You Begged For It And Now You Want It To Stop

girl-orgasm-faceyou REALLY have to be careful what you ask for in life.
4real 4real.
we often beg for things that we desire so bad,
ultimately get it,
and not realize there is a good and bad side to everything.
that bad being the thing that comes later on and you end up regretting it…

so as you know,
and you should know,
i love a particular kind of wolf.
well not so much particular,
but i have my “ideal”.
the universe usually does me good.
it bees my “sugar daddy” and i bees the “gold digga”.

tumblr_mu1beiUe0p1s1rffco1_500when i ask for something,
it usually manifests.

now i can say:

“i would like a baller wolf”

…and i can get one.
since i wasn’t specific in what qualities i wanted him to have,
he will come into my life and be the worst thing i ever experienced.

“this pineapple ain’t loyal”
physically abusing my ass for because its a weeknight

get some sort of life threatening injury
give me some sort of life threatening disease
have an ugly personality
having an affair with instagram
realizing he is also a fox after i fall in love with him
realizing he is straight after i fall in love with him
be on that “jailbird vacation” plan
his hygiene habits are out of control

see what i mean?
when i was jobless last year,
i prayed day and night for a good job at a reputable company.
something in entertainment and fashion.
well i got a job and for a month or two it was amazing.
the outcome now?
the disgusting work environment,
and the boss/coworker tag team from hell,
and can barely keeps my eyes open when i get off.
see what i mean?

another example.
i found something today i wrote down a couple years ago.
i said i wanted wolves and vixens to be attracted to me.
i didn’t write anything about “dating” or “relationship”.
just for them to be attracted to me when they see it.
well i got what i wanted.
you can be so attractive that it actually attracts the wrong people.
everyone wolf i attract was/in in a relationship,
or “curious”.
i also attract a ton of vixens.
one even asking me yesterday in a bold ass text to have sex.

not interested.
it can also make you very intimidating and something to be “admired from afar”.
see what i mean?

so when you say you WANT something,
be specific of every detail.
write it down on a piece of paper,
fold it up,
and put it somewhere so you forget about it.
continue to visualize what you want.
sure we all want the fine wolf,
the happening career,
the “money money money”,
or the popular instagram life.
if you didn’t say what you want,
you will get whatever then be left wondering:


soooooo be careful what you ask for.
you will get it and then regret it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “You Begged For It And Now You Want It To Stop”

  1. I totally agree! I thought moving to the suburb was the life and being in a small town was better, but I was so wrong, so, so, so wrong about it. I thought this was the life I wanted, but the life I had in NY was better and for me.

      1. It a good thing you didn’t go. When I move up here I didn’t think I was going to miss all the little things and the pain the ass people from NY. And the diversity too. I’m too much of a city boy who’s having a hard time adjusting to small town life.

  2. To be honest, all I want is a good man who I am attracted to physically, mentally and all that other good stuff lol. I also want a stable career in my field that I find enjoyable, and to be financially stable enough to afford the things I like. That sums it up in a nutshell.

  3. I told you, just get one fellow employee vixen to eat dat booty so they’ll leave you alone. Eat her booty too to give liar liar and nem something to whisper about when you’re walking by.

    Real talk, what you say reminds me of genies. They’ll grant your wish but there’s always a catch. I’ve been going through that but in a different way. I don’t ever realize my wish was granted until way after the fact.

    @Lindo I could’ve told you that. The suburban small towns may seem quiet and sort of peaceful but it’s boring as fuck because there’s nothing to do. I was born and raised in one, just imagine how I feel.

    J you should’ve let that vixen hit it on the low low. You could’ve just cuddled with her and rested your head on her bosoms. Women are soft and smell good most of the time. No, you need a man to squeeze the blood circulation out of you. Hell, I do too.

    Then again, I beg for it and a Kimbo Slice looking dude will walk thru my door and squeeze me until I pass out so he can rob me. I better stop. Let me write down what I want before the universe pulls an oaky doke. I don’t wanna end up in one of your entries. 🙁

    1. ^everyone in life usually get what they want.
      some get the good side with no complaints,
      while others get a hard lesson and a testimony.
      i want to be spoiled now so i want everything good to come into my life effortlessly.
      i deserve it.

      everyone needs to remember life is NOT perfect and god has a funny sense of humor.

      1. I realize life isn’t perfect but it’s the small things that make it damn near. Some green paper and a good nut with a steady friend.

        I know this sounds suicidal but I can’t wait till my life is over and I’m just pure energy exploring all the afterlife has to offer. It better not be as basic as life on Earth. I love food, sex, and laughing as much as the next human but life is so draining, what with the diseases, starving, cruel deaths and all.

        I guess I’m one of the ones that gets a hard lesson and a testimony. I just don’t understand why. I don’t go out of my way to be an asshole but maybe I should start. Since ya know, bad things happen to good people.

  4. @Zen: I feel the same way. People call me suicidal because I kind of crave that peace death brings. I can’t explain it, but it feels like this body, this life is more of a cage limiting my energy dying to burst out. I sound like I’m high but its true lol

  5. You are dead on with this post. I think I will a make list of the things I do and do not want in a wolf. He doesn’t have to be perfect, because I’m no where near perfect. Just a relationship where we can balance out each other, and have more good times than bad.

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