I’m In “The Mood” For A 3some In the Shower

jody1so jody watley is back.
she is bringing shalamar together too.
not really.
she is back with a new group,
“shalamar reloaded”.
the new members are nate allen smith and rosero mccoy.
well they released a video called “the mood”.
the video is causing a lot of controversy with this implied 3 way in a shower.
a foxholer sent it to me for our review

starts @ 2:00:



okay so…
why do i have the feeling they were interested in each other more than the vixen?
i did love how they were still wearing pants and jewelry in the shower.
you know,
cause that happens.

lowkey: i kinda like that song.
it had a nice groove to it.
i’m not familiar with shalamar besides this song:


Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “I’m In “The Mood” For A 3some In the Shower”

  1. Listen to shalamar “this is for the lover in you”

    This will be me and my husbands first dance at our reception

  2. I like Jody’s hook but that others seems off. If only the original Howard Hewitt was in the group, I would be all in. I love the 80’s shalamar and Jody Watley solo act. I can remember watching on MTV, BET, and The Box music channel. Sometimes these old acts trying to make a comeback should just stay in the past. Tho, Its good to see Jody.

  3. As a big Jody fan, it is hard for me to be critical but the visual in this video left a lot to be desired. Although Jody still looks good for 57, she seemed much older dancing with these younger dudes, she is such a strong presence that I think that this video would have worked better with just her walking along the beach and dancing by herself without the others, it almost looked like a mother dancing with her kids. The song was okay but the video sort of killed the whole vibe for me. Shalamar is a classic group and it is hard to replace those who were in the group previously. I am sure that there live show works good with the new members but this was just not that good overall, there voices did not even blend well IMO on this song.

  4. If they don’t take their old asses down to welfare (in my mom from Precious voice) Lol this was NOT sexy it just cried desperate attention.

  5. The producer of this video deserves a raise! If the purpose of the video is to draw attention to the music and the artist, this one gets an A+. Which other 57 year old singer who hasn’t had a hit in this century are we talking about? I may not know much about music. But, I sure as hell no good marketing when I see it! Jody is going to be educating her grandchildren off the money she makes on old-school cruises and music festivals for the rest of her life. This is how you do a comeback!

    1. Damn, I just saw the other half of the video today and papi is laying with another papi, “What”? That was so sexy indeed!

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