the best fairy tales might be in the bible

i always had a ton of questions about the bible.
my mother,
the stark christian,
would get so mad that i’d be asking.
she would want to flog me for questioning shit.
one thing that always stood out

Why don’t we have those same magical powers now?

parting seas,
turning water to wine,
and other things that you’d see in fairy tales.

Is the Bible a fairy tale?

don’t strike me down please.
i saw the following scroll down my twitter timeline and well…

i believe in a higher force,
but that bible situation…

is that wrong to font that out loud?
folks will go straight to the pages about gay being a sin,
but will bypass the talking snake in the first chapter.

lowkey: did the dinosaurs come before this time?

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “the best fairy tales might be in the bible”

  1. My favorite part of the Bible is when Jesus is alone talking to God and someone who wasn’t there is writing about it decades later🙄🙄🙄

  2. The Bible states you have the right to start wars in God’s name and claim prisoners-of-war as slaves.
    It also gives men more power than women.
    It also condones incest, pedophilia, human sacrifice and killing your own child because “God told you to” (and no, I’m not talking about Abraham.

    The Bible was written to justify slavery and to further the agenda of those who invaded other lands. Notice how they wanted to “convert the savages”. Only Christianity has a Devil figure. There was no figure for the Devil in Africa.

    And all of those “sinful African Black magic false gods”, they were whitewashed, renamed and turned into the Catholic saints.

    Also, there are no lions in Israel. No lion fossils either. What is the only continent with lions?

    A man who spent 40 days in the desert…was White? Mkay.

    It’s not about being woke. It’s about having common sense and seeing an obvious agenda to justify whatever you’re doing because “God said so”.

    Christianity is “White Magic”. Voodoo/Santeria/etc are “Black Magic” for a reason. Funny how we don’t see Native American beliefs as “evil and scary” and they respected nature. Right. Because ancient African cultures didn’t. Because those Native Americans weren’t descendants of Africans and carried over their traditions to the Americas.

    Whatever is not too revolutionary is allowed. Watered down. Anything that would fire people up against the powers that be, is silenced. Like the Black Panther Party. Who were shut down for being terrorists, but the KuKluxKlan is still operating for your president to call them “very fine people”. These same religious politicians who always end up getting caught with other men and young boys. But they say we’re the sexual deviants.

    I could say so much more, but religion is a means to control. It started out as a way to explain what we could not understand.

      1. If you think about it, Jesus’s death was a witch hunt. All the prophets and disciples in the Bible were seen as ‘evil” for performing miracles and put to death. Which puts the stigma on something that society will shun you or put you to death for.

  3. I am currently on a spiritual journey due to being a “GAY Christian who refuses to read the bible!!! Life is to hard enough for me to hate myself because a book is used to validate what is bad about how I was Created!!!!!! I was born gay!!! There are Gay Animals, Priest , Nuns, Priest ..GOD MAY BE GAY,, Where is Mrs Mother God???????? ( smile) That’s the biggest problem I have. We just gonna ignore that?????(smile)

  4. The whole part about Jesus talking to God and someone writing about it decades later are because Jesus spoke about it and it was passed among the disciples. It’s kinda self explanatory.

    Other things the original tweet mentioned.

    A talking snake, a magical apple, a pregnant virgin, ppl parting oceans….but my sexuality was the crazy thing?

    Not to defend everything in the Bible but some of these can be explained.

    The homosexuality thing between men is easily explained too, in that time it was used for rape and rituals and also led to disease. We need to be really honest here because the anus is where our waste comes from.. Unprotected anal sex is not the most healthiest practice. The Bible technically speaks against it between both homosexuals and heteosexuals because everyone shyts.

    As for other things..

    Talking snake = Deceiving person

    Apple = Food, nourishment; the Bible refers to knowledge as food many times. It even says that you know a tree by the fruit it bears.

    The Bible refers to people as trees. The Bible also mentions that Angels can take the form of humans. Lucifer was an angel but in human form was most likely Satan. Lucifer means morning star and Satan means the adversary. The only things that would have knowledge of good and evil besides God are the angels. (Though some believe Lucifer and Satan are two different entities.)

    Keep in mind that the Bible said that Lucifer was one of God’s most highest, strongest and most attractive angels but was nothing in the sight of God’s might.

    Therefore if God told Eve to take knowledge from all the trees in the garden of Eden except that one, God was most likely referring to Lucifer in human form, which is Satan. In other words, Don’t listen to him or he will set you up. Eve found him attractive and she took the apple (knowledge) anyways and gave it to Adam and they both got in trouble.

    What did Satan tell her? It’s disputed but he did tell he that she was naked. He made her do two things; He first made her doubt God, then he exposed her nakedness. It is said that she made Adam doubt God too but there are many hints pointing that Satan gave her knowledge about sex.

    This is why to this day women are always reference to seductive and destructive forces.

    God made Eve as a companion, not a sexual partner to Adam. It is highly probable that Satan had sex with her and she went back and had sex with Adam. God only told them to be fruitful and multiply after they sinned, not before.

    It’s also said in the Bible that Angels occasionally had sex with women, which they gave birth to Nephillem (giants).

