Wendy Williams Lets Kenya Moore They Ain’t Friends

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-7-22-51-pmthere are just some things you don’t say.
i don’t care how much you don’t like someone.
well wendy williams went too far with the following story.
now i actually like wendy,
but this shit here
so wendy was doing her usual hot topics segment a few days ago.
she talked about the rhoa/season 9 trailer.
9 seasons of that show.
there was a scene where kenya moore was talking about sheree whitfield’s crib.
the long standing work that is “chateau sheree”.
well this was what kenya said and this was wendy’s comeback

tumblr_o52nj0z6xb1rlafseo3_r1_400okay are they really still talking about that sheree’s crib?
all these seasons and this is still the topic of discussion?
those who know,
or don’t,
but kenya was given up by her mother at three.
she has been trying to reach out to her with no avail.
i suspect a majority of her issues stem from that.
i know the viewers of that show aren’t really fans of kenya,
but wendy was out of control for her comment.
wasn’t wendy just kissing kenya’s ass when she was on there last season?
what changed?
as far as i recall,
kenya never said anything nasty about her.
wendy came off very distasteful and i see that hbcu dragging didn’t change anything.
i know being a she-hyena is wendy’s “thing”,
and we have come to like/dislike her for it.
but some things you just don’t say.

Am I wrong for thinking this?

i think her audience had the same sentiments as me,
but the foxhole may feel differently tho.

lowkey: i’m still on a reality show ban.
i love my scripted programming.
( x the trailer ) didn’t impress me at all.
same ol same ol.

video clip credited: bravo | the wendy williams show | instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Lets Kenya Moore They Ain’t Friends”

  1. After she threw my musical idol Prince under the bus after his tragic death. Even after he requested to meet her privately. I will NEVER watch that manly looking face again…I gave her the benefit of the doubt. After what she said about Janet. Never again tho. One word for her.Karma!

    1. ^i thought she spoke so highly of him after meeting him?

      she was gushing about him about their private meeting at some club.
      she is always throwing janet and mariah under the bus.
      she is really two face.

  2. Not a fan of either. After reading that explanation I still think it was fucked up for Wendy to know her story and specifically throw shade about it. She just got promoted to bitter on my list

  3. GMAB Kenya has said far worse.So Kenya can gay bait calling Kim Fields husband “Chrissy”? Kenya can lie and claim people were calling him gay back when she worked with Kim.When in fact Kim had not even met her husband when Kenya and Kim worked together.I am so sick of Kenya playing the victim.If she hadn’t mentioned Sheree’s mother nobody would be talking about her mother.Don’t put sh## on the show if you don’t want it talked about.Wendy talks about everybody NeNe,Porsha,Phaedra,etc why should Kenya be immune.
    Facts are Facts.We wouldn’t know about Kenya’s mother if Kenya hadn’t exploited their strained relationship for a storyline.If Kenya wasn’t so messy maybe I would be more empathetic.I am still pissed by the sh## she pulled with Lupita last year, so I am biased.

    1. My exact sentiments. Kenya is a mess, and will do and say anything to be in the center of attention or deflect her shortcomings onto others, so she can appear holier than thou. She put her business out there, so it’s left to criticized by others if they choose fit. Wendy felt/feels some type of way, so she chose to criticize Kenya. If you don’t want to be criticized, keep your business to yourself.

      1. Amen to what you just said!!! Also let us forget Kenya did that that messy SH** to Vivica Foxx on the apprentice I believe it was 3 years ago then came on Wendy’s show and called the woman “Maleficent”. Also let us not also forget she openly flirted with Phaedra’s jail bird. All these women on these House Wife shows are vile (especially Kenya & NeNe Leaks), so in turn I have not a drop of sympathy for a damn thing anybody says about them. It is what it is!!!

  4. I am still wondering what possessed her to say this? Wendy is one of those people who believes she has a certain status because she is on television and is loved by some white people. It is really disgusting when black people down their own.

    As for Sheree, she is not in her home because it is not livable yet, and if she did not regain her full-time status back on the show, she would not even have the funds to work on hers. I’m keeping it all the way real lol. Kenya is living in her home, it just needs final touches here and there.

  5. Wendy is a vile, wicked woman.What type of mother wold say that about another woman?

    She looks like she’s back on that stuff.

  6. Nah bro. To say something like that unprovoked is a little low class.

    If Kenya had came at her I could understand.

    Wendy has never even had her own household in order. Is that husband of hers still tricking on other women?
    Is her son still smoking kush?

    Wendy’s mother loved her but Wendy still ended up being a cokehead for the better part of a decade.

  7. When “shade” throwing goes a bit too far. I agree and you worded this perfectly. Somethings you just don’t say. Especially towards someone who is supposed to be a ‘friend to the show.’ Geeze, talk about burning bridges! smh

    1. This is exactly why Wendy can’t get a high profile guest on her show now. Meanwhile, Ellen has had every Hollywood star imaginable on her show, including the First Lady.

  8. Sorry y’all, but if Kenya doesn’t want to have her feelings hurt, she needs to shut up. If I was Sheree I would’ve said EXACTLY the same thing Wendy said.

    Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit. Kenya needs to learn that.

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