Pastor Darwin Randolph Allegedly Was Getting Piped In The Pulpit!

20130720-003900everyone meet senior pastor darwin randolph!
isn’t he handsome?
well allegedly you can get some that too.
i’m sure without paying an offering.
well not one that doesn’t involve money that is.
obnoxious tv broke the story and my f-bi filled me in.
aah another member of the “chuuch in d/l and all that is christ” congregation…

Here we are all these years later, actually six years later on July 2, 2013 a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee contacted me about a man tat was a pastor and possibly COGIC that had tried to meet and hook up with a friend of his on a gay sex site. Checkout the e-mail he sent me below along with the photos Darwin sent his friend and the chat messages about their hooking up along with the photos of Darwin Randolph or a man that looks a great deal like Darwin. Notice in the chat messages he was still using the aliases Daryl. Look at the photos and share with us if you think the photos are of Darwin or not. However, let us know if you think this is the same man or not?

tumblr_inline_mmtep4TXjU1qz4rgpdo all these d/l pastors have the same bathroom?
upon reading the story,

it sounds like darwin was really sloppy.
pride events?
gay bars?
seriously d!
well i’m not surprised.

i keep tellin’ yall church folks have the best sex.
it must be from all the pent up repenting or something.
i wonder what he has to say about this?
i’m sure the church gossip hounds are blowing up the pew lines as you read.
i guess pastors need nda agreements too, huh?

lowkey: btw this is all ALLEGED.

UPDATE: i got an email today,
about pastor randolph and the issues that have happened to him.
i decided to take down the pictures and share what i got in the email:

Dear Jamari ,

you don’t know me but I’m one of your biggest fans.
The way you write and approach your stories I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!
There is one story that bothers me. The story on pastor Darwin Randolph has been proven to be full of lies. William McCray has been charged with extortion and I know for a fact that he tried to bribe Pastor Randolph for money.  He even had to take the story down about Pastor Randolph. Pastor Randolph is a good man that will give you the shirt off his back. I know because I’m a single  parent and he has given me and my kids money for food, gas and has even taken my kids Christmas shopping.
I’m asking you to take down this story that even the author of it had to take down or  he was going to face a law suit.  I look forward to reading  and hearing  more from you. Your blog is AWESOME!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.

well thank you.
i hope this helped.
i also hope all parties involved learned from this fiasco.
and tell pastor d i said hello.

id love to have a 1 on 1 with him soon.

37 thoughts on “Pastor Darwin Randolph Allegedly Was Getting Piped In The Pulpit!

  1. A lie will run a mile,before the truth can get its shoes on, all these loud mouth, queens in the church, I like what a missionary testified about how she once was prostitute,all the so,call Saints, shaking their head, but the Bible I reads states we have all sinned, look at the one finger you’ll pointing me, how many pointing at you, be careful, from Memphis,TN. Love You!!! Pastor.


  3. this a shame before God!! and he is pulling the cover off mess in these so called churches. Judgement will begin in the house of God. There are some real saints living a saved and sanctified life.It can be done. For the wages of sin is death,but the gift of God is eternal life!!
    its time to repent and hear the gospel, @ Jesus return, there will be no excuses at all. God is real and they that worship him, must worship him in spirit and in TRUTH. You can live HOLY it is a lifestyle. The choice is yours WHO HINDERED YOU FROM KNOWING AND LIVING THE TRUTH, the answer is no one, Heaven or Hell its our own CHOICE. I already prayed for everyone that views this post and I rebuke every foul spirit in the name of Jesus, satan the Lord God rebukes you!!

  4. Pastor got it going on! He is packing in the front and the back…mmmm hmmmm (in my Phaedra voice) lol

  5. Morning. I hope you all realize you are going to hell speaking like this about a man called to speak the word of The Lord. The comments in here are why most gay men are frowned upon. All of you like animals for a piece of meat. I pray you all realize God doesn’t approve of this talk and will strike down. That is probably not even him. His wife and children haven’t said anything so this must be just a very bad rumor.

    1. Oh stop. DAMN! I was trying to be nice because you are a lady, but you can’t keep looking down on us as if we are scum. Stop judging us like you are perfect patty. You have sinned yourself, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. God sees you Deborah V, he sees those sins that you commit.

      Why would his wife or children respond to the rumor? They have no reason to do so. It just broke, and the buzz is not enough to spark a lot of media attention yet. If he was molesting young boys then it would be different. Pastors being gay is the norm. in 2013.

