The Bible Says You’re Going To Hell With Me!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetyou know what i love?
when someone comes with the receipts to bring down a nation.
the type of receipts that will have you questioning what you believe.
well one tweeter did just that.
he happened to have dragged everyone who:

only “knows” religion when convenient

get into these tweets


gotttttttttt ’em!
my personal mantra is if you are out here fuckin’ all these hoes,
getting randoms pregnant,
and having cubs without any rings on any fingers…

You have absolutely nothing to say to me

my “sins” is definitely not as big as yours.
these straights will have you believing you are going to hell.
the ironic part is i’ll see 98% of them in line as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Bible Says You’re Going To Hell With Me!”

  1. Yea, we all sin. As some of the old folks say, no sin is bigger than another. If I am going to hell I damn sure won’t be alone lol.

    1. Exactly! Nobody’s a saint and nobody’s perfect! Some people need stop worrying about other people souls and lives and be concern about their own.

  2. Yeah Leviticus says we shouldn’t eat shellfish….Oh well I guess I shouldn’t have eaten coconut shrimp for dinner or that lobster roll last week.I guess I am going to Hell.

  3. Yes we all sin in ways that we don’t think about and/or choose to ignore everyday. It’s like one person will get on someone for being gay, all the while they talking about somebody else or spreading lies. Our culture has pretty much come to accept fornication and swearing among other things. However the Bible also says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Yet He forgives and washes us daily when we repent. It’s people who don’t. Too many people will twist the guiding messages of any religion to fit their own personal feelings i.e. the crusades or this “radical islam”. Then other people want to blame religion when in fact only certain parts of it are just being used to justify someone else’s principles. I say read the Bible for yourself and be open to how you know it connects with you (not just the parts that you like).

    1. “Read the Bible for yourself…” EXACTLY!!
      Do not let someone interpret the words of the Bible for you because they generally twist the words to THEIR purpose. If you don’t understand a word/phrase….always have a dictionary close by to look it up.
      I had to tell a Reverend once, who tried to come at me, that I didn’t need him to interpret anything for me because I knew how to read very well.
      I didn’t say it, but I was thinking it…I didn’t need someone banging two members of his congregation trying to lecture me. Lol

  4. Again so you’re admitting your “natural” instinct is a sin and basically saying you’re wallowing in it happily?

    As far as I’m concerned if your best argument for religious people against homosexuality is “we all sin” or comparing sins you’re basically admitting you’re sinful and you lose the argument.

    The whole idea is you sin, pray and ask for forgiveness and do better next time.

    Hell if you spend time arguing and justifying the way you live your life to someone who could care less they won.

    They got YOU flipping through the bible that you find “so oppressing” and “outdated” trying to find comebacks lol

    I just shake my head. You can always tell when people don’t accept themselves because they constantly seek validation from others.

    1. People who follow these texts have allowed external sources to dictate to them what their sexuality is based off of their (false/biased) INTERPRETATION, when in fact, it should be the other way around (potentially biased as well). That being said, if you follow these texts, then that guy has a valid point to make. The point being that everyone has something to answer for (even though I don’t believe one’s sexuality needs to be answered for, but that’s just ME) No one is perfect but that should be obvious, specifically those who are calling people out for being sinners The phrase:.”“Let the one among you who has never sinned throw the first stone” is basically the jist of what he’s saying and aptly put. I think what he did was totally justifiable. It’s nice to hear that everyone will be held accountable for whatever “sins” they may have committed for once (since you all believe in the same thing, supposedly), and to be frank, it all sounds ridiculous to me, but I’ll stop there lol. I’m also not getting the vibe that he doesn’t accept himself from just that bit.

      I have my own opinions on religion, but I’ll just say I’m glad I judge my existence through my own mind and experiences, and not some or several external sources. It’s one thing to have an influence, but people out here acting like The Bible is a manual for their lives…lol. The Ten Commandments were pretty universal though. That being said, I partially agree with you…lol. Sexuality is not a sin because it isn’t as simple as a good or bad choice that can be resisted, and shouldn’t have to be justified, but being that being gay/bi is commonly held unfavourably, I’ll allow a little clap back from time to time. Gotta say SOMETHING! Otherwise, live your life and let the idiots fester in their own foolishness, I don’t need to prove anything to them!


      I am so sick of gays retorting that “everybody sins” bullshit by pulling out some other bible scripture when facing homophobes. It’s like do you know that you’re COSIGNING with them by saying that being gay is a sin?

      Don’t get me started on the dumb ass gays who say “the gay lifestyle”. Since when was your sexual orientation a “lifestyle”? A lifestyle is something that you can change. You cannot change being gay, it’s apart of who you are just like your race, ethnicity, height etc. I’m over these dumb ass homos trying to speak for the community while simultaneously making an complete ass of themselves. We need more educated gays speaking out.

      1. All I do is shake my head at the fact they think they’re reading people with that response.

        I have no bone in the argument but I’m surprised no one has come up with a more intellectual retort.

        Then half these people arguing aren’t religious anyway. The only time they call on Jesus is waiting on the test results at the free clinic.

  5. I understand where Jay is coming from it’s kind of hard to rebuttal remarks like these using the ” but you sin too” card. My only problem is these people like to have the “sin”of being gay outweighs every other sin out there.

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