    The other glaring point to this is Cain and Abel. Abel is said to be in the likeness of his father Adam, and Adam was created in the image of God. Cain wasn’t mentioned to be in likeness of his father… So Cain definitely wasn’t Adam’s child. He was very jealous of Abel, so jealous he killed him. So he must have been the seed of Satan.

    It can be argued that Satan’s whole plan was to be like God and create his own lineage. God didn’t destroy them because that is not part of God’s strongest attribute being “all loving.”

    Whether any of this really happened is up for debate. It could all be made up in one way or another but there is a higher power behind this Universe.

    The most glaring thing about the Bible to pay attention to is God’s character and how it mysteriously changes throughtout the Bible.

    It might be of interest to you to decipher when God is taking before humanity starts taking over.

    Observe that in early chapters God warns and is known as gentle but later becomes forceful and “commands” his people. This contradicts the nature of the higher power greatly as it is mentioned to be.

    While God warns you to not make a habit of doing certain things to avoid a greater misfortune, humanity commands you so as to exalt their own power and control you through fear as if they were God themselves.


    God: Be careful doing this, it could lead to a painful experience or an early death.

    Humanity: Do as I say or I will kill you myself.

    1. There are so many inconsistencies in the Bible. So much is open to interpretation and no one with the authority to say “it really means this”. Some find parts of the Bible literal while others don’ do you pick and choose what is literal and what isn’t? There is a lot to side eye in the Bible.
      Ps God is pretty vengeful early on in the bible with eve, Cain, sodom, and Noah just to name a few things.

  5. Interesting points and I understand why most gays hate the Bible since it’s long been used to demonize and destroy us. I love that the foxhole is a place where we can have open dialogue. Good bad or indifferent.

    I just want to know why can’t we allow people to believe what they want if it isn’t bothering us or causing us harm? My father always told me what somebody eats don’t make you go to the bathroom. I think it’s a parable that more should take heed too. Have your opinion but save your judgement for somebody who gives a damn.

  6. Well I’m gay and a Christian. I have a couple of issues with some things in the Bible but i don’t let that stop me from believing that God is real and is for me cause i believe that He is. I can’t and won’t try and make people see things as i do but i believe as i do and i have a great life thanks to my faith. That’s just my 2 cents.

  7. @Mansur R Cotman-El

    Did you read this part…

    “Whether any of this really happened is up for debate. It could all be made up in one way or another but there is a higher power behind this Universe.”

    To answer your question.

    How do you pick and choose what is literal and what isn’t?

    Define to me what you believe is the meaning of “literal?” That doesn’t make sense when you are talking about ancient literature like the Bible. The key is CONTEXT.

    Biblical text is written to be understood in a way by those who wrote it in the applicable time period it was written in. Some of it reads as historic accounts, some of it sounds poetic, and other parts are metaphysical.

    The ole “Bible is full of inconsistencies” is not really a major deciding factor either.

    You can have many eyewitnesses to a crime scene and they each will tell their own version of the story but just because the details were off or different doesn’t mean the story is completely false or that they didn’t witness the crime.

    Name me one piece of historical literature that doesn’t “contradict” something from its source material? Especially when it deals with different authors chronicling the human experience? Yet, we still take them into consideration. Shade Room, and many other types of ‘news’
    The Bible is not something that was written in a month or even a year. The events span over thousands of years and by many authors. If anything, some of its inconsistency makes it more authentic.

    Obviously if the Bible is saying, “Don’t kill, Don’t steal, Dont lie, Don’t cheat, or Be careful how you treat your body” it is being exact. These things lead to terrible consequences such as pain and suffering or even death. That’s not hard to figure out at all. That’s the common sense part…

    To answer you PS (if these stories did happen)

    God didn’t punish Eve, God warned her not to listen to Satan because he is sly as the serpent and deceiving and he would set her up, which is what he did. God then told her what would happen and what is still happening to this day. Man is suffering because they have their own ways and they are at war with their own egos.

    And the enemy uses their own egos to make them trust in themselves instead of God. God didn’t curse her, she cursed herself by not listening. It was her own fault…

    Cain killed his brother, Cain was a willfull murderer and lied to God after killing his half-brother…God exilled him. I hardly would called that ‘vengeful…’ His entire legacy was at evil lengths.

    Noah’s region was flooded because it was wicked abominations and vile beasts and lots of things were destroyed including all the blasphemous animals…which could in fact have been dinosuars as they qualify as the monsters (dragons) mentioned in the Bible. We have fossils.

    The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were rapists, pedophiles, into animal sex and much more. They were wicked people. All of that brings torment, disease and death. The celebrated these acts with pleasure.

    God departed from them because they would not change their ways.

    Lot did not want to be a part of that but his wife did and she died with them through fire and brimstone..

    I would look at God like you would look at light and dark. Scientifically, darkness doesn’t exist, it is the absence of light. Just like cold doesn’t exist, it is the absence of heat. Therefore, not heeding warnings from God can lead to God departing and you dealing with the consequences on your own. Not because God is mean but because God gives you the freedom to do as you choose. Handle it on your own but just in case you change your mind, we have doctor’s, psychiatrists, medicines..etc who can lend a hand to help.

