Gay People Don’t Get Buried Since They’re Going To Hell

tumblr_mb9yd7HQ6H1qll5dxo1_500so how would you feel if you couldn’t get buried becaaauuussseeeee…
….you like to smash the same sex?
you didn’t kill anyone.
you didn’t rape a kid.
hell you didn’t jaywalk.
your funeral would be cancelled because of the life you live.
well an vix-bi sent me an update and well…

A pastor at Tampa’s New Hope Missionary Baptist Church became a hot contender for Worst Person Ever this week, calling a mother attending her deceased gay son’s funeral to let her know that the services were being abruptly canceled.

The church’s reason? The deceased, 42-year-old Julion Evans, was gay.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-08-at-12.28.41-PM-360x237Evans’ mother Julie Atwood tells WFLA that a New Hope Missionary pastor informed her that the church preaches “against homosexuality” and that it would be “blasphemous” to continue her son’s funeral services. They planned to immediately remove his body from the church and provided no assistance in finding a new venue.

According to reports, the church learned Evans was gay after an obituary that named his surviving husband of 17 years ran in a local paper. “Everyone who knew us knew about our relationship,” Evans’ husband Kendall Capers told the news. “We didn’t keep secrets.”

T.W. Jenkins, a pastor at New Hope, says the “problem” was reported to him by members of the congregation who called to complain. He issued the following statement:

“Based on our preaching of the scripture, we would have been in error to allow the service in our church. I’m not trying to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the same time, I am a man of God, and I have to stand up for my principles.”

According to Capers, the family was able to find a last-minute venue to host a new wake, but several family members who were not informed arrived for the wake at New Hope. They missed the funeral.

how ignorant was this?

i would have turned the fuck up.
i’d be dead.
well my ghost would have turned the fuck up then.
even though no one knows who i choose sleep with,
i would hate that i couldn’t be buried because people found out.
i bet they would’ve buried that child molester,
serial killer,
or that jay walker tho.
right?tumblr_n7mg0mU4iL1rb85ddo5_250you don’t even need to answer.

lowkey: i’m glad i didn’t move to florida.
that state is cheese fries.
if i was a ratchet,
i’d go bust a nut all over their altar.

article found: queerty

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Gay People Don’t Get Buried Since They’re Going To Hell”

  1. Smh this is rediculous. Church folk are so hypocritical. The pastor can have 6 different baby mamas and that’s ok…but they want to throw stones at the gays.

  2. Well that was not fair, but people do have beliefs and the pastor has his rights as well. However, it is not like the pastor doesn’t have dirt of his own. Most pastors are either running women, molesting children, or creeping on the downlow. That may sound a lil harsh, but if a pastor has dirt, it falls into one of those three categories.

    Can we discuss their seventeen year marriage tho? That is an eternity in this life. I applaud them.Their bond must have been tight.

  3. Um… he stopped while it was already going? I would’ve just continued. The bible preaches against a lot of things that people(including the pastors) do anyway. I told y’all tho. Hypocrisy rears it’s ugly head once again. It’s fine for the straights to be whores and sluts sweating like a pig in church after a weekend orgy but us gays sucking one dick three Tuesdays ago, dooms us for eternity. The funny thing is the pastor would’ve been the one sending out the invites to the orgy. He’ll yell and spit all in our faces about “GAWD-uh sending us straight to hell-uh for sinning.” Meanwhile he’s banging a church member’s wife on the regular. As long as your not gay, commit any sin you want. God hates us more than murderers apparently. I guess the self-hating homo that added the part about God disapproving of men laying with men forgot to add Lesbians into the text. I think they added it later. Like back in the 80’s. The 1980’s!

  4. lord jesus i’m so SICK and tired of christians quoting leviticus 18:22 man shall not lie down with man, however they omit the 75 other things that leviticus says that is wrong, eating ot touching the carcass of a four-legged insect, wearing clothes woven out of two fabrics, eating a animal who chews it’s own cud (rabbit, pig, camel) eating shrimp and shellfish, adultery, lying, stealing, eating fat, holding wages from your workers overnight, working on the sabbath, letting your hair become unkempt, trimming your beard and hair, tattoos, eating from a tree that was planted within the last four years, seeing something bad happen but not reporting, forbids burning of the yeast and honey for sacrifices to GOD, a woman not being able to come back to church with 33 days of giving birth to her son and 66 days within giving birth to her daughter…like i can go on but many blacks and people in general dont study the bible like they proclaim they did because if so NO ONE would judge or protest and not just that much of that ish doesn’t RELATE to the current day and age but to deny someone a funeral and to use Jesus as an account for bigotry…THIS is WHY I DON’T DO CHURCH anymore!!!!

    1. ^damn!
      malcolm came with the heat!!!!
      i love church,
      as I stream TD jakes every week,
      but I can’t deal with church people.
      too many of them contridict themselves for me to keep up.

  5. Welp, why would you want your son’s funeral services held at a church that doesn’t condone his lifestyle anyway? Why would you want to get married in a church that doesn’t condone your union?

    I remember going to my gay uncle’s funeral that I’d never met and I asked my mom was he going to hell. She didn’t say a word, but her eyes gave me her answer. She effectively went home and threw away or gave away everything my uncle had ever given her. She said she didn’t want bad spirits around her.

    Of course he was psychotic and completely taken over by AIDS…so there’s that too.

  6. Why do gays like to quote all the other things the bible speaks against as a defense though. Should we just deem the bible as antiquated and disregard it completely?

    Of course bible thumpers are going to apply it to what’s relevant and unpopular in society.

    These beliefs have been around for centuries and they’re not going to change no matter how many states pass same sex marriages or how many NFL players come out. It’s all evidence to them that the end is near.

  7. Shit, with this Malaysian flight disappearing and Ebola outbreaks, I might have to put on my all black Twilight suit and step in church. Hope I can make it through the doorway without bursting into flames. LMAO

    1. ^just don’t believe you will be involved with that.
      i refuse to watch the news anymore.
      too depressing.
      they were paranoid as eff at work about this West Nile virus thing.
      had the snow bunnies who moved here from wherever they came from ready to move.

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