rhoa added two job openings on indeed this week (2 cast members quit)

i guess they’ll be giving marlo a peach now?
soooooooooo what’s happening with rhoa?

i remember when i use to be into that show but i started to like my drama more scripted.
i wanna see actors winning awards with my drama.
cynthia bailey,
who has been on rhoa for 11 seasons,
announced she was bouncing 3 days ago:


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…and i kinda get it because she is kinda boring.
they literally had to give her drama.
a 10 year veteran cast member has jumped ship…


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andy said she can come back whenever she wants tho.

i thought porsha would have gone down with the ship tbh.
i just knew she would have been there for the final episode.
i’m kinda shocked.
so this is:


is this show even interesting anymore?
all it seems to be is arguing and “reading”.
it’s kinda like the “love and hiphop” franchise.
when these shows started,
they were fresh and new.
these days,
it’s been weird-ass and repetitive scripted drama.
how many times is “such and such” gonna have a showdown?
how many times is safaree gonna terrorize some new vixen’s life and pussy?

not only that..

the hidden cast member of these reality shows,
has cut back a lot of what makes most of these shows great.

i see them pulling out some old heads from the rhoa universe to see what they bring.
i hope you all will be watching next season.
i won’t.

lowkey: i hear one of these real housewives of something go arrested for scamming.
what is happening?

10 thoughts on “rhoa added two job openings on indeed this week (2 cast members quit)

  1. As gay as Atlanta is, why isn’t a gay guy on there? Or is marriage not a thing for gay Black men?

  2. It’s time to end the show. Adding to cast members isn’t going up the ratings at all.

  3. I am just starting this series (I’m on season 2) and it’s fantastic I see why people enjoyed it especially in it’s heyday. Tbh the current series that’s been fantastic for me is RHOP. I do agree the quality has dropped since rona but also the storytelling has been stale.

  4. The show began to decline after season 5. Starting from season 6, there was endless drama and less jokes. If someone threw shade it came off just hateful instead of lighthearted.

    I think all these shows need to be cancelled right away just like the Kardashians. The networks should go back to their original formats or at least start brainstorming to create things more entertaining.

    I miss my high school days when music videos used air every morning when getting ready for school.

    1. I agree. Honestly, I gave them up after season 4. It became redundant.
      If I didn’t know they were born women, I guess they were😊😻; I would think it was a real life urban version of RuPaul’s Drag Race After Show. The bitchiness and tired read a thon’s just became so late and yesterday. It is absolutely time for a black gay version. Real Sugar Daddies of Atlanta. There is much drama and plenty of successful butch queens and well kept twinks to choose from. If you’re reading this, Andy Cohen, look me up? All due respect to Nene, I’m waiting for Life After Gregg to premiere in the next year or so. These shows are Camera Crack to these extroverted personalities. A very hard drug habit to kick.

      1. ^im gonna font a controversial statement but the way she was acting after his death,
        and the energy she was giving off,
        i don’t think she was that torn up about his death.

        i could be wrong tho but she was moving funny to me.

        1. With all due respect I’ll just say, if you haven’t had anybody close to you die of cancer then just keep the “controversial statements” to yourself.

          My mom died of cancer and it was a long battle much like Gregg’s, it’s a long drawn out process and you pretty much know that they’re not gonna make it so you pretty much have time to prepare and grieve. By the time my mom died I was all cried out, and people were looking at me crazy cause I wasn’t emotional. My mother prepared me and my siblings and let us know that we have our life to live and don’t live it in a constant state of grief.

          From seeing how Gregg was on tv he seemed as if he wanted Nene to LIVE and enjoy life, it was obvious they LOVED each other….

          Nene already stated in an interview that she tries to stay busy and have people around her so she won’t think about it and get depressed.

          So moving funny to you, maybe the grieving process for someone else.

          Best wishes

          1. ^let me rephrase my statement:

            in my opinion,
            she didn’t look as broken up as i assumed she would look all over social media losing her husband of all those years.

      2. People have tried creating black gay reality shows. Remember the ones on YouTube? “Tha Life: ATL”, “The Life:Houston”, Boyz Next Door: ATL and their LA counter part, the shelved series Bro Code: LA. Those were a mess all around. 😂

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