The Amazing Story of a 14 Inch Dick


You know here in the Foxhole, we support nice peens.

Especially when they are attached to nice looking men with nice looking bodies.
Nothing brings a smile to our faces than a beautiful man with the right package.

…And by package that could mean in cotton or jewelry box.

But, uh, this sausage here:

I know.
I did the same.

Would you even ATTEMPT to take it if it was attached to:

Would you risk wearing a diaper to have that penis inside you?
And imagine if he wanted to date and wanted azz on a regular?

I think I would cry every time he asked for some...
and I am that smart ass kinda Fox so I know he would try to fuck me so hard,
that same dick make come through the other end LOL

Label this: I can’t.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “The Amazing Story of a 14 Inch Dick”

  1. I might suck on and he better not force my head all the way down, and i might let him hit if he puts only half of it in, then again wolves think they sleek you give them an inch they want to take a mile lol

  2. hell nah…reminds me of lastnight with this guy who is hot on my trail…dude is extraaaaaaaa sexy, fine and smooth which beats me cause I’m not really attracted to dark guys…do you think its because he is married with two kids? one my age by the way…but we’ve been trying since Feb to go all the way but I’m just scared shitless…it’s like 9 long, 5 in girth estimated…cant even fit in my mouth.

    I’ll look but no touch.

  3. In the words of the raunchy Millie Jackson “You gone mess around and get a black-eye on your pussy” messing with that elephant trunk.

  4. Yall lying cause I know most bottoms cannot pass up a good ass dick. Yall will try it because it present a challenge to ya. A big dick has a hypnotic effect on bottom brothers, and Moderator you were right if tell a top to put the tip in he is going to impale you ass to the bed!!! I know cause I impaled brothers like that every chance I get lol. Then I ride their ass like a wild horse like you see in dem racist cowboy movies with their azz jumping and bucking, until I finally break their azz and they give in to dat dick. That’s what I did with my first lover, I tried to break his back every chance I got, and when I got up into his second hole I had reached another plain of fucking existence lol. Okay yo’s I gotta fucking jack off again!!!! lol

  5. I would play, suck it and get face whipped by it that’s all. I agree, if you give them an inch they would take a mile!

  6. OMG can someone please tell me who is that guy; what is his name and where can I see more of him?? He is sexy as fuck!

  7. Damn, that second guy is fine, but 14 inches is at least twice too big for my tastes, unless he is into getting barfed on.

  8. lmao, i’m probably the only one who thinks this, but 8 inches is still quite huge to me – hell, that’s an understatement, if you’re sporting 8 inches and got some inferiority complex…i think it might be 2 inches too long for me to consider riding on a regular basis, i would like to avoid using a diaper when i grow older – i wonder why he’d even bother, no-one would be able to fully take advantage of a 14 inch cock and some size-queens would sure murder him if they found out

    got any pictures of the bottom-half of that damn fly gentleman though?

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