Is it me, or is the black community filled with an abundance of users?

Why can’t we as blacks never get it right?
I know we have talked about this type of Wolf,
but it seems that even your own “friends” or people we work with.
Someone who on the outside portrays the epitome of “good” to everyone else,
but they have the wrong intentions and the wrong spirit… with you.
Everyone speaks so highly of them, but they want to give you their ass to kiss.
It is always a downer to meet someone like this because you keep asking, “why can’t everyone else see this??”

Can’t these fuckers come with a warning label?

I was working closely with someone in the entertainment industry and come to find out,
they were just using me for my connects and my guidance.
Let me just say that it had me depressed for weeks.
I had a feeling something was up, but I didn’t know fully.
I saw many red flags I collected and it caused me to fall back.
At one point I thought it was just me and I was being paranoid since it seemed to good to be true.
I ended up looking like this bad guy with them, when all along they were the ones at fault.
Their worshipers have been brainwashed, all while he threw me to the side like yesterday’s trash.

It hurt because I was genuine with my intentions.
I thought we would progress in this industry to higher heights,
but they were using me for all the things I could offer.
I had to realize that you will attract leeches who will suck you dry.
They can spot a good person a mile away and skillfully use them.
The worst part is you will have walls and your guard up.
I am glad I kept what we were doing to myself and not broadcast that “IM COMING UP!” broadcast message.
You know what most blacks do on social sites when they see a few stars.

I am here to tell you that you, as I, needed to WAKE UP and look at the red flags.
Once you do, you will never be caught sleeping.
Thank God I have people in my life who let me know, “yo dude is trying to use you for connects”.
God even let me know one day randomly when my spirit started yelling instead of whispering.
I would rather be hurt now than hurt years down the line.
Not singing Mary J Blige’s “Not Gon’ Cry” and eating a tub of ice cream with someone is living off my success.

Why are people so stupid?
Why is everyone out for self?
Should you also be out for self and say fuck others?
Just take and take from others until they get to the point of no return?
How much bridges will they have burned until they realize that there is no where else to turn?

Now I am back at square one and feeling kinda… lost.
If it wasn’t for this site, I would probably be over.
I know I do feel a mixture of hurt and anger.
Two things that are a BITCH to feel at the same time…

When it comes to people in this world wearing many disguises…
some designer and some purely knock off….

Should you just not trust anyone?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. You live and you learn. Don’t beat yourself up too bad. Trust is something that is often easy to get and hard to lose. This is more of a reflection of old-dudes character than it is of yours.
    From this point on, I would regard everyone with suspicion. You’ll get through this.

  2. This happens to the best of us. Its a fine balance between acting like you trust a person, looking up their history, hiding your secrets, and networking with other ppl. Pretty much be a sneaky bitch at some moments, and nice at others.

  3. I’d jsut want to say I apologize that you had to experience that Jay. I’m sure that you like I thought that someone at the same level as you are and in the same industry could help each other ascend professionally. But that was not the case. It honestly saddens me that it happened and I hope that you dont like it permit you from helping someone esle in the future, because you would be a pretty good role model and mentor.

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