Why Didn’t God Line Things Up For You?


that shut hannah up didn’t it?
i’m starting to think this show is a soap opera.
tyler perry finally has my attention.
i just got finished watching the last “haves and haves not“.
powerful episode.
spoilers below.

x watch here if you haven’t watched

my thoughts…

  • my poor benny! black eyes and shit??? my baby can’t handle prison!
  • that new chick got jeffery ready to poison her ass. i’m here for their cat fight.
  • i hope katheryn makes it. i felt sad for her during the last scene.
  • candace should have told them from jump chick was in the hospital.
  • veronica is a beast. love to hate her bougie ass.
  • am i the only one who think david is fine as hell?


  • i’m so glad no celine. she works my nerves with her cray cray ass.
  • attacking candace and shit? i’m ready for next week!

i don’t know if you all are as involved in this show as i am,
but like i said a million times,
i’m hooked!
i want moar!!!

7 thoughts on “Why Didn’t God Line Things Up For You?

  1. This is my show, and apparently everyone else’s too. Sixteen more episodes have been ordered that are supposed to air in January. Ratings are through the roof, and have been going up the past month.

  2. I agree I feel this show is very much a Soap Opera which makes me mad because Soap Opera’s usually come on tv daily hence the reason the plot moves so slow. To me I feel the pace of the show is moving way too slow to come on once a week

  3. david is really fine he could hit it i mean he is older than my both parents by a year or two but home boi looking good. yum

  4. My eyes were glued to the TV last night. This episode kept me guessing last night. David is fine as hell, I agree. I wonder if he’ll come clean to Veronica about the case or not. This show is just intense as mothafucka.

    1. Peter Parros have been fine for years. When I first noticed him on the show, I was like he is still fine.

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