The Curious Case of Duke Williams

CJGoSv7UwAABYAThe looks better in motion.
so i caught myself watching #rhoa tonight.
my reality show ban is not lifted.
i just wanted to see duke williams.
i think he is sexy as hell.
well as soon as he came on the screen,
with his equally sexy wolf friend,
my twitter timeline blew up with a ton of allegations.
hell his whole scene was highly suspect.

Does Duke Williams have secrets I didn’t hear about?

i must have missed his dossier on my desk.
well if he does,
i’ll keep all his secrets safe in my foxhole.


is it me or…

Does Atlanta keeps a lot of secrets down there?

lowkey: didn’t porsha and him break up?
she was doing way too much with that party.
duke looked frightened.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Duke Williams”

  1. He looks good, but he is missing some chromosomes lol. Dude is not that bright at all. If him and Porsha had kids together…….damn. They needed to break up.

  2. They are back together there is a video on The Shade Room.He is driving her RR and his ” boy” is in the back seat.

  3. You need to go ahead and watch RHOA. Different energy without Nene. Besides, I need to read your opinions. I live in ATL, and they say it’s the DL capital. I can’t comment on this, cause I don’t really know any DL dudes.

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