he gotta treat you like doo-doo before he doo-you

this might be a vent or a complaint to the hr manager of life,
i dunno.
it’s been on my mind tho…

why is it when you meet some males and you actually think they’re dope,
they appear to have good energy,
seem like fun to be around,
ya’ll both click just off the strength,
and it seems like they were into you

Why do they make you feel like you did something wrong for being interested in them?

i thought you were an amazing human and cute even if we ended up being platonic.
what an asshole i turned out to be.

do people actually like it when you’re genuinely interested in them?
or do they prefer to treat you like shit so you can prove yourself?
it’s so weird yet…

…it seems like it’s required in the pre-dating stages.
it’s like the premise of these dating shows these days.

Let me roll around in the mud,
wrestle an alligator,
turn water to wine,
and know how to make the Big Mac sauce just so he can choose me.

it’s the ones who chase males around,
blow up their phones,
sparkle brighter so they’re seen,
and desperately try to be on their radar who are the “winners”.
i’m seeing this interesting phenomenon everywhere tbh.

Bending over backward
Chasing them around
Becoming FWB in hope of landing a relationship
Having a trillion kids while being engaged for 9 years

it had me wondering if i should have chased a little harder?
should i have applied more pressure?
keyed up cars or climbed 4 flights into windows?
the crazy part is i’m seeing this with friend groups as well.

don’t even get me started on how i’ve been treated by people with this website.

Why is everyone so dead set in treating people who are actually into them like shit?

when did this become okay?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “he gotta treat you like doo-doo before he doo-you”

  1. I’ve been on both sides of this and I try to keep in contact with people that have been attracted to me unless it starts to affect the relationship in a way that I am uncomfortable (ie heavy flirting, inappropriate gestures/touching and etc) But outside of that I do not care. I will say as a person on the other side if I feel it and ask it shouldn’t be an issue especially if I don’t make things awkward.

  2. do people actually like it when you’re genuinely interested in them?
    or do they prefer to treat you like shit so you can prove yourself?

    Too early to be preaching, Jamari

    I am known to not take sh_t and don’t f_ck with many people. I’ve been told that I cut people off too quickly. Yet I don’t have any relationship drama or people sapping away my aura. I am not better, but i know I deserve better.

    I refuse to prove myself to someone who acts like they’re doing me a favor. What kind of love story is that?

    And in terms of friends, if YOU make plans with me and don’t hit me up about the event to see if we’re still on, I say nothing. When the day comes and i don’t hear from you, I know what time you’re on. I don’t get ready and like clockwork either a “Hey, something came up” or see them posting on social media out and about as if we didn’t have plans.

    I’m not giving people the satisfaction of me seeing me sweat. Beg for their attention on social media? I just delete the # and never entertain again. If that makes me weird, maybe “normal” is thinking you have to struggle for the “reward” of someone who will cheat on, poison your self-esteem and sabotage your dreams out of a fear of you “not needing” or outgrowing them.

    Miss me with it.

    1. ^ i’ve been the type to try but i stop after i see i need to become a dog and chase someone around.
      once i see someone isn’t making the effort,
      i make my exit.
      the way my pride is set up,
      i couldn’t be with some man or even friends and the energy isn’t being reciprocated.

      the last dude i was interested in really turned me off from males atm.
      he was an asshole and his behavior was disgusting.
      therapy really helped me see where ive went wrong with so many people.
      it makes me sad sometimes i didn’t know my worth during some of my most trying moments with people.

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