Jayceon Taylor Is One Big Thirst Trap (Is That “The Game”?)

tumblr_na0c22KvTu1r7993do1_500…you know what jayceon aka the game?
you #hashtagged under one of your instagram pics something about:

 ( x “#bettanotbenoniggapostiteither” )

well i’m not a nigga.
i’m actually a fox.
so i’ll do what i want.
if thats okay with you?






thought so.
now shut up and take your shirt off.
i’d like more please.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Jayceon Taylor Is One Big Thirst Trap (Is That “The Game”?)”

  1. The upper half of his body is boring as shit to me lol. I want to see more of that ass. I see a lil curve there.

  2. #ilookevenwhenyousayladiesonly



    #myassholefeelsjustlikepussy #boypussy #bussy


  3. Game is a wolf J. He is a equal opportunity fucker but has a weakness for light skin *wink* most of his ltr has been consist with them. He is very possessive of his lovers and will fight for his. Don’t let this fool you. Lmao have a nice day yall

  4. The Game likes bussy. He knows it. All the singers he fucked knows it. He tries to fuck pussy but he can’t stay hard and only lasts a few seconds. When he in that bussy he tears it up (so I’ve heard). But that ain’t none of my business tho.

    1. Yes Lurker, tell them game ain’t no joke he has them fallin in love with his shit. He is like the perfect wolf minus the outbursts. He takes care of his side pieces also but be prepared to call him daddy in and out of the bedroom.

    2. Why? Why can’t you just let these guys be and keep your delusional fantasies to yourselves? The game is straight. Loves pussy like the next guy. All the male singers he’s fucked? Really?? Any singer worth their beans knows if you’re gonna fuck another man he better be in a position to advance your hustle. Please. How can u just throw allegations around like that with no proof? I can’t stand you hoes sometimes.

      1. Yea, I have never heard rumors about Game, or has he been linked to anyone in the industry.

        That is why when it comes to industry and celeb gossip, I only listen to third lol. He makes sense and speaks shit that seems legit.

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