guess who is performing at the 2022 super bowl…

i don’t have cable to keep up with sports these days.
i know i was all eyes watching the nba last season tho.
that season was a wash,
but the finals

I wanted to see if Brooklyn would have brought home the ring.

kd showed up and got performance anxiety.
is it wrong to think the knicks winning the ring would have hit more?
everyone who isn’t a sports fanatic looks forward to watching the superbowl halftime show.
that is when our selected favorites pull out their best for their career upgrades.
they announced who will be performing this year on nfl’s twitter

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Uncle Snoop Dogg Has Something To Say To Jada Pinkett Smith

tumblr_nuj2pmQIcQ1uvdps4o1_500i bet he’s immune to regular weed.
like it probably don’t even make him feel nice.
i’d be scared to smoke with snoop.
he got that advanced “have you slumped” shit.
so jada pinkett smith has everyone talking.
i hope this means her ass will be back in “gotham” next season.
the buzz is too lit.
well snoop wanted to offer her,
and us,
his opinion with some advice.
check it out…
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Cum With Me (Hail Hologram 2pac)

That was a ghost son…
Fuck that!…

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