This Wolf Will Pump Your Ass Up!

sometimes i need a little pick me up.
you do also.
meet eric thomas and tell me you don’t feel to climb a mountain

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I Gave Head In Someone Else’s Apartment Last Night

I guess it starred YOU, WOLF, because I don’t know who “he” was.

I had the most intense sex dream last night.
It traveled with me the entire day.
I woke up and nearly started to masturbate.
In in the dream, it starred some Wolf I never met, Me… and a Fox.

Oh yeaaaahhhhh… it was pretty raunchy.

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Is it me, or is the black community filled with an abundance of users?

Why can’t we as blacks never get it right?
I know we have talked about this type of Wolf,
but it seems that even your own “friends” or people we work with.
Someone who on the outside portrays the epitome of “good” to everyone else,
but they have the wrong intentions and the wrong spirit… with you.
Everyone speaks so highly of them, but they want to give you their ass to kiss.
It is always a downer to meet someone like this because you keep asking, “why can’t everyone else see this??”

Can’t these fuckers come with a warning label?


Honesty Is The Foxy Policy

You’re a prized possession, not everybody’s worthy.

I am a huge fan of Jill Scott.

She is the definition of a great talent, in my book.
Something about her voice and her words inspire me
to be greater and find love of myself and of someone else.

I bought her new album today,
Hidden Beach presents: The Original Jill Scott: from the vault vol. 1,
and she had a song that made me throw it on repeat on a few times.
If you do not have the album, I suggest you make it part of your musical collection.

“Wake up baby… wake up…”

It made me have to be completely honest with my readers and myself.

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