no one can be involved in gay shit and be in a pleasing relationship with God and church

from the time i could remember,
i grew up within a strict Jehovah’s Witness household at the hands of my grandmother.
she used that religion to abuse me and other family members she raised.
my mother wasn’t about that religion or any religion for that matter.
she had no say in my grandmother’s rulership since i only saw her during the weekends.
once i got old enough to leave that religion,
i was out.
i found it really weird if you broke “the rules” within the cult religion,
you are banished until they let you back in.
you can’t even speak to your own JW family because they have to shun you,
even if you all live together.
the pentecostal churches i found myself in after didn’t fare any better.
as you know:

I love to drag toxic Christianity and the members it serves.

it’s one of my many passions.
one of the foxholers sent me an ig post from krystal cox.
she is a lesbian and the church she attended sent her an interesting letter…

what kind of God do some people serve?
serious question.
their God always comes off like a hateful one.
this God that will murder his creations because he is this “hateful force”.
he keeps these christians living in fear,
fuckin’ up constantly,
and having to repent for their nonsense every sunday.
i’m always amused at shit like this.
the straights that act a goofy fool are headed to heaven,
but the gays will die in the eternal torment of fire and regret.

It just doesn’t seem realistic to me.

it always seems like some of these same christians come off extremely hateful.
they like to disguise their hate with serving the Lord,
but it’s still hatred no matter what kind of frosting you put over it.
i don’t know about these other folks God,
but mine is loving and keeps me covered within his protection.

And how vile that they’re gonna announce this to the congregation?

if this is the type of God people service,
i want no parts of that entity.

lowkey: why do i feel like this is hell right now?

7 thoughts on “no one can be involved in gay shit and be in a pleasing relationship with God and church

  1. If I were Krystal Cox, I would leave the church and send them a “nice” letter telling them what they can do with this letter. And if the church is invoking Matthew 18, they should have approached this young lady face-to-face instead of sending a letter.

  2. Sounds like a cult. When I attended Columbia Church of Christ in Columbia, S.C. they said one time during Bible study a member didn’t attend anymore due to an unrepentant sin. And another time a member stated how a pastor placed the app on his computer to prevent him from watching porn and masturbating. It was then I decided to leave. This was Fall 2009

  3. What people fall to realize is that there’s a difference between religion and having A TRUE RELATIONSHIP with THE MOST HIGH. Religion makes a person hateful having a TRUE RELATIONSHIP does not. THE ONE who I serve is kind, caring, and compassionate and no one will convince me any other way. If it wasn’t for HIM I wouldn’t be here today. HE LOVES gay people as much as anyone else. Ppl hate gay ppl because others told them to hate them. Hate is learned behaviour. THE MOST HIGH has no part in that. HE’S not out to get you but LOVE and HELP YOU!!! That’s what I firmly believe and know to be true.

  4. Hi Jamari… I know all about the Pentecostal church. One side is that old school country Pentecostal. While the other is like the church described in this story. I’ll never understand how people are quick to use the bible to control and abuse. Where’s the God in that? All his friends were “sinners.” But people forget that part.

  5. First of all, sin is sin! No one sin is greater than the other, what about the liers, drunkards, gamblers, whores, murderers etc. They single out someone for being gay. Give me a break! These do-dirty preachers and deacons running around, fucking and sucking everything moving.. They’re the ones that are going to bust hell wide open. I have a relative who’s married, and is a whole whore, but she likes to talk about her grandson who’s gay. Really bitch, it’s taken everything in my power not to slap her ass, but I feel it coming on. Pray for me!

  6. What’s crazy, I have heard many pastors say that the devil is inside the church in various forms. This is one of those times because they are literally judging her soul and ONLY GOD judges and has the final say. Jesus didn’t even turn Mary Magdalene away. In fact, he married her. The only person you need to repent to is GOD and you shall be welcomed into the gates of Heaven. That letter was hateful from the first sentence. Sounded more like a repossession letter from a creditor. More proof that the devil is inside Churches and Church Administration offices. Church Admins are the worst as if they were the Pastor themselves. They don’t like gay people but let them direct the choir to get members.

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