why is jason lee of “hollywood unlocked” smashin’ jackals who have nothing to lose?

when i bagged that nfl baller wolf,
i was really nervous to meet him as i was still very anonymous.
i appreciate that he never put my business out there.
he turned out to be a real dork and i still never outed him.
you know that isn’t my style.
i’ll font about the situation but i’ll keep the person involved private.
even with work wolf,
i never thought to put faces to names as far as he was concerned.
i’m the type of fox that will hurt by someone’s bad behavior but i’ll just move tf on.

I only want to fuck with wolves that understand discretion even after we end.

jason lee of “hollywood unlocked” got caught up in some drama with some jackal he smashed.
this is @jayymoneyy7:

he put this out after they met up on twitter:

a foxholer sent me this video and well…



jason didn’t realize he flew him out?
i’m so confused.

you are WAY too successful to be fuckin’ with this regula degula.
his ig is giving me ( x mid vibes ).
he has nothing to lose out here.
he wanted a come-up off this tbh.
i’d imagine jason could pull a baller fox or even a rapping wolf.
he has the clout to get some good ass out here.

…Then the fox said he is a fan and so is his MOM?

i need jason to do better.

lowkey: even dl mofos can be messy af.
you gotta be careful.

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “why is jason lee of “hollywood unlocked” smashin’ jackals who have nothing to lose?”

  1. Jason is gay Wendy Williams. He is Wendell Williams for real. He invites people to his show, reads them and then tell a different story the next day. He just mad that boy fucked the shit outta him or he probably DIDN’T fuck the shit outta him the way he Thought he was going to do and he decided to POST about it to save face since he flew HIM out. Jason is nobody’s top. Too many episodes of Wild N’ Out proved that. I will say Zo from Wild N’ Out is a better verse top than Jason. Your brand is called “Hollywood Unlocked” and you worried about somebody who ain’t even got clout, where they do that at?

  2. Not buying Jason’s story. He now wants to save face and bitch and belittle the guy. Noooo not buying it. Bragging and shooting the bull only tells me one thing – he’s lying. He’s one hot mess and he’s looking the worst in this debacle.

  3. Jason is disgusting. And I don’t care how much weight he lose he will always be an oompa loompa. And top?! Top where? He can top all he wants, he will never be a top. He just a woman with a dildo. FOH.

  4. LMAO Imagine thinking fucking Jason LEE is worth a STORY LMAO! That poor guy clearly picks the lowest hanging fruit. Fronting other big blogs about this as if anybody really gives a damn.

    I’m 24 & Jason Lee wouldn’t even get my attention on my WORST day. Jason Lee is so creepy too, bragging about his dick didn’t make him any more sexually attractive either.

  5. Is This all gay people (mainly gay men) do? Sleep/hoe around and involve themselves in childish, unnecessary drama? No wonder why gay men are the least respected group in society. Gay men have no class or dignity Every time I look it’s a gay man being involved in dumb drama. How embarrassing, this is why heterosexuals like and respect lesbians more.

  6. I was gonna stay what baller wolf is gonna fuck with Jason messy ass but thats exactly what they go for, the messy type. Why oh why 🥴

    1. He’ll never tell. (DL don’t tell). Lord knows I’ve been wanting that TEA for years. LOL

  7. It’s giving predator vibes for me…. now I know they are both consenting adults HOWEVER Jason Lee is almost 20 years old than this dude, Jason Lee has a bigger platform, and more money that power dynamic alone just seems…. wrong. I’m almost 30 and for me, personally 24 is too damn young so being over 40 and acting like a messy high school queen tells me everything I need to know about Ms. Jason Lee…. no wonder Beyonce ran away from him when he tried to approach her.

    1. You hit the nail on the head! As someone who’s been preyed on by an older gay man when I was 15, I know the type of narcissistic insecure man that Jason Lee is. Jason Lee is an emotionally stunted. insecure man-baby who craves validation and attention. I mean the very fact that he prowls Bigo, an app that mostly young, naive, impressionable 18-24 year olds use, to pick up his jump offs cuz he knows how to manipulate the young ones with money and clout-chasing, very predatory vibes if you ask me. Dude is over 40 years old and acting like a messy ass high school teenager. SMH. Not a good look Miss Lee. All them years of feeling insecure and rejected because you couldn’t get no dick when you was plus-sized really messed you up. I kinda feel sorry for him. He feels so lonely in his spirit. He needs to go to therapy and deal with his demons cuz this paying young ones for dick and being messy about it is not gonna work out well for you.SMH

  8. The youth 🤦🏾‍♂️ (and no I ain’t talking about Jason) Boy, wasn’t no blog finna pick up a story about an OPENLY gay man flying you out to fck! Hashtaggin’ worldstar & ish 🙄lol but I’m Sure Jason did it, I’m not tryna be rude here but let’s be honest….what real High value Celeb is Risking they buisness….to fuck wit Jason Lee? that boy is right in the market of What Jason can get/afford, young enough to be impressed by the bare minimum and really believes Jason has money like dat, please

  9. Jason needs to STOP fronting. He knew that Man information to book his ticket for a plane lol I know he didn’t send that guy money. Secondly I never knew he was a Top. Thirdly Jason is messy…birds of a feather flock together. This is nothing but that energy he’s put out into the universe a million times coming back to him.. And lastly the boy wasn’t worth being flown out in my opinion. Then he’s so distasteful to talk that loudly in a public setting lol. A whole hot ass mess lol. I salute him on the weight loss though.

    1. Ppl will let u do anything to them when you’re paying. Begging is the root of a lot of gay men’s biggest fails. dire straits gays will stop at nothing and let anyone do anything to them for a crumb of clout.

      Jason been exposed by a guy on tiktok for his MO in Nyc so I guess once that tea was spilled Jason took a break from paying for Dominicans in major cities to settling for a small town boy who wasn’t hip to how he’s been moving

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