i thought google ads was about to bring me the bag (instead it was an empty ziploc)


Just when I thought things were leading to…

so when i called my hosting company this last time before the move,
the wolf behind the phone was very impressed with my stats.
he is another person with the “this needs to be monetized” suggestion.

I know…
I know…

so i asked him for any advice he had and he suggested i called google ads.
now jamari fox didn’t think you could actually call google ads directly.
i got excited af so i penciled it in on my calendar to call them the next day.
the next day comes and i’m on the phone with one of their representatives

i’m telling this rep about me,
my stats,
and my expectations from google ads.

“So we will try to get you more eyes on your business.
We will bring more traffic to your business.”


i’m looking for them advertisement dollars.
after 15 minutes of me getting aggravated,
he finally broke down what google ads actually do.

“We create campaigns for your business.
We make ads for YOU to pay for our service.
Our purpose is to help you sell your product behind your business.”

so basically if i need an advertisement for when i sell merch,
they will be a service to help promote it.
i thought it was something completely different.
here i am thinking they’ll place ads from various companies that will pay me when clicked.

i’m looking to promote ads from other companies on the foxhole,
write about products,
have sponsorships with companies,
and land partnerships.
he said he would send me a proposal to start a campaign.
i never got it.

lowkey: maybe i need an agent?
like how i have one when i was dealing with temp agencies.
i have a head hunter for sponsorships.
does that exist?

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4 thoughts on “i thought google ads was about to bring me the bag (instead it was an empty ziploc)”

      1. No Jamari google ads is different from Adsense. Adsense is where google will post ads on your site and bring in revenue.

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