Not This Snow Storm didn’t want to go to work today…

woke up tired.
over it.
threw anything on.
i still made it in.
i saw that my boss and liar liar were not in.

“thank god”

there is always a level of calmness when they are both gone.
that energy feels good.
when i got the email we could leave early because of the storm,
i was on the next thing smoking out the door.
getting home was wild today.
snow was blowing everywhere.
all in my face and eyes.
i knew i also had to get a few groceries too.

lunch meat
canned goods
cinnamon toast crunch

giphythat was even more exciting.
imagine both hands full,
climbing over snow banks,
and trying to make it across the swiss alps to my crib.
not fun.

i felt a twinge of loneliness tho.
these are the days i wish i had options.
well an option.
i would make my wolf dinner,
and then a hot serving of me.
imagine myself laying in his arms all night.
watching corny bad movies on netflix.
enjoying cabin fever together.

just now,
i looked out my window to see how it was.

“the weather outside is frightful…”

as i’m standing there,
i see my neighbor walking up with this tall fine ass wolf in tow.
she was leading.
he was following.
he was handsome.
kinda looked like another version of bk brandon.
i can only guess what she will be doing tonight:

tumblr_n905lwMzwA1sehtujo1_400you know i’m right.
almost everyone will be ridin’ dack at some point tonight.
claimed dack.
fwb dack.
“we been textin’ a few days” dack.
“jackd” dack.
i’m sure someone is troopin’ heavy through the snow for some “jackd” dack right now.
i wish i was.
well not troopin’,
but you know what i mean.
i guess not this snow storm.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Not This Snow Storm”

  1. My town got hit bad yesterday. The wind legit sounded like a woman screaming. And it did it all day. I was low-key a little scared because not only could I hear the wind whaling like an opera singer but it was also smacking against the windows really hard.

    I wish I had a man too. I’m stuck jackin it until I move. Which is gonna be awhile.

    ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

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