Until God Says It’s The Right Time…

tumblr_n55sqlabm31sypvl1o1_400i have a quick something to font before bed.
it’s something i mentioned in the last entry,
as well as on twitter just now.
i said…

success is all about timing

solange has been releasing albums,
but she released the right project during a time of heavy racial injustice.
we’re all out here trying to achieve something.
it could be:

a better paying job
a supreme career
 a supernova on social media

you can be overlooked for someone more popular.
you could find it and it ends just as fast.
it can take you months,
or even years,
to finally “make it”.

actors who finally get that right role
artists who get the hit record and album
regulars who get the pleasure of “the one”

sometimes you gotta:

leave that one thing and try something else for success
don’t give up on that one thing because it’ll soon be a success
 meet the right ones at the wrong time
 meet the wrong ones at the right time

whatever the path,
it’s all about timing.
we could just not be ready for “it”.
whatever “it” is to you.
it just takes that one moment to open a clear path up the mountain.
it’s all when God says it’s time.
your time.
my time.

so keep on doing what you do.
i’ll keep on doing what i do.




Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Until God Says It’s The Right Time…”

  1. Let me tell the foxhole my story, at the beginning of summer, a friendly dude struck up a conversation with me at the time, I really didnt think too much of it, only saying to myself, this is a nice dude, why cant I meet a gay dude like this, little did I know this would be the one. He took a chance and made a bold move, later telling me he knew I wasnt going to make the move but he was not going to let me get away. He told me he wasnt sure what the deal was but I was so easy to talk to he took the chance, and boy am I glad he did. Here almost five months later, he is still putting a smile on my face. It took me a while to really relax and trust that he was for real, after literally not having a real serious relationship in over a decade. I have had a lot of false start since that time, so I guard my heart. He broke down the walls and I let him in and it has been the best thing. Now the problems of my job and other problems dont even bother me as much. It feels good to have someone to tell all your troubles too. I always thought that being in a relationship was for others and in this life, I was destined to be alone because these pineapples out here only wanted hook-ups and I said Hell No to that. We balance each other out and being with someone has made me realize just how lonely I really was, hanging out with friends, going to the gym really did not feel the void. I am still anxious at times thinking that the rug is going to be pulled out from under me due to my insecurities from the past but I am just going to go with my heart and go with the flow and realize that this is my time. This entry spoke to me heavy because just when I was about ready to give up and throw in the towel, he came along. My friends have even told me that I am glowing and they notice a dramatic difference in me, and that blew me away, because I thought I was hiding my loneliness pretty good. I use to say that when my ship came in, I would be at the Bus Stop and not on the shore, but if it can happen for me, it can surely happen to you, continue to hold on and be ready.

    1. ^omg this was beautiful!!!
      congrats t!!!!!
      this was so inspiring and this is something we all want!!!!!!
      thank you for sharing this with us.
      it helps us see that we will find someone soon.
      when it’s your time…

    2. This is so beautiful! It truly put a smile on my face and has me tearing up! I’m a sap lol. Congratulations! I wish you two all the best.

    3. I am so happy for you.A true relationship is someone who accepts your past,supports your present , loves you and encourages your future(From my book of quotes😀)

  2. I think about Regina King who have been acting for 30+ years and she just won her 2nd Emmy Award now in 2016. I think about myself at the age of 47 years old who is still looking and seeking something passionate and creative to fulfill my soul that will start a new career for me.. And after seeing this post, I am more encouraged than ever to stay the course. Thanks Jamari for posting this. HUG

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