guess who is performing at the 2022 super bowl…

i don’t have cable to keep up with sports these days.
i know i was all eyes watching the nba last season tho.
that season was a wash,
but the finals

I wanted to see if Brooklyn would have brought home the ring.

kd showed up and got performance anxiety.
is it wrong to think the knicks winning the ring would have hit more?
everyone who isn’t a sports fanatic looks forward to watching the superbowl halftime show.
that is when our selected favorites pull out their best for their career upgrades.
they announced who will be performing this year on nfl’s twitter

i’m feeling this line up although i’m kinda confused.

4 west coast acts and a random Mary J Blige?

i hope she comes with full “dancing mary”.

you know kendrick is about to drop some heat before this.
i’m ready for his return.
i figured dr. dre would never perform again.
that ex-wife and that divorce settlement tho…

Dr. Dre will pay a hefty sum for spousal support amid his divorce. The hip-hop mogul was ordered to pay his ex-wife, Nicole Young, about $3.5 million in yearly support, according to court documents obtained by ET.

i mean he is worth 800 million so it’s probably shoe money to him.
imagine getting that kind of money from your ex-husband?
i’d be smashin’ my side pieces nicely on a bed made of benjis.
i only want the best meat from “the onlyfans collection“.

all the alleged straights included.

this should be interesting tho.
i want to see how they’re gonna integrate mary.
you can watch the 2022 super bowl sometime in february.
*covid dependant.

article cc: et

9 thoughts on “guess who is performing at the 2022 super bowl…

  1. Why are Bill Cosby and R. Kelly…Public Enemies…but Dr. Dre isn’t behind bars? We hate Chris Brown for domestic why does Dr. Dre get a pass???? Everybody knows what he did to Michel’le and others, and nobody cares. He is the boss before Suge Knight as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Yep, Dre should be banished, but like Kelly and Cosby most people don’t care about what they did unless it becomes trendy to do so.

    2. ^ i think with dre,
      it was one incident whereas with the others,
      it was repeated incidents or huge takedowns.

      r. kelly = documentary
      cosby = continuous stories
      chris brown = repeated incidents

      dr dre was just michel’le and her account of what happened.
      no one else came out to speak on abuse from him.

      1. He also attacked Tairrie B, singer for calling him the f-word and Hip Hop Journalist Dee Barnes and his former group member said it’s a common thing for him:

        Before becoming a gangster rapper, Dr. Dre was a member of a kind of Solid Gold meets primitive rap meets boy band group called “World Class Wrecking Cru.”

        In an interview with a former member of that group, Cli-N-Tel, we learn that beating up women was a pretty common thing for Dre. In regards to a question about Dee Barnes he said, “She wasn’t the first one. I know of a few others. I seen him get raw-dog with a couple females and we’d have conversations about that stuff and I told him, ‘That ain’t how I roll.’”

        1. ^oh yeah,
          i forgot about dee barnes.
          im hearing about tairrie b now.

          he might be protected like how r. kelly and billy were.
          once they both fell outta grace,
          their protection left them and they were out here looking exposed.

          r. kelly was the biggest one with his antics tbh.

    3. What doesn’t come out in the wash or rinse will tumble out in the dryer like pocket change.

  2. Dr. Dre has a daughter somewhere begging bread and he has to pay 3.5 million annually to Madame. Talk about transferring of BLACK WEALTH. 😂Wealthy black men get all of their cash hijacked by blondes and Armenians. 👁️I wonder how many coins Michel’e got after years of those ass beatings she endured by (according to Karrine Stefan’s) small ball/dick Andre Young? Slash him from the line up. Snoop, Mary, Kendrick, Eminem and throw in Lil Baby. Dr. Dre has small dick stank attitude complex all over his face. He never looks happy despite the cash.☹️

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