Justin Bieber Turns To God For His “Maybe, He Dunno” Racist Sins

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.58.37 PMallegedly.
so this is what justin bieber put up on instagram tonight.

oh now he wants god,
he should ‘”have wanted” to give the money to the jackal who was blackmailing him.
the one who threatened to leak the footage.
oh well.
i doubt he will be going anywhere anytime soon.
he apparently helped our “culture” in a big way,

lowkey: …and if you think usher will give up his cash cow,
you gotta be out cha mind.
peep all the recent pictures of him and ush on instagram.

picture taken from his: instagram

9 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Turns To God For His “Maybe, He Dunno” Racist Sins

  1. So true. Just to be clear, I don’t consider JB a racist but you get no support from me don’t care what u look like if I caught u singing about joining the KKK and killing niggers!!!!

    That shit was off the chain. And you’re right they’re gonna give him a pass for this shit. Usher, Soulja Boy, Drake all of em. BTW, did you ever see the pic of him sleeping in the bed between Lil Za and Twist?!

    That shit was cray.

    1. I sure as hell did see it. Looking like they just had a smash session, with Justin the one being smashed lol.

  2. You wrote a lot which I don’t mind because you’re very articulate so I will attempt to respond to everything the best I can. On your point regarding his fan appeal, I do believe his team has tried to market him to an urban fan base for quite some time. It started right away w/ his (still) biggest hit to date, ‘Baby’ that featured rapper Ludacris. That song/video was a hit on BET’s 106 & Park and JB was nominated for a Best New Artist BET award that year. He also presented. A lot of folks may not remember that. Adding to that is the Usher connection. At the outset of his career JB had a choice to be signed by either Justin Timberlake’s label or Usher’s. He obviously chose the latter for the widest possible appeal to all demographics. Furthermore, his first ‘adult’ record stole JT’s sound (not Usher’s) from his 2002 debut ‘Justified’ and featured a bevy of guest appearances from many in hip-hop field.

    In regard to the next phase of his career. I personally don’t see him making the transition ala JT. His most recent projects, an R&B/hip-hop album, ‘Journals’ flopped on the Billboard 200.His second tour documentary released around Christmas also flopped. His popularity is waning across all demographics.He’s also in a lot of legal trouble that still isn’t fully resolved. He is a walking time bomb. He will become the next Lindsay Lohan, a former child star who will always be famous but never for his actual talent.

    1. I have noticed that too. Everything of his has been flopping lately man. Justin is falling off fast, and his own people will start to disown him soon, I’m just waiting. He is only getting by because he is cute, especially to those industry wolves who have probably touched him a few times. If Justin was average, they would have already thrown that ass under the bus and ran over him.

  3. @The Man I agree.

    JB has always been a spoiled narcissistic brat from the beginning but I just chose to ignore it out of lust.

    I just want to move on in a post Justin Bieber world at this point lbs I’m over him now.

    1. Over the past couple of years, his team’s agenda was to get him to appeal to the black audience. He is still a teen sensation, but that will only last for so long. They wanted to surround him with black people and change his image because his career cannot thrive on teenage white girls all his life. He has to grow as a musician, and he has to start appealing to adults over the age of twenty-five. However, his team’s plan spiraled out of control due to Justin’s behavior over the past year. The arrests, the drug use, and now racist remarks. I find it hard to believe that Justin has changed since that video. He is only a half of year younger than me . When I was fifteen, I practically was the same person I am now. No fights, no arrests, I was more respectful to everyone, and was quickly maturing. How many of us are practically the same person we are now five years ago? Of course we all changed since then, but not drastically.

      Justin’s friends and mentors like Souljaboy, Birdman, Usher, WIll Smith etc. can stand by him and make excuses all they want until they turn blue in the face, but they can’t make us like him. Just like a Kanye can’t make everyone like Kim, no matter how powerful he is, and that upsets Kanye actually. Black women can’t stand her, and do not wish to be around her because for what she and her family stands for. No one likes a woman who came up on her back, just like no one likes a white person who rides the coattails of successful African Americans for their own benefit. Everyone sees through that and it is disgusting.

      Unless they mold Justin into a gentleman like image, his career will stall. Examples of a such image would be Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke. That way he will appeal to everyone. People love a suave man who looks good, especially women, and men will envy him and will want to be like him. I know this from experience. Until they change him, his current image will negatively impact his career. Being a gentleman overrules being a thug in 2014. This was not the case a few years ago. Men are now ditching baggy clothes for more fitting ones. Instead of rocking a dozen of chains, they are wearing on chain along with a nice watch. Women are starting to become disgusted with men who sag, steal, and continue to land in jail repeatedly. Remember that video of DeSean Jackson trying to holla at Rih with his pants around his knees? We know Rih is one of those women who still likes roughnecks. However, if DeSean approached her with a more clean cut appearance and without his entourage, I bet he would have gotten the box. Times are changing, and thugs are becoming extinct, no one wants them. Ask Chris Brown. Speaking of him, his album X has still not been released, and likely will not sell well, so to save him from more humiliation, that album needs to be shelved. He needs to release new material along with a new image that will likely save his musically career. Expect him to go back to how he used to be prior to Rihanna. He knows this is his last chance.

  4. He would not be sorry if he was not in the public eye. This means nothing to me.

  5. Everybody finds God when they fuck up majorly. I just don’t really get why he felt the need to record that. Like seriously, why is anything involving Black people always so funny to everybody. No matter what we do, it always becomes some corny ass joke for non-Blacks.

    Let a lot of Black people start showing love Skittles. In a few years, it’ll become a taunt. “Tee hee, I bet you want some Skittles right now huh, tee hee.” “They only have Starburst and Skittles, since you’re Black, I know you want Skittles, tee hee hee.”

    They pay so much attention to us and what we do and what we like and what we don’t like. They always hate but behind closed doors, always be trying to emulate.

    It’s just like with Water Melon. I love Water Melon because it taste good. Please tell me what is wrong about liking a fruit? Plus, I know that not all Black people like Water Melon. Nothing is wrong with liking Chicken either. It’s FUCKING GOOD. White people eat Chicken too.

    SIGH! This is why I love when racial problems arise between Whites and Asians or Whites and Latinos. We finally get a break from being the target and get to watch from sideline.

  6. its sad that his career wont fall for this.

    anyway any1 got any info on the dude who was outed for sucking dick on vine?? @rd__2

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