MEAT: (594)

5e4601a6a2b636867bb5d8225a3ba8fbwith clothes on…

a97e93540d9f92218fcb198e9483345d…with clothes off.
either way there are no complaints from me.

lowkey: thank god for the gym.
can the gym get an “amen, hallelujah” tonight?
these fine ass wolves all over new yawk,
been on their fitness and meal plans,
looking all buff and shit under their newly  fitted clothes…
giphyit be like one of my meat entries every time i step out the door.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEAT: (594)”

  1. I prefer the first pic. The right amount of tease and those lips… my GAWD!.

    But I gotta give some love to the second pic because of them legs… Oh! my.

  2. All kinds of rude & disrespectful things will happen to that entire body. That definitely bae right thurr!

  3. if this is how the men are looking in new york then i guess this is where I’ll be going in about three years…sheesh his body is omg…but i love the tease he gives with the white t-shirt and jeans whenever you see a man with a chest like that you know when he removes that shirt his body is going to be crazy…NICE…if i was built like that i would be a stripper on the weekends lol

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