The Curious Case of Duke Williams

CJGoSv7UwAABYAThe looks better in motion.
so i caught myself watching #rhoa tonight.
my reality show ban is not lifted.
i just wanted to see duke williams.
i think he is sexy as hell.
well as soon as he came on the screen,
with his equally sexy wolf friend,
my twitter timeline blew up with a ton of allegations.
hell his whole scene was highly suspect.
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Adam Lambert Slept With The A List DL Wolves (Lucky!)

i’m jamari fox and ive been with a few baller wolves.”

^things i would never say out loud.
well some people are not like me.
adam lambert is one of them.
he had a pretty revealing interview with glamour uk.
  he admitted he slept with high profile wolves.

ones who happen to be on the low due to their careers.
this is a quick quote from the huffington post
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I Had Sex With A Baller In A Van Down By The River (Tell Everyone!)

pipedreamswould you tell people you had that?
yeah all these fine straight and baller wolves out here.
online especially.
i know.
it could be overwhelming.
you see them shirts off,
asses out,
and prints in tact and you want to be the one to say:

“i had that.”

when you’re 86 and looking back on your life,
fuck wealth and how comfortable you are,
you can pat yourself on the back for all the pipe/ass you had.
in life however,
you are going to meet a lot of people who claim they had such and such.
hell they may claim they had you.
in a world where you aren’t as good as who you fuck,
and the bigger the sexuality secret you expose the better,
i had to wonder…

Why are so many people trying to expose someone else’s private parts?

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We’re Fags, We’re Thristy, and We Will Bow Down To The Vagina

Microphone-on-stageeveryone meet tessa scott.
she left this wonderful message in the ( x darwin randolph ) entry i wrote.
stage is yours ts:

“Amen..a bunch of thirsty fags swarming like a vulture for some flesh… this dude probably wouldn’t even look at their trashy azz if they attended his church or any Gay men are some of the nastiest beings which is why the word abomination is used to describe their lives and lifestyle.”

ouch…well hot damn.
such harsh words.

i have sensitive eyes ts!
well i’m not one to bash someone’s opinion.
if thats what you think of all of “us” then so be it.
who am i to try and change or even fight?
it did have me wondering about vixens and their real opinion on us.
the real opinion seems to fly out when we are attracted to the same wolf.
not when we are doing their hair,
picking out their clothes,
and gossiping about who fucked us that is d/l.
oh no thats always okay.
are they really using us tho?
do they find us a challenge?
most of the time we get their wolf in shining armor.
the one with the good hair and premium sperm.
i started to wonder…

How much can we trust vixens?

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