Still On This “Keyshia Cole” Thing

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.09.40 PMnba baller wolf,
daniel “boobie” gibson,
is still crying over his ex,
keyshia cole.
i’m convinced her pussy is lined with blue bunny ice cream.
he had an interview with vlad tv about everything keyshia cole…

watching that,
there was a side of me that said:


…but then i had to realize,
that as a fox,
keyshia has power we all want.
i refuse to even go in on her beating someone up because of birdman.
britney-spears-oshe literally has him wrapped tight around her little finger.
she is the wolf.
he is the vixen.
if she called him tomorrow,
he would be right back to her.

i bet his suitcases are packed just in case.
he looks like he cries easily too.
so as much as keyshia gets on my nerves,
i hate to say it,
but she is winning in this situation.
the person should like you more than you do.
you will always win that round.

lowkey: he seems like a nice baller wolf.
i’m not getting full brain power from him,
but he seems like a good person.
i hope he finds happiness with her or someone else.
someone else tho.
he also gave his opinions on ray rice:

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      1. It really doesn’t matter. We both want two different things from him. I want his cheeks and you want the D.

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