Beyonce and Jay Z May Release Their Love Together on Tidal?

tumblr_nn8ewohlD31tq2yk1o1_540well the forest is talking.
allegedly this is the tweet circulating on tumblr.
this is some article to support the rumor as well…

The long-rumored Beyoncé and Jay Z joint album will reportedly be released exclusively on Tidal, according to DJ Skee. The host of Skee TV revealed last September that the couple was working on an album together. In his latest segment on Skee TV, the DJ reports that sources have told him the album is “nearing completion.”

Although Bey and Jay have yet to officially confirm the rumors, producer Detail confirmed the album to Billboard in February. “When you think of Jay and Bey together, you think ‘album.’ You should already know,” Detail told Billboard, before adding that he hopes the album will come out this year.

Earlier this month, both Bey and Jay released exclusives on Tidal, including a music video for her new song “Die with You,” and a video for Jay Z’s “Glory.”

Reps for Beyoncé, Jay Z and Tidal were not immediately available for comment.

tumblr_n423g5SVZO1tw1vhco1_500if if this is the case about them on tidal,
i’m still not interested in it.
luv em dearly,
but i’m super good.

lowkey: why do i feel a joint album with them together is overkill?
is it wrong to font that out loud?

 i’ll still eat it up.

article taken: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Beyonce and Jay Z May Release Their Love Together on Tidal?”

  1. It is considering they just went on tour together for like two years lol

    People will still be curious to hear what they come up with though. Hell I know I am lol. My city shut down when the On The Run tour came through.

    1. ^You and me both!! I wish she’d go back to making good R&B…and not this slutty hood shyt she sings about now. She leftDC and became a straight up FREAK!! We joke that this is the REAL Beyonce…the straight up chick from the H-Town hood!! LOL

  2. Good. Let them use their own trash music to promote Tidal. Stop sabotaging Quee… I mean Rihanna’s album with that flop app.

  3. I’m going to get it.

    I can’t see how they would release an album before Kanye and Rihanna.

    Word on the curb is that both Kanye and Rihanna’s albums are complete but the label wants them to have a hit single before announcing a release date.

    Too many chiefs on one label trying to release albums. Someone’s going to get in their feelings. Watch Kanye defect.

    1. ^Isn’t that whack ass “acoustic” song with her, Kanye, and Paul McCartney a “hit”?!!
      Word is that Tidal is a flop…and that Kanye is already ready to bounce. LOL

  4. You had to know this was coming. They believe that their star power is enough to sway people to abandon free streaming for “artist owned”. Please, once its leaked online then no one will care. I wouldnt be surprised when their contracts are over with spotify and everything else theyll be Tidal exclusive. Smh

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