guess who is performing at the 2022 super bowl…

i don’t have cable to keep up with sports these days.
i know i was all eyes watching the nba last season tho.
that season was a wash,
but the finals

I wanted to see if Brooklyn would have brought home the ring.

kd showed up and got performance anxiety.
is it wrong to think the knicks winning the ring would have hit more?
everyone who isn’t a sports fanatic looks forward to watching the superbowl halftime show.
that is when our selected favorites pull out their best for their career upgrades.
they announced who will be performing this year on nfl’s twitter

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apryl jones has a really big cum up

i know a scheme when i see it.
when a regula degula is suddenly attached to a “big deal holyfield“,
i always have questions.
apryl jones,
who is omarion’s baby mama and lil fizz storyline co-founder,
was spotted with a “big deal” recently.
she went from “lhhh” to…

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prayers up for dr. dre

2021 has started off really interesting.
i see it’s looking like an extension of 2020.
the energy has been weird af.
i was picking up on some weird vibes since sunday.
it would explain why i was full of anxiety and couldn’t sleep on monday.
yha’mourhia sent me a text tonight:

“You heard about Dr. Dre?”

i’m like wtf now…

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So They Allegedly Trying To Out Justin Combs… Again?

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.35.58 AM

what now?
justin combs is the talk of the forests these days.
last week it was ( x this ),
and now its the following story.
so some alleged hackers decided to leak some instagram dms.
it was between justin and dr dre’s step son,
lou g.
this is what a foxholer allegedly found via fameolous
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We’ll All Be Going To Cali This Summer (Straight Outta Compton)

e03c65281e1138edfbb8ccf84385623eso there is a new biopic coming out.
it won’t be on lifetime or produced by wendy williams.
this one will be in theaters.
its called “straight outta compton” and its about the 90s rap group,
(nwa = niggaz with attitudes)
the group line up included:

ice cube
eazy e
dr dre
dj yella
mc ren

well they just dropped the cast pictures and…
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Lebron James and Dr. Dre Look Good Together

you know how i feel about this tall mofo

climb that mountain with no issue.
i like it when he dresses up.
he always looks dapper.
him and dr dre got the cover for espn music issue this month and well…

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