no one can be involved in gay shit and be in a pleasing relationship with God and church

from the time i could remember,
i grew up within a strict Jehovah’s Witness household at the hands of my grandmother.
she used that religion to abuse me and other family members she raised.
my mother wasn’t about that religion or any religion for that matter.
she had no say in my grandmother’s rulership since i only saw her during the weekends.
once i got old enough to leave that religion,
i was out.
i found it really weird if you broke “the rules” within the cult religion,
you are banished until they let you back in.
you can’t even speak to your own JW family because they have to shun you,
even if you all live together.
the pentecostal churches i found myself in after didn’t fare any better.
as you know:

I love to drag toxic Christianity and the members it serves.

it’s one of my many passions.
one of the foxholers sent me an ig post from krystal cox.
she is a lesbian and the church she attended sent her an interesting letter…

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Pastor Darwin Randolph Allegedly Was Getting Piped In The Pulpit!

20130720-003900everyone meet senior pastor darwin randolph!
isn’t he handsome?
well allegedly you can get some that too.
i’m sure without paying an offering.
well not one that doesn’t involve money that is.
obnoxious tv broke the story and my f-bi filled me in.
aah another member of the “chuuch in d/l and all that is christ” congregation…

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f0XXX: What A Good Christian Would Do?


i believe in god.
i pray and speak to god like he is my father,
my mother,
and my best friend.
god told me never judge anyone.
wait, what was the scripture?
got it:

matthew 7:1 – “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

hell, we all sinners.
some just hide it better than others.
with that being said,
god made me who i am.
i have no apologies for it.
you shouldn’t either.
he has blessed me tremendously and now i’m going to bless you.
i saw a video today,
and like a good christian,
i’m going to share it with you…

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