The Great Kardashian Jewelry Heist: Season 10; Episode One

tumblr_oehuvyylfw1ud22g2o1_1280so i’m sure you’ve heard.
it’s all over social media,
the news,
and the water cooler.

kim kardashian

9 million dollars in jewelry stolen
hog tied with an apple stuffed in her mouth

the last part i exaggerated,
but imagine…
anyway if you want more background,
then you need to google.
or ask a friend at happy hour.
i’m going to give my thoughts to the foxhole.
so here goes…

all of the kardashians are raging attentionistas.
it’s bad that the males of that klan are into the attentionisto stunts.
we have to thank the mother for her extensive media knowledge,
and iron clad connections,
because they wouldn’t be this far without her.
everything with them has to bring the drama.
the bad part is,
they are known to lie and exaggerate for the headlines as well.
the issue is that now something like “robbery” has happened,
the world doesn’t know what to believe.
a majority don’t.

…the attentionista who cried wolf?

tenorso kim was robbed.
how is it that this vixen doesn’t have wall to wall security in her hotel?
they don’t go anywhere without bodyguards.
you mean to tell me they left kim alone in her hotel?
where did they go?
don’t they have a film crew with them everywhere?
did the paparazzi outside even catch this great escape?
how did these robbers even know she was staying there?

according to kim,
a janitor let the robbers dressed as cops in.
okay fine.

i can see that happening.
but another thing…
she only got away with just being tied up in a closet?
no murder?
no rape?
just thrown into a closet and her jewels taken?

how do they know the assailants left on bikes?
who saw this?
this is a play by play of what happened:

3912732300000578-0-image-a-1_1475532331805as you can see,
i have questions.
all i know is if the alleged happened,
this is going to make for a great season on “keeping up with the kardashians”.
i think she might win an emmy.
if this turns out to be a “ryan lochte” scheme,
they could as well consider their careers cooked.
they will not be able to bounce back from this.
it would be a sad end to their 9 year reign as “that family”.

a side of me is “innocent until proven guilty”.
i know that must have been a traumatizing experiencing for her.
you know she was probably a fuckin’ mess.
i hope this doesn’t effect her because that kind of shit can scar you for life.
if this is true,
she is in my prayers.

What do you believe?

lowkey: it’s bad when half the world don’t believe a word you saying.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “The Great Kardashian Jewelry Heist: Season 10; Episode One”

  1. There is something not right about her marriage to Kanye West. I just can’t put my finger on it.

  2. When I first saw this online, I thought it was some kind of satire or just not true. When I read the story I was even more confused, So Kim you mean to tell me that you dont have security by you at night, another part of the story is that I didnt know she had it like that to be wearing 10 million in jewels, you mean to tell me that fancy hotel didnt have a room safe for your valuables. She didnt scream or fight back. I cant see them busting in on Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin or Patti Labelle like that without getting shot in the Ass and having some DNA under their fingernails from fighting back. She needs to fire her security team ASAP for this blunder if this is not an insurance ploy because Kanye is running a “lil shawt” on his cash flow. This story has more holes than jailhouse trade underwear. Im going to wait for the report from Interpol before I make a call on this story. Glad she is safe.

  3. I’m going to go ahead and call this whole robbery a damn lie. If Kim and her mom think they can cover this story up and pass it off as a misunderstanding they are wrong. because the Paris polices dept and hotel is going to view the video and show the world that this girl lie.
    Kim better go ahead and start finding other means of making of making money. I see E! and other people cutting them off. for KIm crazy husband this just might be the end of his career also.

  4. KIM IS A FUCKING MESS. My take, not that I care it’s a Lochte moment. Now prove me right Mrs Fuck All Black Dick in Hollywood West! Yes readers, I cannot abide this family.

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