Wendy Williams Moves Up The iTunes Charts With Her Debut Song

wendy-williams-aaliyah-lifetimewendy williams is a confusing one.
she has no issues being nasty to others,
but then she has her own issues that stir up on occasion.
so she cried again.
this time,
about a random song they sang about her in school.
ya know…
when she was fat.
it was called “wendy whale-iams”,
according to wendy.
this is the song,
from her lips to your ears

when she did that ugly cry tho..


she told them by becoming a bigger bitch than her own bullies?
“hurt people hurt people”.
in her case:

hurt she hyenas hurt everyone”

you know someone made it into a song on sound cloud:

you know what…


lowkey: i’m literally in tears laughing so hard.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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