i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (111)

i don’t do the train too tuff these days.
the last time i took the train was to go to the dmv over the summer.
it’s too much nonsense happening down there these days.

If I’m not getting in a car or getting in an Uber,
you better Zoom or FT me a virtual invite.

new yawk has become the wild wild west.
when i started seeing shootouts going down on the upper west side on citizens app,
i knew we were in a whole other dimension.
we gotta dodge crime and wild karens on the train these days it seems.
for the life of me,
i don’t know what this wild karen was on via “reddit“…

everyone involved chose:

she better be glad she didn’t get got than sprayed in the face.
if this was demon time,
she may have gotten that ass robbed by a legit demon.
one from brownsville or hunts point.
although i feel like she would have been on her best behavior.
i would hate to be sitting next to her with her wyldin’ out tho.
i would have been like asian lady and got my ass tf up.

i’ve seen some shit pop off on the train,
but i’m always so slow to pull my camera out.
sometimes this type of shit happens so fast.
one day i was coming home from my last job,
i wanted to film this karen going at it with this one black wolf.
she was talmbout calling 911 down in the tunnel because he was playing music from his speaker.

or the time i was going to work,
this one white jackal was taunting this black she-jackal with a knife.
she was all set to stab his ass and he was taunting her.
this was all happening pre-rona world.
i can only imagine the foolishness post-rona.

7 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (111)

  1. I’ll always remember being on the E in the early 2000s, after 9/11 and this Karen decided to start in on a brotha who was across from her, after ranting about something. He said very calmly and in this deep, chilling voice, “B*tch, I will rip your MF white head off and ram it down your MF neck if you say another word to me.” People jumped up from beside him and that Karen sure enough got off at the next stop. He did not budge but you could tell he was not about to be tried that day. I’ve seen lots of stuff pop off on the subway, but that one sticks with me.

  2. So wayment, wildin Karen was acting a fool and getting in er’body face but did she put her hands on him first or did she get hit for invading the man’s personal space? I missed that part.

  3. Lol. NYers are sooo desensitized to foolishness. She’s lucky 1 of those dudes wasn’t w his gf/sister and got her ass beat for carrying on like that tho. Ijs…

    1. ^word.

      unless it directly effects us in these forests,
      we don’t even pay attention.
      folks be on the train playing candy crush and a whole beef happening on the train lmao

  4. The one thing I miss the most about living in NY is the train. You literally NEVER knew what you were going to see or experience. I also love how people see and hear things going on and mind all of their business like it’s not happening right in front of them lol

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