A Seat At The Table With Visuals (“Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky”)

726solange is really turnin’ folks out one by one with this new album.
everyone is talking about it.
when it’s your time…
well solange released videos for two of my favorite tracks from “a seat at the table”:

“don’t touch my hair”


“cranes in the sky”

a vix-bi alerted me to the new releases and well…


…brought me to tears.
i love creative shit.
thought out,
and inspiring creative shit.
this music was much needed in my life right now.
it’s been playing on repeat softly in my background.
every time i listen,
i hear something new.
a new melody or harmony.
i’m in love with this album.
she needs a grammy.
who do i need to speak to?

lowkey: can we talk about the website tho:

x solangemusic


when it’s your time…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “A Seat At The Table With Visuals (“Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky”)”

  1. I really love this otherworldliness that comes across in her music and visuals , really love Cranes In the Sky 😍 I’m not too sure about her dancing tho lol in Don’t Touch My hair and her other vid Loosing You i think it was.. it just feels out of place ..or maybe I’m just a hater ..

  2. I knew it would be something you would dig. Everything from the colors, to the location, and the different shades and types of black people were breathtaking. I really wish this was a visual album I would loved to have taken that kind of creative journey with Solange.

    P.S. if she ever releases that digital book in a physical form for sale I am so getting one for my coffee table .

  3. I love that she took her time and made an amazing album. Its not radio friendly but it speaks to so many people. Everybody is talking about it. She hasnt released an album in what? a decade? This is so refreshing to hear. I feel like this was the album Frank Ocean was suppose to make opposed to that unlistenable mess hit put out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Solange didnt get nominated and win a few Grammy’s in February. When its your time…

    1. I agree with you on the Frank Ocean comment. For some reason his music and videos feel so contrived. Like he thinks too hard about it. I don’t get that from Solange.

  4. I’ve always been a fan fan of solange even when everyone was saying she’s a joke . The fact that she continued to put out music SHE loves speaks volumes. I love her creativity, her humility ,and exuberance… may she continue just being solange

  5. I totally agree with you Jamari! Every time I listen to the album I hear something new and fall deeper in love. These visuals are stunning. I love her videos. I love all the beautiful Black women and men in these videos. It gives me life.

  6. In a perfect world Beyonce would win AOTY and Best Contemporary R&B album so Solange can have Best R&B album

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