    For any other reasoning for God’s purposes I cannot answer because I am not God or the higher power. I don’t know. I can’t tell anyone what to believe or do because that is not my place or my walk. I am only responsible for me. I don’t say anyone is wrong for what they do but I do tell them to at least be thoughtful with some of the things they do.

    But MANY things that are documented in the Bible are still occuring to this day from the Noah’s Great Flash Floods, to death through worms (King Herod’s death), “running issues” mentioned in Leviticus (STDs and other sicknesses), tornadoes, earthquakes, parting of the seas (tsunamis), raining fire and brimstone’s on Sodom and Gomorrah (meteor showers which do ignite when they hit Earth.), jealousy, murder (Cain and Abel), etc…

    Yes we have our scientific explanations but where does our intellect and skills come from to find these ‘solutions?’ Surely not from our own “minds.”

    1. And yes, I do know that we all love the same sex here. I know what the Bible says about same sex relationships. But Nowhere in the Bible does it say that you cannot love another man or the same sex. It says do not lie with a man as you would with a woman. In those times, men lie with women to get them pregnant which means they had to have raw sex.

      I’m pretty sure they didn’t have condoms back then which left them open to a hella lot of diseases. They also obviously didn’t have the treatments we have today for a lot of things…which would lead to pain and suffering and eventually their death. It was a warning..

      How many of you would actually have raw sex with any dude you see without thinking about it at all and expect nothing to happen?

    2. My definition of literal is the one taken from the dictionary. There are many people (fundamentalist) that believe the bible is an account of actual events. While other sects of Christianity believe the bible (mostly old testament) to be more allegorical. The bible has always been confusing to people. In the early days of Christianity there were several councils that decided what was heretical and what was acceptible gospel. Much of what people believe to be true about the bible and Jesus was born out of the these councils( Trent and nicea to name a couple). The problem is when you look at the history of Christianity it was just a bunch of men figuring things out as they went along, and people still (without question) follow what was decided hundreds of years ago.

  8. There originally was only 12 parts to the bible (from the disciples) the rest is just add ons from the different “versions” made after they found the 12 disciples recollections a nd what not.

  9. I don’t even mention Christianity (or any religion) when I speak on events. I just say maybe some things happened, maybe some things didn’t. I wasn’t there. I can’t say.

    I’m pretty sure most folks, hopefully know that Christianity and other religions are man-made. I’m not going to go much more into it as some people have said they are Christian and I don’t want to sound ‘offensive.’

    I’m more focused on spiritual growth as a person. Self-improvement, both physically and mentally as well.

    So yes, the Bible could in fact, have some stretched events that are false based on man’s limited understanding. After all it is to be INSPIRED. Abraham and Moses both could have been insane up to a point. 🙅🏽‍♂️

    My main take away is the knowledge and wisdom that we obtain from a higher power because there is something out there that set all this up(the Universe). Even the knowledge or discoveries we obtain have to come from something giving us the ability to solve these puzzles.

    The physical view and spiritual view.

    Humans are powerful spiritual beings. They are so powerful, they can hear themselves talk without parting their lips to speak just by thinking in their mind. They are so powerful they can close their eyes and imagine great things and possibly manifest them. Able to replay past events and shape their future.

    There are so many things that go on in this world (and outside) that are too high for our understanding on a whole nother level outside our physical realm but we are slowly learning and constantly discovering.

    When I say God, I don’t mean some white man in the sky watching and judging us like Santa. I’m describing it as a living force that we are actually a part of, feel and witness through our surroundings daily.

    Where did it come from? I can’t say, but whatever it is also is highly intelligent, artistic and powerful enough to construct this and possibly many other Universes beyond our scope, set things in motion with such precision, while also giving us the opportunity to uncover many mysteries and other secrets along the way.

    Who is to say that when we die, that we don’t get to experience another life in another Universe? Maybe we just die, maybe we are reincarnated into an animal, or experience life as a new being? Maybe humans aren’t the only things out their with high intelligence?

    Who is to say that the movies we watch like Jurassic Park , which may be rooted in fiction and for our entertainment are a glimpse at why these types of things aren’t still here today and why they shouldn’t ever be recreated again? Even if such a movie is ‘fake’ we amazingly get the ideas and skills to recreate the experience and then share it with others. That is a strong power.

    So far, no other animal has this ability except human beings. Yet, even animals serve as proof of a higher power.

    These ideas we get are coming from something and it probably has a sense of humor too, since the Bible which was written by ancient men who say that only male and female should be the only genders to exist, you are born as is, but God allows us to discover animals like certain species of slugs that can actually change their sex at will or animals who can create their own light through bioluminescence or generate electricity, like electric eels. Snakes and crocodiles can go months between meals. Cuttlefish change colors, clams/oysters can live for thousands of years..etc

    So the Bible in written form may be hot garbage, or maybe ‘some things’ that seem impossible may have actually happened. Maybe…

    At the end of the day, there is a show-runner behind all this.

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