the best fairy tales might be in the bible

i always had a ton of questions about the bible.
my mother,
the stark christian,
would get so mad that i’d be asking.
she would want to flog me for questioning shit.
one thing that always stood out

Why don’t we have those same magical powers now?

parting seas,
turning water to wine,
and other things that you’d see in fairy tales.

Is the Bible a fairy tale?

don’t strike me down please.
i saw the following scroll down my twitter timeline and well…

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The Bible Says You’re Going To Hell With Me!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetyou know what i love?
when someone comes with the receipts to bring down a nation.
the type of receipts that will have you questioning what you believe.
well one tweeter did just that.
he happened to have dragged everyone who:

only “knows” religion when convenient

get into these tweets
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Justin Bieber Turns To God For His “Maybe, He Dunno” Racist Sins

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.58.37 PMallegedly.
so this is what justin bieber put up on instagram tonight.

oh now he wants god,
he should ‘”have wanted” to give the money to the jackal who was blackmailing him.
the one who threatened to leak the footage.
oh well.
i doubt he will be going anywhere anytime soon.
he apparently helped our “culture” in a big way,

lowkey: …and if you think usher will give up his cash cow,
you gotta be out cha mind.
peep all the recent pictures of him and ush on instagram.

picture taken from his: instagram

I Can’t. The Bible Said It Wasn’t Okay.

tumblr_m8kcymysy51qkz17zo1_1280many people in life don’t know who they are.
at one point,
even i didn’t know who i was.
when it comes to being “gay” or even “bi”,
people don’t like to embrace it.
now embracing doesn’t mean coming out the closet with poom poom shorts in tow.
it also doesn’t mean you have to announce it to the world.
it simply means just knowing this is who you am and what you like.
should not be complicated,
plus it allows you to not be so fuckin’ messy round dese parts.
how does one,
who is gay/bi but raised in the church,
fully try to accept himself and cast out everything he was taught?
corinthricleslations 123: 64 says:

thou shall not be anything BUT straight.
or you go to hell.
plain and simple.

well this morning i got an interesting phone call to test that theory

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Would You Like It “Skin Deep”?

would like you like to see this…

….on television?
well there is a new show called skin deep trying to find a home.
an f-bi sent me an email asking me to watch the trailer.
the trailer is NOT safe for work…

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Repent from fornication and immoralities. Homosexual-ism, porn your body is the temple of the lord , God wants you to make heaven not hell , repent !!change a word is enough for the wise.

(let’s add the comment i ironically got after from gilbert:

We americans are finished and shameful to nature — God will descend on us soon — its high time we repented of immoral acts especially you gay folks – repent now and live right- use your brain to think.)


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