I’d Rather Be Alone (In Bed)

bright-burning-camp-camping-favim-com-3586505jamari fox was empty today.
i was literally running on empty.
i had no urge to do anything.
my day started out with

getting up
scratching my tail
making my bed
taking a shower
eating breakfast
getting back into bed

i had no energy to do anything.
i should appreciate those moments tho.
the times when i can be absolutely lazy.
i feel my future will definitely have a lot more running around.

i won’t lie,
but i am still in a depression.
i know.
i was feeling “blah” about going in to work tomorrow.
i can just imagine all that needs to be done.
i also ended up looking at all the old ww posts and comments.
it all made me feel like a complete and utter dumbass.

what was i on?
what was i thinking?

now some of the comments were absolutely mean,
but the rest made a lot of sense.
maybe the mean ones made sense too.
i have since started separating myself from him.
it’s not like i don’t have a choice.
for someone with an alleged vixen,
she seems utterly useless.
i notice when he hits me up now,
it’s for “help” with something.
it’s not like when he use to hit me up to just “talk”.
that’s gotta go.

while i was lounging in bed,
i ended up reading an “o” magazine from this month.
well i think it’s from this month.
one of the lovely vixens from “o” brought it for me.
the article was about embracing the sadness.
when things go wrong,
it’s better to jump head first into what’s wrong to start working on it.
as you do,
you start to heal and slowly put yourself back together again.
that’s what i been doing.
it’s harder when i work at a job that makes it easy to crumble.

i’m at 65%.


Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be Alone (In Bed)”

  1. Omg why were we thinking alike today, all I did was stay home, lay in bed, without the urge to do anything. Your experience with work wolf was just a learning lesson I don’t think you need to feel bad about how you behave now you know what not to do when another situation like this comes about.

      1. I don’t know if this will cheer you but Solange released music videos for “don’t touch my hair”and “cranes in the sky”.

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