“thank you george floyd for sacrificing your life in the name of justice!”

i don’t smoke because Lawd knows my anxiety be on 2000,
but today is a day for all smokers to celebrate.
4/20 is legit a national holiday that the folks go all out for.
i’m sure ithe folks gonna be extra high since the rona is over (?).
there is another reason to celebrate too:

George Floyd’s murderer was convicted!!!!!!

we stan wild animals getting locked up and being off the streets.
nancy pelosi had some words after the verdict was read and…



“Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice,
for being there to call out for your mom…”


“Thank you George Floyd for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Thank you for dying at the hands of a wild animal with a knee of your neck.
Thank you for allowing all the blacks to revolt so we could see black lives do matter.
Thank you for dying buddy!
I hope they are cheering you on in heaven!”

im gonna need nancy to put the edibles down today.
this isn’t a dose she is used to.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on ““thank you george floyd for sacrificing your life in the name of justice!””

    1. I agree and was gonna post the same. He was killed minding his own business and it shouldn’t be down played because of one verdict out of millions.

  1. That’s a letter that will make you happy and mad at the same time. Happy she acknowledged that the system needs to be fixed and as the head of that system, she should be making steps to correct it. Mad; the way that was worded, bitch you lost yo mind. A simple thank you Justice has been served would’ve been sufficient. Now the stores can take the Riot boards down until sentencing comes because that’s when its going to be some shit. They give him a bullshit sentence, people are going to act like Ice-T in New Jack City.

  2. Her closing words sounds remorseful but I do think she could have said it differently like “His call for help to his mom was heard in today’s verdict preliminarily.” However the way she said if melted in my mind and I think it signified how importance of the guilty verdict was ruled. Now something tells me they probably going to give him a sentence in the teen’s like Ms. Amber Guyger slap in the risk 10. Give him 50 the minimum if comes to it.

  3. They did all of that to get O.J. Simpson and Zimmerman is still free. And Tamir Rice’s killer and so many others. Let’s just hope they give him several lifetimes with NO opportunity of parole.

    1. He will get a strong slap on the wrist. Police officers have been and will always be corrupt. And, white people will always be racist.

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