    2. Pastor Randolph has a great body especially his bubble butt I would love to see him getting plowed doggy style.I am a female who like watching men have sex.Oh Damn,I guess I am going to Hell.Oh well…

    3. Oh Deborah please go somewhere else with that shit. You or no other person can condemn anyone to hell, don’t you read the bible! And if we are going to hell you will be right there with us, because I’m sure you looked at that dick pic and yo lil cooch started to tingle causing lust in your want to be so pure heart. Also, who even said God called this man speak the word, everyone in the pulpit are not called by God, some are there because of their own agendas and egos. What is your point of even coming to this site. Get the fuck out of here with that fire and brimstone crap!!!!

    4. Go away. This site isn’t for you. You’re always in here policing us, or making ignorant comments. Go. Away.

    5. Amen..a bunch of thirsty fags swarming like a vulture for some flesh… this dude probably wouldn’t even look at their trashy azz if they attended his church or any Gay men are some of the nastiest beings which is why the word abomination is used to describe their lives and lifestyle.

  6. All I can say is dayum; I like them unclockable types which he appears to be but if he’s really doing Prides and things his slip would inevitably show. 🙂 I wonder if he break out in chorus when he strokin or gettin stroked LOL P-ass-a got dick and booty! #WAAB

  7. All gay men don’t “get pipe”. As a matter of fact…..most GIVE PIPE! LOL

  8. They don’t all have the same bathroom…. lol that is the standard bath at the W Atlantic Station in Atlanta. The condos are above the hotel and its where “Bishop” Eddie has his condo.

  9. God I want to worship that holy dick so he can fuck the Holy Spirit out my ass. I will then fuck him so hard that he will need a prayer circle to heal that sore hole. Amen.

  10. LMAO…@the title. I fell out. From that convo I got that he was a Hybrid. That side pic is hot, and pretty much was the only one I saw. His ass is mad fat, and I bet he’d let me dig in it. By the time I get done with him his insides would be all fucked up lol.

    Pastors are always the ones that are down. Y’all might judge me for this one, but I don’t care lol. I remember a few years ago when my mother passed. I cried off and on that day. One time I busted out crying and I was sitting beside my Aunt’s pastor. He opened his arms and I fell right into them. I wrapped my arms around him so tight, and he wrapped his arms around me. Would you all believe me if I told y’all I stopped crying immediately? He smelled so good and being in his arms felt right. I heard shit about him and I was curious about his ass(literally lol). I was trying to find out if he really got down. Y’all feel me? He was around fifty at the time, but he was a fine fifty. Nice medium build, gorgeous smile, and his hair and mustache were mixed with gray and black.That nigga was bad. I would have fucked him if he asked me too. I was fifteen and a half then, but if it would have went down and someone found out, I would have done all I could to keep him out of jail. His nephew was a friend of mine too HA! LMAO..

    1. You stupid bitch! Did you miss that fat ass dick of his! Stop picking and choosing body parts bitch! This aint KFC!

  11. Mary J. Blige, dont you weep, and Martha Stewart dont you moan. Good God almighty this Pastor is FINE-Say Hallelujah somebody and let the church say Amen. I cant front, I would be at the altar every Sunday if this was my Pastor, ready to give my best service, oops I mean my best of service to the church ministry of course. Sign me up as the Pastor personal assistant. I bet he has those bottoms in the choir hitting notes like Mariah Carey after laying his holy anointed pipe.

  12. This guy who runs Obnoxioustv is obsessed with Gay Men and Gay sex .I was literally shocked by the post he did about Gospel Singer Earnest Pugh titled,”Earnest Pugh 4th male lover comes forward”I got moist reading the blow by blow account off they “alleged” lover.Check it out
    As for this minister if he is not preaching anti Gay sermons and is not married .I dont have a problem with him.BTW Im a heathen who rarely attends church

  13. I’d let Pastor Darwin lay his hands and other body parts on me. He got a nice booty. I’m sure Eddie Long somewhere tryin’ to find out how he can get a piece of Pastor Darwin as well.

  14. LOL!!!!

    People still believe this pulpit pimps? Church is a joke!!!! This want to stand up there and condemn gays all day but fucking them at night. The worst is the gay choir members who sit and listen to that filth!

  15. He got a nice thick dick and a plump fat ass. I live in Orlando and will be attending his service this Sunday…

    1. Shit man, if I lived down there I would go with you. We can bang him out together. When he does his altar call I would be right there crying tears of joy knowing that after service I’m gonna be in that ass. LMAO…. Lord forgive me.

  16. Maybe if he covered his nose, I wouldn’t able to tell. But it’s a damn dead give away.
    On a positive note, he lookin good all the way around!

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